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  • 8/7/2019 Menu Lunch


    Tropical CafeTropical Cafe

    Menul u n c h

    Our food is Latin fusion inspired by

    the diversity of Puerto Rico, Cuba, the

    Caribbean and South America. The menu is my

    interpretation of traditional ethnic cooking

    that inspires many of my dishes. I invite you

    to savor a taste of my homeland cooking and

    enjoy a trip to my tropical island

    By Chef/Owner Mike Cordero

    Puerto Rico

  • 8/7/2019 Menu Lunch


    *Arlington County requires us to warn you that consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood or shellshmay increase your risk of food borne illness. 20% Gratuities will be added to parties of 6 or more

    Ceviches*Ceviche Classico $9.95Fresh jumbo shrimp, scallops & freshgrouperin a lime infusion, cilantro andAji Amarillo w/sweet potato and corn onthe cob

    *Ahi Tuna Sashimi StyleTiradito $11.95w/citrus soy infusion

    *Atlantic Rim Ceviche $11.95Fresh Tuna, Salmon and Grouperw/avocados, red onions, corn, fresh

    papaya, tomatoes & Aji Amarillo

    *Ceviche Sampler $16.95A tasting of all three

    StartersCabo Fish Tacos W/Salsa Verde $9.95Crispy grouper served on our tortillasw/alioli salsa, pico de gallo, guacamole &sour creamPatacon Cali $9.95Thin green plantains w/shredded beef,bell peppers, onions, jalapeo and tomatovinaigree

    Maryland Jumbo LumpCrab Cakes $10.95w/papaya salsa & mixed baby greensCrispy Island Salt & PepperCalamari $9.95Served w/creole & calypso sauce

    Mickeys Famous BeerBatter Coconut ShrimpW/Caramelized Onions &

    Mushrooms $10.95Served w/papaya mango salsa

    Buena Vista LoadedNachos (Steak or GrilledChicken) $9.95w/black beans, pico de gallo, slicedjalapeno peppers, sour cream &guacamoleBBQ Pork Spare Ribs $9.95

    Chipotle & guava BBQ sauce w/spicycucumber salad

    Island Shrimp Spring RollsW/Roasted Corn& Tomato Salad $9.95Served w/hot mango salsa

    Seared Sesame CrustedAhi Tuna $9.99Sashimi style tuna rubbed w/spices,

    seared rare & served w/wasabi vinaigree

    Caribbean StyleChicken Tamales $8.95Chicken simmered w/sofrito and Latinspices wrapped in cornhusk

    Island Crab & SpinachDip w/Cuban ToastedBread $9.75

    Puerto Rican Alcapurriasw/Jalapeo Chimichurri

    Salsa $8.95One of Puerto Ricos National dishes,green bananas lled w/beef picadillo

    Boca Boca MagicMeatballs $8.95

    with Wild mushroom sauce. Its a secretrecipe me

    East Meets WestCaribbean Wings $8.95

    crispy wings tossed in Teriyaki glazeserved with a spicy mango sauce

    Empanadas (Latin Turnovers) W/Jalapeo Salsa $9.75Latin turnovers lled with steak, chicken& seafood medley

    St. Lucia Skewers W/Avocado Salad & CaribbeanDipping Sauces $9.75

    Chicken marinated in Caribbean spices,Beef marinated in mojo and toastedsesame.

    Santa Fe Grilled Quesadilla(Beef or Chicken) $9.75W/Mexican style guacamole, sour creamand pico de gallo

  • 8/7/2019 Menu Lunch


    *Arlington County requires us to warn you that consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood or shellshmay increase your risk of food borne illness. 20% Gratuities will be added to parties of 6 or more

    Island SaladsThe Cliff $14.95Named after a famous restaurant fromthe island of Barbados. Seared jumboshrimp and sea scallops tossed w/babygreens, grilled Portobello mushrooms andasparagus in white true vinaigree

    Grilled Skewers JumboShrimp Cesar Salad $13.95W/Crispy garlic bread

    The Breeze Salad $8.95Mixed baby greens & spinach, marinatedRoma tomatoes, red onions marinatedmushrooms, avocados and hearts of palm

    w/tropical vinaigree

    Wild King Salmon w/Caribbean Salad $14.95Grilled over baby greens, grilled Portobellomushrooms, roasted tomatoes, chard corn,palmitos & grilled sweet potatoes tossed inmango vinaigree

    Saint Thomas Grilled ChickenSalad w/Wild MushroomCeviche $11.95Marinated in Caribbean seasonings servedw/baby greens, roasted tomatoes, chardcorn, palmitos & grilled sweet potatoestossed in guava chipotle vinaigreeGrilled Skirt Steakw/Thai salad in Chile LimeSalsa $12.95Marinated beef, julienne vegetables andavocados

    SandwichesAll Sandwiches Served with Made in House Fries

    El Cubano Voted Best CubanSandwich BY WashingtonianMagazine $9.75Our traditional Cuban style sandwichmade w/roasted pork, smoked ham, Swisscheese & pickles. Served on pressed Cubanbread

    Pulled BBQ Pork /w HomeStyle Fries & Cole Slaw $9.95Served w/pineapple island salsa w/10-Cane Island rum and a touch of soy sauceon a sesame seed bun

    Island Crab Cake w/RoastedGarlic Alioli Sauce $11.95W/Leuce & tomatoes on a sesame seed


    Cabo Wabo Grilled ChickenSandwich $9.25Chicken breast marinated in Cabo Wabotequila topped w/jack cheese, guacamole,bacon, leuce, tomatoes & Chipotle mayo

    on sesame seed bun

    Key West Florida Grouper

    Sandwich $9.95Lightly baered topped w/a key limemustard remoulade, leuce & tomatoes

    *Cooper Island AngusBurger w/Jack Cheese $9.50100% Angus ground Beef w/sofrito. Servedw/onions, leuce & tomatoes on a sesameseed bun

    Sun-Drenched Portobello

    & Vegetable Sandwich $8.95

    Char-grilled seasonal vegetables w/tomato,peppers-jack cheese and fresh basil, on hot-pressed Cuban bread

    Chipotle ChickenWrap W/Melted Cheddar

    Cheese $8.95Char-grilled chicken w/tomato, re roastedpeppers, jack cheese, black beans & specialChipotle sauce

    SoupsSeafood Chowder $8.95Rich and creamy with tender scallops;shrimp and fresh vegetables, topped withroasted corn

    tortilla soup $7.95White chicken breast w/vegetables, blackbeans, roasted corn and avocados

  • 8/7/2019 Menu Lunch


    Chef Specialties

    *Arlington County requires us to warn you that consuming raw or undercooked meats, seafood or shellsh may increase yourrisk of food borne illness. 20% Gratuities will be added to parties of 6 or more

    House Specialty Crispy Puerto Rican Style Suckling

    Pork W/Arroz e Gandules $12.95Puerto Rican crispy suckling pig cooked for 48 hours. Served w/oregano mojo,

    saron rice and green pigeon peas

    Cuban Style Ropa Vieja $12.95Shredded steak w/roasted tri-color peppers, Roma tomatoes & onions. W/rice,black beans and maduros

    Braised short beef ribs w/Penne Pasta $17.95Slow cooked short ribs in a Latin red wine tomato sauce w/mushrooms & carrots

    Latin Style Stir-FryTraditional Peruvian dish w/Roma tomatoes, red onions, peppers and potatoesServed w/rice

    Chicken $12.95 Beef $13.95 Seafood $14.95Dr. Mambos Fettuccine Pasta $12.95Fresh chicken tenders & Argentinean Chorizo sauted w/Wild mushrooms &spinach in a calypso cream sauce

    Arroz Con Pollo Nuevo Latino $10.95White tender chicken & rice simmered in a light sofrito saron sauce. Served w/Puerto Rican red beans

    Oven Baked Breaded Chicken Breast $13.95Lightly breaded chicken breast topped w/Mango-Rum chutney & grilled tomatoes.Served w/yucca fries and mojo sauce

    COMBO Enchiladas a la Tijuana $13.95Three our tortillas lled w/chicken, steak & seafood. Served w/Puerto Rican stylerice & red beans in a red sauce

    Puerto Rican Style Piononos w/Caribbean Baby

    Green Salad $12.95

    Sweet plantain pinwheels lled w/beef and chicken served w/sour cream

    Honey-Rum Chicken w/Mushroom Sauce &Cuban Congri $12.95Oven baked w/mushroom sauce & congris oriental, (mixed black beans & rice witha touch of soy sauce)

    Fillet Mignon Tips w/Penne Pasta in a TequilaLime Sauce $13.95Served w/Tri-Color peppers and Wild mushrooms

    Cuban Style Bistec De Palomilla Nuevo Latino $13.95Angus beef skirt steak w/sauted onions and Latin spices. Served with white riceand black beans

    Vegetarian Tortellini Tri-Color Pasta TuscanStyle Veggie $12.95Served w/a Calypso sauce (Sherry cream sauce)

    Caribbean Catch of the Day Market Price

  • 8/7/2019 Menu Lunch


    From The GrillBBQ Baby Back Ribs W/Smoked Guava Chipotle BBQ $14.95Served w/fries & cole slaw

    Grilled Latin Style Carnitas $15.95w/short beef ribs, marinated chicken breast & chorizo. Served w/Puerto Rican style

    beans & crispy yucca

    *Calle Ocho Cuban Style Marinated Skirt Steak $14.95w/yucca fries, avocado, red onions & pico de gallo

    The Grill Giant Burrito Stuffed W/Pork Carnitas $10.95Served w/rice, beans & pico de galloSizzling FajitasServed w/rice, beans, avocado, tortillas, salsa & pico de gallo

    Chicken $12.95Beef $13.95Shrimp $14.95Combo all 3 $15.95


    PATATAS BRAVA (Spicy Potatoes)


    MADUROS (Sweet Plantains)


    (Mashed plantains cooked w/Latin spices, bacon &


    TOSTONES (Fried green plantains)




    AREPITAS (Colombian corn cakes)













  • 8/7/2019 Menu Lunch




    BRAZILIANCOCONUT FLAN $5.95Latin dessert of homemade caramel custardand coconut served with sweet whipped cream

    CLASSICTRES LECHES $6.95House Specialty a rich dessert of spongecake soaked in whole milk, condensed milk& evaporated milk

    Passion MangoCheesecake $5.95Layers of creamy, smooth passion fruit-and mango-infused buermilk cheesecaketopped with tart passion fruit curd. Finishedwith a shimmering glaze of passion fruit

    and mango.

    Chocolate Toffee Mousse with Kahlua $5.95Golden toee crunches oat amount cloudsof creamy, rich Kahlua chocolate mousse.

    EXOTIC TARTUFOBOMBA $5.95White chocolate lled w/passion fruit andmango sorbet

    ChampagneToso Brut, Argentina Glass $7. 95 Bole $29.95Moet Chandon White Star, France Bole $49.95

    White WineSauvignon BlancChalone, Monterey California Glass $6.95 Bole $29.95ChardonnayCalina, Chile Glass $5.95 Bole $25.95Kendall Jackson, California Glass $7.95 Bole $34.95Sonoma Cutrer, California Bole $39.95

    Pinot GrigioCanyon Road, California Glass $5.95 Bole $25.95TorrontesAlamos, Mendoza Argentina Glass $6.95 Bole $29.95RieslingSagelands, Washington Glass $6.95 Bole $26.95

    White ZinfandelCanyon Road, California Glass $5.95 Bole $25.95

    Red WineMerlotCalina, Chile Glass $5.95 Bole $25.95B.V. Costal, California Glass $6.95 Bole $27.95

    Pinot NoirA By Acacia, California Glass $5.95 Bole $27.95Mac Murray Select, Sonoma California Bole $39.95

    MalbecAlamos, Mendoza Argentina Glass $6.95 Bole $27.95Broquel, Argentina Bole $34.95


    Wyndham, Australia Glass $6.95 Bole $29.95

    Cabernet Sauvignon

    Alamos,Mendoza Argentina Glass $6.95 Bole $27.95

    Five Rivers, California Bole $29.95

    Louis Martini, Sonoma California Bole $39.95

    GarnachaLas Rocas, Spain Glass $8.95 Bole $34.95Chianti

    Stracalli, Italy Glass $5.95 Bole $25.95

    TROPICAL ISLANDAPPLE PIE $6.95Mounds and Mounds of tart, fresh, crispapples, saucy with cinnamon apple cider andloaded with crunchy granolas crumbs w/yourchoice of homemade ice cream

    PINEAPPLE SORBET $5.95Pineapple sorbet in natural pineapple shell

    Ice Cream $5.95Vanilla Dulce de Leche

    Mango Coconut Chocolate

    Caf Caf CubanoSingle $2.95Double $3.95

    Caf con Leche Lae $3.95

    RUMBA CAF $7.95Colombian coee with Grand Marnier,Cointreau and Spanish Brandy

    CAF MAMBO $7.95Colombian coee with Malibu coconut rum,Khalua and Baileys Cream