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  • 1. Selection Options for Daily Display Menu Report
    • From the menu batch print screen you can customize the daily menu reports for printing and display.
    • You can choose:
    • Diet Spreads
    • Daily Display Menus
    • You can also add a note or print the date.
    • As with WaaG there are a variety of options to display and print daily menus including:
    • Print all meals or
    • Selected meals
    • Print food descriptions
    • along with food names
    • Star your main items
    • Select font styles and
    • sizes to customize
    • Print all days or specific days
  • 2. Daily Display Menu Report Sample Daily Display Menu shows starred Main Items but does not print Food Descriptions
  • 3. Selection Options for Diet Spread Reports Our system helps you generate diet spread reports which are very useful for menu quality control. You can opt to add a note or print the date
  • 4. Selection Options for Diet Spread Menus This system makes it incredibly easy to build diet spread reports by simply dragging and dropping items. Your diet spreads are also memorized within the system, allowing quick retrieval and editing of past diet spreads.
  • 5. Diet Spreads (annotate with ability to print 4 or 6 columns)
  • 6. Selections for Summary Nutrient Analysis Report You can also generate the nutritional analysis of your menu based off of the menu batch print screen. There are a variety of options for customization of your nutrition reports.
  • 7. Nutrient Analysis The nutrient analysis can be designed to display the entire week in one view or broken down to display nutrition by daily menu or single menu item.
  • 8. Menu Service Reports Your Recipe Cookbook can be printed: for a single yield or multiple yields. alphabetically by menu category OR by the order in which they appear on the menu. If you choose to Consolidate your printing, then Recipes which appear in more than one place on the Menu will not be printed multiple times . This results in great savings in paper, ink and, especially, TIME.