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  • 1. Melissa D. Cabezas Communications and Marketing Professional

2. Inside About Me Humanizing the Brand Developing the Brand Dabbling in Social Media HR Online Executive Communications Feedback: A Two-Way Street For Your Health and Wellness 3. About Me It is my passion to create relevant, engaging, and fun communications that excite readers and win the support of leadership. I have had the pleasure of working for some remarkable organizations that truly transform lives. One of the most inspiring of those being Easter Seals in Miami. I witnessed, first- hand, what the organization did for children and young adults with disabilities. Currently, the role I play allows the faculty and staff at the university to focus on developing some of the best and brightest young minds in the country. Higher education is a special gift. One that can change a young persons future for the better. 4. Whether targeted to the internal team or all UM faculty and staff, communications must be relevant, accurate, and engaging. Communications Its not just about closing the deal, its about creating relationships, communicating, and following up. Fundraising By believing in the cause and building awareness, you can inspire action from the right people. Marketing & Development 5. Humanizing the Brand The HR Communications team launched InsideUM, a quarterly online magazine to share news and information with faculty and staff from the employees point of view. By humanizing the brand, we can begin enhance the way people view human resources and build workplace pride from within. 6. Developing the Brand The basic step in creating a brand is to create consistency in design, which starts from the bottom up. To ensure that every member of the human resources team was putting their best foot forward when communicating internally and externally, we created a standard stationery package. 7. Dabbling in Social Media When potential candidates research a future employer, they first visit the organizations website. After that, they search for them on social media. The University was on social media, but HR was not. In order to attract and retain top talent, we met with University Communications and decided to launch an official social media account for employees at the university-InsideUM. 8. HR Online For some time, each area within HR handled its own online content. The sites were very segmented and the interface was not user friendly. The HR Communications team is currently working to revise the site and launch a new, more attractive, and functional home page and website architecture in the near future. 9. Executive Communications Senior leadership should always be informed about upcoming changes or events that require their teams to take action. Most of the time, this information is shared in face- to-face interactions. When this is not possible, we work with key stakeholders to draft executive communications for leadership that are distributed in advance. 10. Feedback: A Two-Way Street A survey can provide useful information to leadership when looking for buy-in and support from all levels of the institution. When surveying a group, follow-up is essential. Providing survey results and action plans in a timely manner will help build trust and credibility in your organization. 11. For Your Health and Wellness Health and wellness are hot topics. Employees are trying to live healthier lives and employers are encouraging employees to take steps to enhance their overall wellness. The HR team successfully manages two annual wellness eventsOpen Enrollment and the Week of Well-Being. HR Communications is responsible for developing and executing the communications strategy for both events. 12. Melissa D. Cabezas Contact me: 305-803-3196 Making a difference. One message at a time.