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Transcript of Melissa southern weather and seasonal changes

  • 1. The affects on Plants, Animals, and Their Surroundings
    By: Melissa Southern
    Weather and Seasonal Changes
    Science 2.7: The student will investigate and understand that weather and seasonal changes affect plants, animals, and their surroundings. Key concepts include
    a.) effects on growth and behavior of living things (migration, hibernation, camouflage, adaptation, dormancy)
  • 2. The weather and seasonal patterns affect plants and animals and their surroundings because:
    As seasons change, plants and animals react to changes in:
    • Temperature
    • 3. The amount of light
    • 4. Type of precipitation
    These changes made in response to the environment are called adaptations.
  • 5. What is Adaptation?
    A change an animal goes through to fit into its environment
    Examples of Adaptations
    Sharp teeth
    Webbed feet
    Sharp claws
    Large beaks
  • 6. Whiskers
    Sharp Teeth
    Examples of Adaptations
    Helps an animal feel around
    Helps an animal eat meat
  • 7. Webbed Feet
    Sharp Claws
  • 8. Large Beaks
    • Primary function in most winged animals is flight, which is used to hunt prey
    • 9. Some winged animals use wings to swim, not fly
    • 10. Primary function is to help the animal eat
    • 11. Large Beaks can be found on Carnivores and Herbivores