memcached vs tugela

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Transcript of memcached vs tugela

  • Memcache : because your database will

    thank you

  • Spot theresemblance

  • Memcache stays "between" app serversand db - dumb/fast server,client "as smart as needed"


  • Plan for success = no panic


  • 3 implementations:

    - "original" memcached by Danga

    - tugela memcache (bdb, Wikipedia)

    - memcachedb (bdb, replicated, student project on Google Code, unstable)

    - lots of contributions (Facebook, LastFM)

  • Memcached vs Tugela

    - "normal" conditions, enough memory- negligible overhead

  • Memcached vs Tugela- on a memory-constrained server- 100/1000 simultaneous threads (stackless Python)- ... and yet Tugela massively kicks ass

  • Tugela gotchas

    - no expiry policy management = NO PURGING, ITEMS DO EXPIRE

    - but project not maintained any more. Forks welcomed by the author (Domas Mituzas).

    PHP programmer ?

    - use UDP and consistent hashing implementation from PECL, truly rocksmemcache.hash_strategy = consistent