Membership and Club Development Bob Lunnon National Vice President.

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Membership and Club Development Bob Lunnon National Vice President

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Membership and Club Development Bob Lunnon National Vice President Slide 2 Current Situation - 2014 25 Clubs formed in 53 years since 1960 3 Clubs in suspension Newcastle, Illawarra, Alice Springs Now 22 Clubs in 2014 5 new Clubs in past 12 years Capricornia, Kununurra, Bunbury/Margaret River, Albany, Southern Gold Coast Declining membership, particularly since 2009 Slide 3 Current Situation - 2014 Peak membership was 1375 in 2001 Overall membership decline of 310 to 31 July 2014 Our biggest cities generally reflect the greatest decline Net loss of 68 members since December 2012, 76 since December 2013 Some regional areas have increased membership, particularly WA and NT Slide 4 BREAKDOWN OF TOTAL MEMBERSHIP BY STATE AT 31 JULY 2014 STATECLUBS TOTAL MEMBERSPERCENTAGE ACT1 16 1.5% NSW3 147 14% NT1 50 4.7% QLD8363 34% SA1 75 7% TAS2106 10% VIC194 8.8% WA5 214 20% TOTAL22 1065 100% Slide 5 DISTRIBUTION OF CLUBS AND MEMBERS AT 31 JULY 2014 CLUBMEMBERSHIP 2001 31/12/2001 2012 31/12/2012 2013 31/12/2013 2014 31/07/2014 ADELAIDE888487 75 ALBANYN/A24 25 ALICE SPRINGS35SuspendedN/A BRISBANE888485 79 BROOME325853 76 BUNBURY/MARG RIVERN/A15 16 CAIRNS80959691 CAPRICORNIAN/A18 16 CANBERRA37212316 DARWIN46414450 GOLD COAST8588 48 HOBART48737473 ILLAWARRASuspendedN/A KUNUNURRA29262422 LAUNCESTON39363733 MELBOURNE1579194 NEWCASTLE27SuspendedN/A PERTH80777875 SOUTHERN GOLD COAST SUNSHINE COAST N/A 47 N/A 47 N/A 47 35 37 SYDNEY CITY28612212484 SYDNEY NORTH6552 49 SYDNEY SOUTH4118 14 TOWNSVILLE26423936 WHITSUNDAYS2021 TOTAL137511331141 1065 Slide 6 Current Situation - 2014 City Clubs difficulty in retaining/developing new members Competitive environment: associations, luncheon clubs, large company indifference (airlines, hotels) Some regional Clubs retaining/developing new members Different environment, travel and tourism is key industry, smaller company involvement We are at a crossroads with overall membership development Slide 7 Forward Planning Opportunities 2014-2019 Strategic Plan 2013-2018: Whitsundays 2013 Club Business and Financial Plans: Cairns 2012 Membership and Club development Regional areas represent better opportunities than cities for both Membership and Club development as SKAL is unique Target regional tourism body cooperation and membership to maximise opportunities Slide 8 Membership and Club Development Opportunities Member Classifications SKAL International By-Laws March 2014 Aviation: airlines, airports, IATA Maritime: passenger shipping, sea ferries, sea ports Inland Waterways: lake/river steamers, yachts, sightseeing operations Railways Autocar and Coach Companies Car Hire Companies Slide 9 Member Classifications SKAL International By-Laws March 2014 Hotels, Motels, Tourist Accommodation: holiday villages, clubs and camps Hotel Chains: tourist apartments, camping sites Travel Agents and Tour Operators General Sales Agents Official Tourist Organisations: tourism ministers, embassies, consulates, government tourism organisations Travel Media: publishers, editors, travel writers, TV/radio producers/reporters/broadcasters Slide 10 Member Classifications SKAL International By-Laws March 2014 Various Tourist Organisations: travel/tourism education, congress/convention centres/organisers, OTAs/reservations systems, hotel/travel agent/tour operator associations, tourist attractions Travel/Tourism Consultancies Travel Insurance Restaurants, Golf Clubs, Spas Slide 11 Club Business and Financial Plans 2014-2015 Situation analysis, including current membership New membership development plans and activities; and funding requirements Public and media relations strategies and activities Goals, objectives and succession planning Finance plan including income and expenditure New Club development plans and activities; and funding requirements Template provided, due 31 October 2014 Slide 12 New Club Development 2014-2019 (Strategic Plan 2013-2018) New South Wales Primary:Possible reinstatement of Newcastle and Illawarra, Coffs Harbour, Port Macquarie, Gosford/Central Coast, Blue Mountains, Port Stephens Secondary:Hunter Valley, Dubbo Northern Territory Primary:Possible reinstatement of Alice Springs Secondary:Katherine Queensland Primary:Mackay, Outback Queensland, Port Douglas, Noosa Secondary:Granite Belt Slide 13 New Club Development 2014-2019 (Strategic Plan 2013-2018) South Australia Primary:Port Augusta, Port Lincoln, Fleurieu Peninsula, Barossa Valley Secondary:Whyalla, Glenelg, Mt Gambier, Kangaroo Island Victoria Primary:Bendigo, Ballarat, Albury/Wodonga, Geelong, Mornington Peninsula Secondary:Bairnsdale, Victorian High Country, Great Ocean Road Western Australia Primary:Geraldton Secondary:Kalgoorlie Slide 14 Member Retention and Development 2014-2019 (Strategic Plan 2013-2018) Position Descriptions for Committee members (Club Statutes) Succession planning for Committees Membership Development Officer on Committee (1 or 2) Welcome/congratulatory letter for all new members with SKAL information kit Use of SKAL signatures in emails wherever possible Regional tourism body cooperation and membership Jobs Section on Club/SKAL websites (possible sensitivities) Quality/quantity and member retention primary focus