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  • 1. QuickTime and a Photo - JPEG decompressor are needed to see this picture. MANAGERS IN RE- TRAINING Melissa Emerson AET/545 Carrie Lewis UOPX

2. Animation (yes or no): no Text/Audio Narration: Managers are trained to properly lead, communicate, and organize a group of employees Title: Training A Manager Introduction Scene: Definition of a Manager Graphics (yes or no): Yes Audio (yes or no):No Slide number:2 Skill or Concept: Proper Training or Degree A manager is a man or a woman who has been trained to properly train, lead, and organize a group or employees. They are inspirational and motivation and are skilled in communication and proper leadership. 3. FAIRVUE MANAGER EVALUATION Managers are not receiving or giving feedback Managers are not communicating correctly to employees Managers are not achieving business goals Managers do not feel successful in being a leader 4. Management Skill Tips *In this You tube Video you will receive excellent Management Tips. 5. Title: Professional Tips Scene: Leadership Slide number: 3 Skill or Concept:Thinking Animation (yes or no): no Graphics (yes or no):Yes Audio (yes or no): Notes: Leadership allows an individual to lead a group of individuals to achieve something better and bigger through what matters, with business, and professionalism. Leadership Text/Audio Narration: Leadership allows you to be professional to look out for the best in your business. It allows you to take a group of individuals and complete goals that create a rewarding atmosphere for the future of your business. Leadership allows me to take my personal and professional goals to a higher level. 6. search Notes: Communicating with employees is vital to achieving goals. When using proper communication, you can state goal clearly and offer and receive feedback. Title: Practice Exercise Scene: Communication Slide number: 3 Skill or Concept:Thinking, Applying Knowledge Animation (yes or no): no Graphics (yes or no): yes Audio (yes or no): no Text/Audio Narration: A manager must be able to properly and respectively communicate with his or her employees. To Communicate effectively, organization and socialization skills are needed. A manager must maintain eye contact, and listen to employees when talking. Tone plays a vital role in communication. Its important to use the correct tone and response when communicating with employees. Communication 7. Title: Organization Scene:Organization Chart Slide number: 4 Skill or Concept: Organization skills Animation (yes or no): No Graphics (yes or no):yes Audio (yes or no): Text and Audio: Managers need to know how to organize their staff into the proper department and delegate work to the correct people. With the staff is working in a well organized environment, it creates even flow and success. NOTES: Organization is necessary in order to maintain easy flow and achieve goals. 8. Title: Tips for Success Success Slide number:4 Skill or Concept: All Manager Skills Animation (yes or no): no Graphics (yes or no): Yes Audio (yes or no):No Text/Audio Narration: Success can be measured by using evaluation process. Those can include four types of evaluations would be good to use because they each touch base on certain areas. Level one evaluation focuses on reaction which would determine how one reacts to the work. It helps determine who they responded and worked according to the work. Level two focuses on the learning ability which tells us how much learning came from the work. Level three focuses on behavior which is kind of like reaction, but behavior takes the reaction and the learning and actually applies them. It allows one to determine whether they are actually using what they learned. Then level four determines the results. For example, whether what was learned and applied resulted in the best outcome. Notes: In order to become successful managers need to maintain correct focus and manager skills. TIPS FOR SUCCESSFUL MANAGEMENT: 1. Successful Marketing 2. Manage Cost and Labor 3.Manage Product 4. Deliver Outstanding Service 5. Manage time and Delegate wisely 6. Be Motivational/Be a good Leader 7. Be positive and create a positive atmosphere 8. Make Fast and Proper Decisions 9. Receive and Give appropriate feedback 10. Discipline Directly. 9. References Parpal, Monica 2013 Tips for Restaurant Management, retrieved on June 23rd, 2013 from website SixSigma, 2013 Kirkpatrick four levels of Evaluation Retrieved on July 8th, 2013 from website 10. References Parpal, Monica 2013 Tips for Restaurant Management, retrieved on June 23rd, 2013 from website SixSigma, 2013 Kirkpatrick four levels of Evaluation Retrieved on July 8th, 2013 from website