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MEHER International Yarn Company. Submitted To: Harpreet Dhawan Mam Submitted By: Karan Mehra. Company Profile. Company Name : MEHER INTERNATIONAL  Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Buying Office, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler, Association, Other   - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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  • MEHER International Yarn CompanySubmitted To: Harpreet Dhawan Mam Submitted By: Karan Mehra

  • Company ProfileCompany Name: MEHER INTERNATIONAL Business Type: Manufacturer, Trading Company, Buying Office, Agent, Distributor/Wholesaler, Association, Other Product/Service (We Sell): Yarns,Fibers,Chips,Farbrics,Menthol Product/Service(We Buy): Yarns,Chips Registered Address: 8003, World Trade Centre, Ring Road,, Surat, Gujarat, India Zip: 395002 Number of Employees: 11 - 50 People Company Website URL: Store: Ownership & CapitalYear Established: 1991 Owner: Mr. Sumit Suresh Kumar Agarwal Trade & MarketMain Markets: North America South America Southeast Asia Africa Mid East Total Annual Sales Volume: US$2.5 Million - US$5 Million

  • Products And ServicesNylon | Polyester | Cotton | Spandex | Speciality | Viscose | Polyester Film NYLON 1. Nylon Yarn (FDY, DTY, POY) 2. Nylon Waste 3. Nylon Chips POLYESTER 1. Polyester Filament/Flat Yarn (FDY) 2. Polyester Spun Yarn 3. Polyester Textured Yarn (DTY) 4. POY (Pre/Partially Oriented Yarn) 5. Polyester Film 6. Polyester Cationic Dyeable 7. Fancy Yarn (Texturized Slub, Thick & Thin & Spun based) COTTON 1. Cotton Yarn (CARDED, COMBED AND OPEN END) 2. Raw Cotton BLENDED YARN 1. Polyster / Cotton Yarn 2. Polyster /Viscose Yarn SPECIALITY YARN 1. Ncd / Sea & Island Yarn 2. Bi-Shrinkage Yarn (BSY) 3. Intermingled Yarn (ITY) 4. All Kind of Dyed and Catonic Yarns VISCOSE 1. Viscose Yarn (Ring Spun & Open End) 2. Viscose Embroidary Thread 3. Viscose Filament Yarn SPANDEX YARN

  • SpandexWe offer a wide variety of textured Spandex Yarns that are available in various filaments counts and luster. These textured yarn can be used in circular knitting, warp knitting, raschel knitting, fancy yarn, hosiery & weaving. We offer a wide variety of spandex yarns specifically as per the requirement detailed to us by our clients. These are available at industry leading prices. spandex yarn are available in various design & color combinations. Our extensive industry expertise also allow us to offer client specific end products as per their production needs. We are exclusive marketing and sales agent for ROICA and DORLASTAN brand of spandex yarn, which is manufactured by Asahi Kasai spandex corporation Japan. Our spandex yarn are offered in variety of denier like 20, 30, 40, 70, 140, 210, 280, 380, 560, 840, 1120, 1120 denier tape, 1120 denier black tape, 1700, 1700 denier tape, 1700 denier black tape. Apart from the above mentioned denier, we can also arrange other denier as the customer requirements.

  • ViscoseViscose yarn is yarn made from a cellulose base. It has a number of properties including a high tensile strength that can make it suitable for knitting and crocheting projects. It may also be labeled as rayon or viscose rayon yarn; viscose is actually the processed cellulose base used to make rayon, and is not itself a fiber. Many yarn stores and catalogs carry viscose yarn. Arrangements for special orders can be made at stores in the event of a special color need. Viscose rayon was the first manufactured fiber. It is not synthetic like polyester, because it is made from natural materials, but it is heavily processed. There are several production techniques used to turn viscose into rayon. The finished product has a high sheen, is very soft, and is also quite strong. However, viscose can also be brittle, is prone to pilling, and needs to be washed with care to avoid scratching or otherwise damaging the fibers.

  • PolyesterPolyester is a synthetic fiber derived from coal, air, water, and petroleum. Developed in a 20th-century laboratory, polyester fibers are formed from a chemical reaction between an acid and alcohol. In this reaction, two or more molecules combine to make a large molecule whose structure repeats throughout its length. Polyester fibers can form very iong molecules that are very stable and strong. Polyester is used in the manufacture of many products, including clothing, home furnishings, industrial fabrics, computer and recording tapes, and electrical insulation. Its low absorbency also makes it naturally resistant to stains. Polyester clothing can be preshrunk in the finishing process, and thereafter the fabric resists shrinking and will not stretch out of shape. The fabric is easily dyeable, and not damaged by mildew. Textured polyester fibers are an effective, nonallergenic insulator, so the material is used for filling pillows, quilting, outerwear, and sleeping bags.

  • NylonNylon is among the many polymer products in common daily use throughout the world. It is the second most used fiber in the United States, since it is so versatile and relatively easy to make. Like most petroleum products, it has a very slow decay rate, which unfortunately results in the accumulation of exhausted nylon products in landfills around the world. Nylon is made through a chemical process called ring opening polymerization, in which a molecule with a cyclic shape is opened and flattened. Other forms of nylon are made through the chemical reaction between two monomers: adipoyl chloride and hexamethylene diamine. When stretched, nylon fibers even out, thin, and smooth until they reach a point at which they have no more give, yet are still very strong. Therefore, after nylon is extruded in a thread form, it is drawn or stretched after it cools to make long, even fibers. Before drawing, nylon has a tangled structure, which straightens out into parallel lines.

  • TYPES OF NYLON FIBREThe two most common versions are nylon 66 (polyhexamethylene diamide + Adipic Acid) and nylon 6 (Dicarboxylic acid + Diamine).

    Its chemical reaction is:-

  • Trust Pass ProfileCompany AuthenticationOrganization English Name: MEHER INTERNATIONAL Country/Territory: India Organization Registered Address: 8003, World Trade Centre, Ring Road,, Surat, Gujarat, India Zip: 395002 Date of Issuance of Current Business Registration Certificate: 23 Aug, 2004 Applicant InformationApplicant Name: Mr. Sumit Suresh Kumar Agarwal Department: Overall Management Applicant Job Title: Proprietor Alibaba Member HistoryYear Joined: 2005 Online Postings: Company Profile, Products

  • About UsIncepation of Thoughts In 2002 the need was gauged to provide extraordinary services in the area of sourcing of textile yarns for global buyers as well as providing a platform for suppliers to penetrate and establish markets globally There was a huge gap in terms of expectation and delivery To bridge this gap as well as to introduce innovative practices in this area of enabling and empowering customers as well as suppliers our company was formed Our Vision To be acknowledged as globally respected company known for its motto of being customer service excellence oriented Our Mission To cause the best sourcing opportunities for our customers in terms of cost competitiveness quality timely deliveries and services To enable the growth of our suppliers in the markets of their choice together with reliability of the customers To ensure that both the parties enjoy a successful and profitable relationship OUR TEAM Meher International has a strong dedicated & committed team of professionals who tackles the tasks with the spirit of entrepreneurship Members with high level of integrity and accountability drive our business and who believes.

  • About Us

    WHO WE ARE Since its inception Meher International has established itself as a key player in the International Textile Indenting Business Our company is a customer driven not speculation driven For us our existence and growth is inescapably related to growth and satisfaction of our buyers and suppliers Meher International is a dynamic organization which is highly responsive to market trend and changes so that it can realize its vision of being customer service excellence oriented and a globally respected company WHAT WE DO Our company aims to provide service with the motto of being honest and earning customer delight by exceeding their expectations Backed by an extensive global network we source variety of products for our clients We create value for our customers by providing comprehensive supply or off take solutions by providing market information and trends We work with our customers and suppliers to minimize their commodity price exposure wherever possible Meher International constantly seeks opportunities to add value to its clients business We also provide a unique platform to our overseas principals for marketing their products effectively in India or for that matter anywhere in the world to reliable customers We even assist companies in finding new markets in any corner of the globe

  • Our TeamMeher International has a strong, dedicated & committed team of professionals who tackles the tasks with the spirit of entrepreneurship. Members with high level of integrity and accountability drive our business and who believes in:- Knowledge of competent and reliable sources Developing a strong Buyer - Seller relationship Strong negotiation skills Sound marketing & technical background Loyalty and commitment to service Excellent Communication channels Continuous upgradation of skills through training & development

  • Contact InformationContact Person:Mr. Sumit Agarwal Company Name: MEHER INTERNATIONAL Street Address: 8003 World Trade Centre, Ring Road, City: Surat Province/State: Gujarat Country/Region: India Zip: 395002 Telephone: 91-261-2328237/ 6662133 Fax: 91-261-3014237 Website: