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  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    MESHUGGAH LYRICSobZen (2008)

    1. Combustion

    2. Electric Red3. Bleed. Let!"r#ic"

    $. ob%en&. '!is S(ite)ul Sn"*e+. ,ine"l Gl"nd -(tics

    . ,r"/us0. "ncers 'o A iscord"nt S stem

    1. Combustion

    [Lyrics: Tomas Haake, Music: Fredrik Thordendal]

    o more i)s4 no bi"s4 no "mbi#uito 5onderin# 5!et!er t!is is it

    Cl"rit so bri#!tl 5ron#'!e im"#e so ("in)ull "bsolute

    o ed#es blurred on t!is "5"renesso un*no5n 5ei#!t to ti( t!e *no5led#e sc"les

    E es dil"ted to #r"s( it "llAs e/er illusion o) 5!"t 5e "re )"ils

    An un6uestion"ble (icture 7 determined4 com(leteIts cr st"lline lines untouc!ed b doubtSo /i/id4 so de(ri/ed o) !esit"tionS!inin# in its e/il s(lendor

    '!e burnin# !"tred o) m"nA million de#rees on dis(l"Hum"n /or"cit deline"ted'!e demons in us "ll b )umes (ortr" ed

    St"re4 see4 t"*e in4 #r"s(Com(re!end4 "ssimil"te4 be!old our re)lection

    Its )r"min# 7 #old (l"ted lies'!e c"n/"s 7 !urtin# souls c"u#!t "nd 5e"/ed'!e "rtist 7 t!e !um"n dre"mInciner"ted4 de/oured4 decei/ed

    2. Electric Red
  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    [Lyrics: Tomas Haake, Music: Marten Hagstrom & Tomas Haake]

    Hum"nit (eeled )rom our bonese(ri/ed o) inte#uments t!"t m"*e us re"l.

    S!"do5s o) )les! to m"int"in t!e s stem-ur o5n blood s(l"s!es "s 5e *neel.

    So meticulousl m"c!inedInto t!ese obedient de/ices7 ,u((ets4 )inetuned submissi/e dronesRe(lic"s o) e"c! ot!er4 clones

    8e9re dorm"nt "ccumul"tions o) )les!In " crimson )iltered t5ili#!t

    Mute 5itnesses to t!e #"me8renc!es to *ee( t!e bolts o) lies ti#!t

    8e9re t!e )"bric conce"lin# t!e st"ins4'!e red t"inted e:istence'!e #ullibles to bless our sins "5"R"#s to 5i(e our blooded tr"ils

    8e #i/e in to t!e "tro(! 4'o t!e t5inin# o) sel)7t!ou#!t *no5led#e

    '!e (ur(ose o) t!e !um"n mind re/iledE/erl"stin# i#nor"nce re"li;ed'!e sc"rlet )lood inund"tes our (o5erless t!ou#!ts

    e)enseless minds 5it! lies o/er)ed

    E/er t!ou#!t st"ined4 de)iled7 ,"inted t!e color4 t!e s!"de o) electric red

    3. Bleed

    [Lyrics: Tomas Haake, Music: Fredrik Thordendal]

    Be"ms o) )ire s5ee( t!rou#! m !e"d'!rusts o) ("in incre"sin#l en#"#edSensor rece(tors succumbI "m no one no5 onl "#on

    M crimson li6uid so )r"ntic"ll s(illed7 t!e rub )luid o) li)e unle"s!ed

    Ri((les "scend to t!e sur)"ce o) m e es

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    '!eir red (ens dr"5in# "t r"ndom4 "t 5illA m ri"d ("ins be#otten in t!eir 5"*e7 t!e b"st"rd s("5n o) " mutinous sel)

    '!e re#ur#it"tion o) m micro nemesis7 s"li/"tin# red "t t!e (ros(ect o) m ruin4 m doom

    M"l)unction t!e me"ns )or its "scentBloodlettin# t!e strin#ent /oice to bec*on m soulSo )utile "n resistin# tensionAs de"t!7induced mec!"nics (ro(el its #ro5t!

    '!e im(lement4 t!e de/ice o) m e:tinction7 t!e termin"tin# cloc*5or* o) m #lee)ul b"ne'!e de)initi/e scour#e o) its moc*er

    7 t!e end7"rt instruments let!"lit "tt"ined

    Heed 7 it comm"nds4 !eed m 5illBleed 7 it s" s4 bleed ou 5ill

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Untroubled b t!e ro"r o) unendin# scre"ms4'!e dronin# bl"re o) "bsolute doom7 '!e do5n(itc!ed mo"n o) coll"(sin# dre"ms

    Com(osed4 cold4 uncondition"lUncom(romisin# till "ll is de"t!E:tinction4 ruin 7 its m"licious c"use'ill t!e l"st e:!"l"tion o) !um"n bre"t!

    !. obZen

    [Lyrics: Tomas Haake, Music: Mrten Hagstrm]

    A st"te o) (er)ection4 immersed in )ilt!

    E6uilibrium obt"ined,ure in de/otion to "ll t!in#s un5ell'!is s5eet ;en o) our ill condition sust"ined

    A ne5 belie)7s stemS"l/"tion )ound in /omit "nd blood8!ere de(ri/"tion4 liesCorru(tion4 5"r "nd ("in is #od


    H"rmon )ound in t!e sic*l 4 t!e /ileUn)linc!in# e es4 =o ous "nd #leemin#Intense in t!eir need to 5"tc! t!in#s die

    A ne5 belie)7s stemS"l/"tion )ound in /omit "nd blood8!ere de(ri/"tion4 liesCorru(tion4 5"r "nd ("in is #od

    ec" 4 dis#r"ce4 dis#ust 7 our st"te o) ;en

    '!e #rime o) contem(t "nd de#ener"tion4Stic* 4 )oul "nd (un#ent7 '!e sediment o) our cre"tion8e )louris! in t!is bloodred soil

    ". #his $%ite&ul $na'e

    [Lyrics: Tomas Haake, Music: Marten Hagstrom & Tomas Haake]

    Re"lit 7 t!is s(ite)ul sn"*e4

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Re"rin# its u#l !e"d?enom dri((in# )rom its #rinAs it tosses et "not!er obst"cle in our 5"

    I) #i/en " t!ous"nd e"rs to collect4'o (rocess4 to (ortr"7 8e could ne/er encom("ss t!e /or"cit-) one sin#le d"

    'r"((in# us in its 5indin#4It9s closin# m"li#n"nt c clesA ti#!tenin# coil to bind us4Hold us ti#!t in un)or#i/in# embr"ce

    Its "ll7en#ul)in# ="5s 7 in)inite4 boundless

    Bitin# do5n on t!e d in# )les! o) !o(eIts )ier bre"t! le/ellin#4 dism"ntlin#4

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    '!ese "ut!or"ti/e /isions order m collecti/e senses4M 6uestionin#4 doubt)ul4 ri#id sel) to *neelA @ud"s s ndrome in e))ect 7 )ormer sel) t!e decei/erIts deni"l t!e 5retc!ed *iss t!"t *e(t t!is in dis#uise

    C"st o)) 7 t!e conceilin# /eil4 t!e r"tion"l clo"* o) doubt'orn o)) 7 t!e restr"ints4 t!e blinded9s s!"c*lesBurned "5" 7 t!e "#on 4 t!e )e"r4 t!e #rie) A ne5 set o) e es cle"nsed b " ne5 belie)

    8. ra,us

    [Lyrics: Tomas Haake, Music: Mrten Hagstrm]

    roolin# )loods o) ledArmed 5it! distorted belie) S!"r( munition s("t )rom our mindsM"li#n"nc 7rounds4 "utom"tic )ire

    Bl"c*4 "cidic bileSee(in# 5ounds o) s!"ttered soulsStill not (issin# out )"st enou#!'o 6uenc! our t!irst )or it to bleed us dr

    ?ile4 e/er7men"cin# intentRe(ulsi/e belli#erence s!ot )rom to:ic mindsBl"t"nt disre#"rd )or "ll but sel) ,roudl )l"untin# t!e de(r"/it o) " r"ce condemned4 m"li#n

    Iter"te4 re(e"t t!ese m 5ordsRecite t!e m"ntr" o) l"teI 5ill corru(t "nd im("ir?iti"te4 dis(irit4 deb"se4 /iol"te

    Souls burn 5it! !"te)ul intent'!e deceit)ul s("5n4 descend"nts o) liesB t!e (oisoned n"ils o) !istor stun#I) #r"nted t!e 5ill to in=ureI) #r"nted t!e 5ill to !"rm7 '!e bl"des o) !urt ine:!"ustibl s5un#

    -. ancers #o / iscordant $ stem

    [Lyrics: Tomas Haake, Music: Fredrik Thordendal]

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Listen to t!e !idden tune7 '!e essence o) lies in notes de)inedAs 5e d"nce to t!e disson"nt s5"7 '!e c!oreo#r"(! re)ined8ill subdued "nd s!"c*ledRe"son 5"s!ed "side,led#in# our lo/e to t!e c!"ins-ur i#nor"nce e/er7"m(li)ied

    Blooded !"nds le"d t!e 5"lt;8e9re tr"((ed in t!e out o) tune s5irlStill 5e set t!e s!o5 on continue modeAnd d"nce to " discord"nt s stem

    8e "cce(t t!e n"ils 5e9re )ed7 Lies s!"r(ened to bleed us silentMuted )rom t!e ("ins

    e)i"nce em(lo ed in /"inAn "ttem(ts to le"/e t!e d"nce4In/isibl su((ressed

    uestions un"s*ed4 5e le"rn le"rn t!e ste(s7 E es s!ut li*e "ll t!e rest

    Unsus(ectin#4 5illin#4 blind4 controll"ble !erd

    ,"5ns in " co/ert #"me conducted b !"nds 5e trustomin"ted4 com(li"nt "nd dece(t"ble

    Con)ident t!"t 5e m"tter 7 5e don9t see t!"t 5e9re but dust

    Committed to " lie 5e c"nnot see4 c"nnot *no5 nor com(re!end8e9re "ll "sinine drones *e(t in t!e d"r*4 *e(t in line

    Con)ined4 Bere)t o) re"son8it!erin# in to:icit7 '!e de"dl )umes o) deceit

    And 5e "ll ree* o) com(licitHumbled4 brou#!t to our *neesB t!e 5ei#!t o) our o5n #uilt-ur nescient 5" s t!e c"t"l st'o in=ustice "nd in!um"nit

    8e d"nce 7 to "((e"seCom(ete in stu(idit

    -bscured )"ces )ile our (oints7 umbers )ed to t!e m"c!ineStill 5e st"nd in line )or t!e ne:t s!o5

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    '!e !um"n s(ine li6ue)ied8!"t "re 5e4 but stu(e)ied

    "ncers to " discord"nt s stem

    8e belie/e 7 so 5e9re misled8e "ssume 7 so 5e9re (l" ed8e con)ide 7 so 5e9re decei/ed8e trust 7 so 5e9re betr" ed

    M-- S,ELL LYRICSemorial (200")

    1. In Memori"m2.

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    A li#!t "t t!e end o) t!e e"rt!

    8!ole 5orld " #!ost s!"din# inside'rue lo/e 5"its )or t!e bless o) de"t!'!e doubt t!"t sets me )ree

    ot to remember "n t!in#

    Stillborn4 blood let4 die in our )eet li*e t!e treesE"rt! son#4 e/erl"nd4 let t!e blood !"/e it9s 5"

    Ali#!t "t t!e end o) t!e e"rt!8"s it )or t!is 5e sold our soulsD8"s it )or t!is 5e missed our c!"nce-) le"/in#D

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    '!e 5ind in t!e treesYours is t!e )i#!tin# t!is minute d"r*I "m t!e moment4 t!e soul

    '!e moment t!"t ends it "llI "m t!e second t!e 5ill'!e ser(ent4 t!e one ou l"st

    In t!e slee( o) cruelt'!e old sounds o) ou in me

    And )or " moment it9s #one'!e be"ut o) it "llI "m t!e second t!e )"ll'!e lo#ic o) it "ll

    I "m t!e moment4 t!e soul'!e moment t!"t ends it "llI "m t!e second4 t!e 5illI "m t!e ser(ent4 t!e one ou l"st rec"ll

    4. $ons +& Earth


    !. Blood #ells

    In m blood ou re"c!ed t!is )"rIn m soul ou )ound t!is muc!'!e circles o) !ell on e"rt!'r"/eled to#et!er times u(on times

    8!en ou !"/e li/ed t!is cruel

    And em(tied t!e /eins once )ullBloodlines o) li)e #oin# b"c* in our !"ndsBloodlines o) li)e in return to t!e ("st

    Blood tells. Memori"l

    o5 ou !"/e #one too )"ro5 ou !"/e )ound too muc!

    '!e circles o) blood com(letedAs it 5"s once )or t!e l"st

    o5 5e !"/e li/ed t!is )ull

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Still 5e !"/e not!in# "t "ll

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Gre"ter lessons le"rnedU(on t!e blood o) men

    is"ster struc* !i#!er t!"n ot!ersGre"ter lessons le"rnedU(on t!e blood o) menA destin li*e no ot!er

    FMen So ?iolentl As!"med

    A cre"tion li*e no ot!erRe)used u(on t!e blood o) me

    e/er 5"it4 )or e/er t!in# is /"inAnd tomorro5 5"s esterd"

    Gre"ter lessons le"rnedU(on t!e blood o) men

    is"ster struc* !i#!er t!"n ot!ersGre"ter lessons le"rnedU(on t!e blood o) menA destin li*e no ot!erA tr"#ed li*e no ot!er

    . /t #he ma e +& ain

    M"n con)irmed b t!e c"rn"lLi*e " d"mn"tion su(remeM"n ou "re bound to t!is 5orld "nd t!is bloodR"ise !"nds to t!e 5ondersIn !onour o) ou

    M"n4 condemned "#"inCre"ted "t t!e im"#e o) ("in

    Be"st concei/ed in t!e s(iritSuc! is our instinct su(reme,rince in "ll o) t!is 5orld "nd be ondBlood o"t!s to t!e solemnIn return to ou

    M"n4 condemned "#"inCre"ted "t t!e im"#e o) ("in

    A (rince must (ossess bot! n"ture o) be"st "nd m"n

    FC"n ou )eelD It is re"l...

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    M"n4 condemned "#"in

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    -. roli&eration


    10. +nce t 5as +urs

    ?"nis!in# "ct inside t!e 5e"*In need o) ou "nd "ll 5!"t9s re"lS(irited into our lost 5" s

    In solitudes to )ollo5Across t!e l"nd de("rted on se"8e 5ill be li/in# our l"st d" s


    -nce it 5"s ours8e !"/e 5"ited )ore/er8e "re to bl"me

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    -nce it 5"s ours8e !"/e 5"ited )ore/er8e "re to bl"me

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    -n t!e e/e o) sel) destruction-n t!e e/e o) "ll c"n be... '!in*in# "bout ou

    13. Best or otten

    Arms to5erin# into )e"r

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    I "m 5"ter turned bloodI "m )ur turned !o(e.F'!e Atl"ntic

    L"st c"llL"st !o(e )or t!e l"st o) t!e creedL"st c"ll. oor5"Your 5"ters 5ill s(re"d inside me

    MAYHEM LYRICS+rdo /d Chao (200 )

    1. / 5ise Birth i,er

    'o cre"ture #i/e li)eCre"te " (rimiti/e 5or*er'!"t !e m" be"r t!e o*e "ssi#ned

    2. 5all +& 5ater

    ,ill"rs su((ortin# s* crumbleSun moon t!e st"rs (our do5nRi/ers "nd oce"ns rus! 5!ere t!e e"rt! sin*sGre"t con)l"#r"tion 6uenc!ed b r"#in# )lood

    ort! "nd sout! (ol"rsCounterc!"n#eScre"min# 5orld

    'urnin# o/erS* m"*es 5"r 5it! t!e e"rt!

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Gre"t !e"t boil t!e se"e"t! o) " continent

    Enormous sur#e o) 5"ter8i(e out !um"nit

    Comin# o) iceA c"t"cl smic )lood

    estro s t!e "d/"ncedM"n*ind o) !i#! tec! "#e

    8"ll o) 5"terS5ee( "cross t!e e"rt!

    8"ll o) 5"ter

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    '!e obtuse !um"nsRo"m in somn"mbulism'o5"rds t!e de") 5"lls

    neel "nd (r" to not!in#ness t!ere

    As i) t!e de"d toll-) bloodless m"ss"cre

    Hol c!"rism" "s mind control s!i)t,s c!ic m"#netic )ield

    Endless em"n"tion br"inde"ds,ierced b,!"lloid obelis*s

    o one not e/en t!ere

    S"/iour !"d e/er been resurrectedAb"ndoned4 dis(osed4 disc"rded

    I order "ll s mbols crumbleI order t!e consum(tion o) "ll c!urc!es

    !. lluminate Eliminate

    8!ere I c"me )romKI must return

    o more4 not!in# le)t to doo ot!er mission

    8e"* "nd de/"st"ted'!e stren#t! !"d #one

    onJt 5"nt to *no5 moreonJt 5"nt to underst"nd

    Lost "nd em(t-nl 5"nt to #o4 ("ss "5"Send t!e sel) b"c*

    E:ist !ere no moreCom(letel not!in#

    So m"n em(t 5ords been !e"rdSo m"n me"nin#less t!ou#!t been recei/ed8!"te/er done e6u"ls ;ero times e/er t!in#

    o lo/e no !"te no )"it! no memor

    Enter "not!er s(!ereCom(lete t!e em(tiness

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    es(er"tel "lone4 )uc* t!e r"ce8ide o(en "nd ("ssin# t!rou#!

    ". s chic 7orns

    Subordin"tion to "not!er 5illSo(!istic"ted subtle tec!ni6uesMind (s c!e 5ide o(enedStimul"ted tri##ers'!ou#!t )orms o) m"le/olence "nd )e"rIn t!e /eins o) t!e )lo"tin# #enocideRobot o) /oids b ultr"sonic stimul"tions

    Holds do5n t!e /ibr"tion"l )ield

    Ritu"ls t"*e (l"ce on #rid o) /orte: (oints'error !orror "nd !"tred cre"ted

    8ors!i( o) deconstructi/e ne#"ti/e (oleR7com(le: e/ol/es t!e /ril7)orce

    ouris!ment )or t!e non7(! sic"l )orms'o cont"ct "nd m"ni)est entities o) "not!er 5orld

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    '!e s!i(s o) )l"mes rise to t!e s*Annun"*i on bo"rd

    8"tc!er se"rc!es inside t!e t!ou#!tsInner 5"/es corres(ondin# outer )re6uenciesRider )"lls do5n'!e sl"/e set )ree

    Un*no5n ("t!'!e 5" s to 5isdom "re !iddenS!"ll t!e s(e"*er silence

    And t!e memories )"de "("rtLi*e t!e ne5 "ttr"ction o) outer s("ce

    8!ere t!e "tomic cor(us meltsBe ond t!e source o) )e"rs

    8"tc!er sits on t!e bordert!rone o) ins"nitGi/in# solution o) e:istence )rom nonsense

    8. /nti

    S("5n o) Annun"*i4 crossbreed m"*e 5"r

    M"*e 5"r 5it! t!e uni/erse de"t! o) t!e (l"net

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    ur 9 lames (2008)

    1. 7ell En,enom

    Hell En/enom

    Hell En/enom4 "s I enter t!e (ort"l o) )l"mesI descend u(on t!e lord o) c!"os-n5"rd I no5 tr"nscendU(on t!ou "rt m m"sterM time !"s come to (eris!I summon t!ee4 redeemer o) ("in "nd des("ir'! in)ern"l 5" s

    I c"ll u(on ou "ll

    Hell En/enomHell En/enom

    As I bo5 do5n "nd re/ere t!e be"st'!e /"st in)erno no5 re/e"ls t! ("t!-n5"rd I no5 tr"nscendComet! )ort! t! m"sterI )e"r not 5!"t lies be)ore me

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Hell En/enom4 "s I enter t!e (ort"l o) )l"mesI descend u(on t!e lord o) c!"os-n5"rd no5 I tr"nscendU(on t!ou "rt t! m"ster

    2. 5hom *ods a estro

    C!ronicles o) utter c!"os?isions o) " d"r*ened ("stAmidst /i#ils o) our #odsE:ists t!e (uri) in# b"t!sSuc! !orrors en/elo( usSuc! terror 5it!in our loins

    In t!e *no5led#e o) t!e l"nd o) t!e de"d8!om #ods m" destro

    i#ni)ied "nd re/iled8!om #ods m" destro8!om #ods m" destro 4 5!om #ods destroRe/ered "nd "bolis!ed8!om #ods m" destro

    Elders o) " d in# breed

    B"nis!ed u(on t!e "s!es o) )l"meS("5ned )rom t!e (ro#enMessi"! o) t!e "(oc"l (se8e s(ill t!e blood o) menU(on monolit!s o) our #odsIn t!e tem(le o) t!e l"nd o) t!e de"d

    In !om"#e to our s(irits8!ere d" becomes t!e ni#!t8e #i/e (r"ise to our #ods

    '!e obsidi"n s5ord no5 )"lls u(on t!e )les!In !onor o) our s(irits'!e mi#!t #ods o) de"t!8e build e))i#ies o) our deities8e e:"lt ou in "ll our #lor

    All 5!o "re cursed4 )e"r me no5

    A))licted b t!is scour#e'!e #re"t (l"#ue t!"t s!"ll be)"ll u(on us8e "re o) dise"se4 o) destin8e must become one 5it! our #ods

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    8!ose m"ssi/e )ur s!"ll scorc! t!is E"rt!

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    '!e time is "t !"nd )or t!e sl"u#!ter

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Honor !imC!eris! !im

    ei) !imo ou *no5 t! n"me4 re=oice

    ?"lue !im,rotect !imAdorn !im

    o ou !e"r t! n"me4 re=oice

    S"lute '!e )uner"r m"rc! o) )l"mesIn commemor"tion o) t!e #lorious de"dS"lute '!e )uner"r m"rc! o) )l"mesM" t!e )uner"l dir#e commence

    E:"lt !imRe/ere !imGlori) !im

    o ou *no5 t! n"me4 re=oice

    Ens!rine !im,reser/e !imConsecr"te !im

    o ou !e"r t! n "me re=oice

    I bid ou 5ellI bid ou 5ell

    In ode to t!e dece"sedGi/e (r"ise to t!e (resti#e o) immort"litHence s"l/"tion "nd " true tr"nscend"nt ("t!

    In ode to t!e dece"sedGi/e (r"ise to t!e (resti#e o) immort"litHence t!e =ourne o) (eril into t!e ")terli)e

    Rele"se t!ee4 so !e m" )in"ll see'!rou#! t!e !";e o) etern"l d"r*ness'!ere)ore unto !im4 #r"nt !im 5isdom

    In !onor o) t!e dece"sed8e c!"nt t!e ! mns in !is o5n memor

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    S"lute '!e )uner"r m"rc! o) )l"mesIn commemor"tion o) t!e #lorious de"d

    ". #hus $al,ation

    ,r" )or s"l/"tion4 (r" )or "bsolution,r" )or s"l/"tion4 (r" )or "bsolution

    '!ese "re t!e d" s o) #re"t l"ment"tionSo 5e m" be "#"in "s one8e "re cursed b t!is (l"#ue8e "re cursed b t!is tr"/estYet 5e s!"ll rise "bo/e t!e de(r"/it o) m"n

    '!us s"l/"tion

    ,r" )or s"l/"tion4 (r" )or "bsolutionS(e"* to t!ee "nd renounce t! m"ster8e s!"ll t!ri/e in !is #lorEmbellis! t!is #lori)ied burden

    ,r" )or s"l/"tion4 (r" )or "bsolutionConsumed 5it! t!is (o5er so (ro)oundI reside en/elo(ed in lo"t!in#


    You s!"ll endure su))erin# o) d" s ("stYou 5ill tremble be)ore t!ine e esIne/it"ble is our ("t! o) destin

    '! 5ill be done'! 5ill be done

    Re/e"l t! sel)4 d"re not to decei/e me

    See 5!"t I see t!rou#! t!ese e es o) )l"meYou must belie/e in t! 5" si/ul#e to me4 con)essor o) "ll t!"t is !oll

    ,re("re t! sel)4 )or ou *no5 not 5!"t I "mSee 5!"t I see t!rou#! t!ese e es o) )l"meYou must c!oose our ("t! 5iselIne/it"ble our descent into bl"c*

    ,r" )or s"l/"tion4 (r" )or "bsolution,r" )or s"l/"tion4 (r" )or "bsolution

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    . roclamation +& #he amned

    ,rocl"m"tion o) t!e d"mnedI beseec! t!eeM" I le"/e t! m"r* o) t!e be"st

    S!"ll m cries )"ll u(on de") e"rs8!ilst I #r";e u(on t!e etern"l se"Must 5e "tone )or our sins in de"t!I !"/e seen de"t!

    '!ere)ore I s!"re not in our )e"rsYet must 5e con)ront our =ud#ement'!us t!e etern"l d"mn"tion o) t!ee

    I !"/e no )e"rs

    ,rocl"m"tion o) t!e d"mnedI bec*on t!eeM" I )louris! in d"r*ness

    ,rocl"m"tion o) t!e d"mnedI beseec! t!eeM" I le"/e t! m"r* o) t!e be"st

    Am I destined to "s!es bound to dust8!ilst I ("ss t!rou#! t!e corridor o) de"t!S!"ll I disburden t!e ones le)t be!indI no5 *no5 de"t!

    Br";en in m c"llin#4 m descentB"nis!ed )or "ll o) eternit'!us t!e etern"l d"mn"tion o) t!eeI *no5 no )e"rs

    I 5ill dei) t!e #odsArisen )rom t!e de(t!s un*no5nU(on m descent into bliss

    I must no5 s!ed m *inEsc"(e )rom t!is mor"l s!ellInto t!e ("ss"#e 5" o) de"t!

    I summon t!ee4 (r" )or t!e 5indsI bec*on t!ee4 (r" )or t!e stormsI c"ll u(on t!eeI "m t!e !eretic o) t!e "#es

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    I summon t!eeI "m t!e !eretic o) t!e "#esI summon t!ee4 (r" )or t!e 5indsI bec*on t!ee4 (r" )or t!e storms

    I c"ll u(on t!eeI "m t!e second comin# )or t!e "#esM" I )louris! in t!e d"r*ness

    ,rocl"m"tion o) t!e d"mnedI beseec! t!eeM" I le"/e t! m"r* o) t!e be"st

    8. ur 5ithin

    I curse ou "ll

    I4 in t!e *in#dom o) 5r"t!U(on t!e "s!es o) cities burnedI s!"ll m"*e t!e 5orld t!e bloodiest o) "#es

    Your d" s "re numberedYour 5orld is )inis!ed

    Your li)e is o/er4 e:tinct'o )i#!t is )utile

    I curse ou "ll

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    H"te H"teH"te H"teH"te H"teH"te H"te

    H"te H"te I dem"nd m /en#e"nceH"te H"te I s!"ll ne/er retre"tH"te H"te Su))er t!rou#! unsurmount"ble ("inH"te H"te You co5"rd4 ou @ud"s

    I denounce our ideolo#I 5ill o/errule our 5" sAs I t!rust m sel) u(on t!ee

    You s!"ll su))er t!e )"te o) dis

    issol/e in t!e "s!es o) e"rt!You must )"ce t!e d" o) rec*onin#

    I curse ou "ll

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Sur("sses t!e re"lm o) mort"litAs ou "re no5 u(on us "ll

    Gr"nt !im mercAmon#st t!e #r"/es o) "ll t!e l"ndsGr"nt !im e/erl"stin# sol"ce

    You !"/e no5 ("ssed on

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Embr"ce t!e silent 5"/es o) cosmosAs t!e "str"l oce"n rise in !i#! tide

    A m"#ic )l"me inside o) meBurns 5it! lust "nd desireI 5"tc! t!e d in# sunAs it )"des into t!e !ori;on o) crimson )ire'!e ("r"norm"l d"r*ness is no5 descendin#In/"sion o) m mind4 !e"rt "nd soulAs re"lit s!"tters "round meI )eel t!e c!"n#in# t!e met"mor(!osis

    '!e ni#!t belon#s to t!e (red"tor'o t!e one 5!o d"res crossin# t!e t!res!old'!e ":is o) dre"ms "nd 5onders "nd bl"c* mir"cles

    I see m sel) in t!e mirror o) our e esA d"r* st"r on t!e celesti"l be"uti)ul midni#!t s*Rele"se t!e inner r"di"nce o) 5!"t ou !"/e becomeBri#!ten t!e ni#!t 5it! our s"cri)ice

    I !"/e returned to li)e to s(e"* o) cl"ir/o "nceI "m t!e /oice )rom t!e #r"/e l"nd o) memoriesLi)e c"n be onl "n illusion "nd de"t! " tem(t"tionA )in"l destin

    A cosmic )uner"l o) memories

    2. / :oid +& Li&eless reams

    I close m e es "nd tr"nscendBe ond t!e li#!t to " d"r* 5orld 5it!out end'!e s(irit esc"(es t!e tem(le o) )les!As seducti/e 5inds o) m"dnessAbsorbin# me in to t!e cr o#enic s stem

    A /oid o) li)eless dre"ms

    Enter " #"l"ctic dom"in

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Lin#er in (er(etu"l dre"m st"teIn t!e #ri( o) " (o5er)ul r"#e

    Summon t!e obli/ionHe"r demons c"ll )rom t!e dun#eonLi#!t !"s )ore/er "b"ndoned t!is l"ndLi)e !"s )ors"*en t!is soulsRe"c!in# out )rom t!e coldA d"r* "nd !ellis! /oidBe ond t!e entr"nce o) im"#in"tion

    In)ern"l (!"ntom *in#dom

    A)ter e"rs o) dorm"ncIn " cosmic m"usoleum

    Arc"ne cemeter'!e soil is cursed "nd sourA rotten l"ndsc"(e dr"(ed in !orrorE/il !"s " 5" o) returnin#You c"n not !ide )rom !ell9s e eIt is "l5" s burnin#A 5" o) returnin#

    !. Le ac +& E,il

    '!e ni#!t !"s " le#"c o) e/ilocturn"l dre"m sc"(es

    8ilderness o) in)inite dis!"rmonIn "n isol"ted "s(ect etern"llA m";e inside our br"in'!"t le"ds into t!e ins"neAb ss o) )e"r4 illusions "nd des("ir

    Somet!in# #!"stl is ("ssin# b

    '!e )ull moon in t!e s*See t!e comin# !urric"ne o) terrorAncient s"dness "nd !orrorA /irulent s ndrome o) mis"nt!ro(C"(tured b t!e obscure m ster

    Is it re"ll )reedomD-utside t!ese bl"c* 5"lls o) !"tred

    ". L canthro%ic #ales

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    As t!e storm looms o/er t!e )ro;en l"ndsc"(eA c"ll )rom t!e be#innin# o) time-ut o) d"r*ness t!rou#! t!e mist

    Re6uiem in blood "nd )ireS mbols o) occult desire'!rou#! t!e cosmic /orte:'!e #"te to un*no5n d"r*nessAn esoteric /o "#e to eminent disco/erI "m t!e de"t!li*e s!"do5Arc!itect o) bl"c* m steries

    '!e time stood still "t midni#!tA (!"ntom in t!e moon li#!tI 5"s reborn t!rou#! electric )l"mes

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    Storms 5it! t!e "n"tom o) dis"sterImmense s5irlin# 5inds

    A tit"nic e:(losionEc!oes o/er t!e e"rt!A(oc"l (tic s("5n

    ebulous d"5n

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    8"l* "nd dre"m "mon#st t!e de"dAn#er "nd ("in resurrected

    ecro(olis m"ni)est"tionSu(ern"tur"l obsession,!"nt"sm"#oric"l st"te o) mind'r"((ed in "not!er dimension o) timeIn " ("r"dise lostEndless !ori;on o) 5ilderness "nd !oloc"ust

    -. #;ili ht +men

    I s"lute t!ee4 b"(ti;er o) m soule"r ("#"n m"ster let t! uni/erse un)old

    S!o5 me t!e si#n o) t!e midni#!t s*I 5ill )ore/er )ollo5 until d"5n9s e"rl li#!t

  • 8/12/2019 Meshuggah Lyrics


    A m"licious !un#er'!e bloodline still stre"msI "m " m"rt r o) t!e d"r* sideA t r"nt in soul "nd )les!

    'rium(!"nt I st"nd in " bl";e o) )ireAs d"r* sil!ouettes o) d"ncin# s!"do5sC"ress me 5it! desireI rise )rom t!e "b ss belo5

    A disci(le o) d"r*nessBound to t!is e"rt!'!e s(irit 5"nderIn " re"lm o) em(tinessI "m " m"rt r o) t!e d"r* side

    A t r"nt in soul "nd )les!

    M "rt is " re)lection4 " mirror o) tormented im"#esA l"b rint! o) morbid minds c"t!edr"l !"lls o) stoneAb sm"l ruins

    8"l*in# " ("t! o) (utre)ied )les!In t!e #"rden o) rottin# scul(turesE/er t!in# d5ells in "n "ur" o) de"t!And t!e (resence o) nocturn"l /ultures