Meetings Technology Expo 2009 Exhibitor Prospectus

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EXHIBITOR PROSPECTUS 2009 May 28, 2009 • Navy Pier • Chicago • IL Meetings Technology E PO

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Meetings Technology Expo 2009 Exhibitor Prospectus

Transcript of Meetings Technology Expo 2009 Exhibitor Prospectus

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2009May 28, 2009 • Navy Pier • Chicago • IL

MeetingsTechnology E PO

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Meetings technology expo 2009 exhibitor prospectus 2

Attendee testimoniAls

“I was very impressed with the sessions I attended. Excellent con-tent! Meetings Technology Expo is the best value for the dollar for content and access to technology suppliers in the industry…..a high quality conference and one well worth attending.”

Rosemary MuellerSenior Meeting PlannerWeyerhaeuser Meeting Management

“It was great to be able to shop for a registration company and see 4 demos in one afternoon!”

Sharon Kirksey-WalcottAssociate Director, MeetingsAmerican College of Nurse-Midwives

“I left the Meetings and Technology Expo feeling as if I had a handful of new ideas as well as information that I could take back to my hotel and use day in and day out. It also gave me an overview of what my outside vendors to do get their infor-mation to me. The new technology that is out there is continuously growing and it helped by having a broad spectrum of guest speakers that had many different ideas and companies they represented.”

Shannon Rutkowski, CMPSenior Event Services ManagerHilton Short Hills

“AWESOME expo. Met some great contacts. Found a great vendor for a service we were looking for!”

LeAndria StreeterSpecial Projects AssistantInstitute for Family-Centered Care

“I learned something. GREAT! Many shows you go to end up being a networking event only and the education is subpar. MTE was the opposite.”

Teresa FishOwnerPlan On It

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Meetings technology expo 2009 exhibitor prospectus 3

exhibitor testimoniAls

“Ungerboeck Systems International exhibits at events around the world, but our calendar always includes the Meetings Technology Expo as we have found the show to be consistently reliable in providing high-caliber, qualified and interested technology buyers in which to show-case our technology offerings.”

Stacie BauerMarketing CoordinatorUngerboeck Systems International

“MTE is the best one-stop shop for meeting organiz-ers to discover technologies that will make their lives easier and meetings more successful.”

Bill FlaggPresidentRegOnline

“MTE provides our company with a unique and highly-dedicated platform designat-ed exclusively for meetings technology. We do not have to worry about MTE deliv-ering interested and qualified tech buy-ers as these attendees are at the show for business and educational purposes---period!”

Rich StoneCEOExpocad

“A great event! We got good booth traffic and quality leads that we were able to close on… that’s what it’s all about.”

Michael J. Hatch Sr. Vice President, Marketing& Salesa2z Inc.

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exhibitor benefits


Basic Demographics:• Full Name , Business Name, Job Title• Address, City, State, Zip• Business Phone, Business Fax, Email

Technology-Specific Demographics:• Type of business.• Number of events planned per year.• Number of attendees and exhibitors in smallest and largest event.• Role in selecting meetings technology products/services.• Specific meetings technology products/services in use and sought after.• Meetings technology annual budget and timeline to purchase.

1-ON-1 APPOINTMENTSBased on your product/services category listing, attendees may opt to request a meeting to sit with you and discuss their needs, view your product/services etc.

Meeting requests are captured pre-show and delivered to your exhibitor-appointed contact. All buyer data (see above) is included with the request. The meetings are to be scheduled during exhibit hours in your booth. More details will be delivered to you pre-show.


Case Study:Each exhibiting company is entitled to a complimentary 500-word case study listing which will be printed in our show directory.

Tech Demos:At designated times during the exhibit hours, technology demos will be presented by participating exhibitors. Tech Demo descriptions will be in the MTE show directory and posted on our web site.

At-Show Deals:Your company will have the opportunity to post an at-show deal on our web-site and show directory, free-of-charge. The listing is an opportunity to make attendees a special offer if they sign for a specific product/service at the show or for a period of time related to the show.

Exhibitor Listings:A 50-word company description, listings by category, alpha and company name willbe posted on our web site, show directory and floor plans.

VIP INVITESEach exhibiting company will have the opportunity to invite up to 100 VIP buyers who will receive discounted admission to attend the MTE event on your company’s behalf. Invitations will be sent via customized emails and hardcopy post-cards. The VIP invite program is free.

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Meetings technology expo 2009 exhibitor prospectus 5

booth rentAls & sponsorship opporttunities


BOOTH PACKAGE $600• Internet Access• Electrical Service• 6’ Skirted table, 2 chairs and wastebasket• Company ID sign• Lead Retrieval• Pipe and Drape*Booth space is typically 8x10 in size

ANCILLARY ITEMS• Electronic Buyer Data List: $250• Additional Exhibitor Badge: $250

SHOW DIRECTORY ADVERTISING• Full-page ad $500• Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover $750• Back Cover $1,000• Optional Ad Creation $200

SPONSORSHIPS $2,500• Tote Bag Sponsor• Lanyards• Food and Beverage• Networking Reception

Sponsorships include:• Full page ad in show directory ($500 value)• 2 additional exhibitor badges ($500 value)

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Meetings technology expo 2009 exhibitor prospectus 6

pricing informAtion

BOOTH SPACE IS TYPICALLY 8 X 10 IN SIZE:1. Single Show Price: $2,500/booth2. Second Show Price: $2,250/booth (10% discount)3. Third Show Price: $2,000/booth (20% discount)4. Fourth Show Price: $1,750/booth (30% discount)

Example: Company A signs up for 3 shows, so the total exhibitingprice would be as follows:• 1st Show Price: $2,500• 2nd Show Price: $2,250• 3rd Show Price: $2,000 Total: $6,750 BOOTH PACKAGE PER SHOW

IS $600 AND INCLUDES:• Internet Access• Electrical Service• 6’ Skirted table, 2 chairs and wastebasket• Company ID sign• Lead Retrieval• Pipe and Drape

SPONSORSHIPS• Tote Bag Sponsor• Lanyards• Food and Beverage• Networking Reception$2,500/SponsorshipSponsorships include:• a full-page show directory ($500 value) ad• 2 additional exhibitor badges ($500 value).

ANCILLARY ITEMS• Electronic Buyer Data List: $250• Additional Exhibitor Badge: $250

SHOW DIRECTORY ADVERTISING• Full-page ad $500• Inside Front Cover and Inside Back Cover $750• Back Cover $1,000• Optional Ad Creation $200

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Meetings technology expo 2009 exhibitor prospectus 7

exhibit spAce rentAl Agreement

Meetings Technology ExpoMay.28.2009 * Navy Pier * Chicago * IL

Below we have listed our preferences for number of booths, booth configu-ration and area of the floor plan:

1.___________ 2. ___________ 3. ___________ 4. ___________

Item Number Cost Total

8 x 10 booth x _____ $2,500 _________Booth Package x _____ $600 _________Additional Badge x _____ $250 _________Electronic Buyer Data List x _____ $250 _________Full-page Ad x _____ $500 _________Back Cover Ad x _____ $1,000 _________Inside Front Cover x _____ $750 _________Inside Back Cover x _____ $750 _________Optional Ad Creation x _____ $200 _________Sponsorship x _____ $2,500 _________Sponsorship Type: ____________ Total: _________

Exhibitor Contact InformationExhibiting Company Name: ____________________________________________________Contact Name (To receive exhibitor manual and all related show materials):________________________________________________________________________Phone: _____________________________Fax: ___________________________________E-mail: ___________________________________________________________________Address: __________________________________________________________________City: ________________________________ State: ____________ Zip: ________________

I have read, understand and accept the outlined policies regarding:• Booth Selection• Acceptance and Cancellation Policies• Payment

Submit this application for booth space reservation.

Authorized by (Print): __________________________________________________Title: _____________________________________________________________Signature of Company Officer: ____________________________________________Date: _____________________________________________________________

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Meetings technology expo 2009 exhibitor prospectus 8

pAyment form

PAYMENT INSTRUCTIONS:Full payment is due upon receipt of invoice.• Make check payable to: S.P. Paone Consulting, c/o Paul Paone, 150 W. 51st Street, Suite 1219, New • York, NY 10019Payment Options: Invoice me: _____ Credit Card: ____ (2% fee will be added to your total for • credit card payments)

CREDIT CARD AUTHORIZATION FORMI authorize the following amount to be charged to my credit card listed below forexhibit space at the Meetings Technology Expo:

Card Number: ______________________________________________________________Type Of Card: ( ) Visa ( ) MC ( ) Amex Amount Of: ____ ____ ____ ____ ____ . ____ ____Company Name: _____________________________________________________________Expiration Date: _______________/____________ Zip Code Associated With Card: _________________Print Cardholder Name: ________________________________________________________Cardholder Signature: _________________________________________________________

BILLING CONTACT INFORMATIONExhibiting Company Name: _____________________________________________________Contact Name: _____________________________________________________________Phone: __________________________________________________________________Fax: ____________________________________________________________________E-mail: __________________________________________________________________Address: __________________________________________________________________City: ____________________________________________________________________State: ________ Zip: ____________________

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Meetings technology expo 2009 exhibitor prospectus 9

floor plAn - chicAgo

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Meetings technology expo 2009 exhibitor prospectus 10

terms And conditions

1. Defined Terms: The term ‘event’ means: Meetings Technology Expo, Chicago, May 28th, Navy Pier. The event is produced and managed by S.P. Paone Consulting, Inc. As used hereinafter, the term ‘Organizer’ means collectively, S.P. Paone Consulting, Inc. and each of their respective officers, directors, share-holders, agents, affiliates, representatives, employees and assigns, unless the context requires otherwise.

2. Listings And Promotional Materials: Exhibitor grants to Organizer a fully-paid, perpetual non-exclusive license to use, display and reproduce the name, trade names and product names of Exhibitor in any directory (print, electronic or other media) listing the Exhibitor companies at the Event and to use such names in Organizer promotional materials. Organizer shall not be liable for any errors or omissions in any show guide listings or descriptions.

3. Contractor Services Information: Certain firms will be designated to serve as Official contractors to provide security, support and facilities services for the Event (the “Official Contractors”). In some cases Exhibitors will be required to use the Official contractors. Organizer shall not be responsible or liable for the performance or any act, error or omission of any Official Contractor, or any other contractor retained by Exhibitor.

4. Changes to the Event Organizer: reserves the right to re-name or re-locate the Event or change the dates on which it is held. If Organizer changes the name of the Event, re-locates the Event to another event facility within the same city, or changes the dates for the Event to dates that are not more than 30 days earlier or 30 days later than the dates on which the Event originally was scheduled to be held, no refund will be due to Exhibitor.

5. Cancellation of Event: Organizer may cancel all or any part of the Event or reduce the amount of space allocated to the Event for any reason in its sole discretion and for acts beyond its reasonable control, which acts may include but are not limited to fire, strike, earthquake, damage, construction or renovation to the Event Facility, government regulation, public catastrophe or acts of God. If the Event is canceled in its entirety, this contract shall automatically termi-nate, and Organizer shall refund to Exhibitor all Exhibitor Fees in full satisfaction of all liabilities of Organizer to Exhibitor. Refunds shall not be made for partial cancellations or reductions in the size or scope of the Event. Any Exhibitor who cancels this contract prior to any cancellation of the Event by the Organizer shall not be entitled to any refunds paid pursuant to this section.

6. Termination of Agreement: Organizer reserves the right to terminate this contract immediately by written notice if Exhibitor breaches any of the terms and conditions set forth herein including failure to make any payment when due under the terms of this contract. The terms and conditions of Section 7 shall govern if this contract is terminated under this Section 6.

7. Cancellation by Exhibitor: If Exhibitor desires to cancel this contract; Exhibitor may only do so by giving notice thereof in writing sent to the Organizer with evidence of receipt. In such case, Exhibitor will continue to be liable for 100% of the total Exhibitor Fee unless written notice is sent to the Organizer on or before: March 22nd 2009. If written notice of cancellation is received on or before these specified dates, Exhibitor will be liable for 50% of the total Exhibitor Fee. After these specified dates, Exhibitor will be liable for 100% of the total Exhibitor Fee. Because these dates are related to the Event date and not to the date of this contract, these dates shall apply regardless of the date on which this contract is executed. This amount is considered to be liquidated and agreed-upon damages, for the injuries the Organizer will suffer as a result of Exhibitor’s cancellation, and not a penalty. The parties understand that the withdrawal of the Exhibit Space reserved from availability at a time when other parties would be interested in applying for it will cause the Organizer to sustain damages. In this situation, the Organizer’s damages will be substantial, but they will not be capable of determination with mathematical precision. Therefore, the provisions for liquidated and agreed-upon damages have been incorporated into this contract as a valid pre-estimate of these damages. The date of cancellation shall be the date the Organizer receives the written notice.

8. Indemnity: Insurance Exhibitor expressly assumes all risks associated with, resulting from, or arising in connection with Exhibitor’s participation or presence at the Event. Exhibitor hereby releases Organizer, the Event Facility, and each of their respective officers, directors, employees, agents, contractors, represen-tatives, affiliates and assigns (collectively, the “Indemnified Parties”), from any claims for damage, loss, harm or injury to the person, property or business of Exhibitor or any of its visitors, officers, directors, agents, employees or representatives. Exhibitor shall indemnify, defend and hold harmless the Indemnified Parties from all claims, demands, suits, liability, damages, losses, costs, fees (including attorneys’ fees) and expenses which result or arise from (i) injury to the person, property or business of any person in connection with the Event; (ii) Exhibitor’s participation or presence at the Event and/or use of any of the Event facilities; (iii) Exhibitor’s actual or alleged infringement of the patent, trademark, copyright, or any other intellectual property rights of a third party; or (iv) any breach by Exhibitor of any agreements, covenant, promises or other obligations under this contract. Exhibitor shall be solely responsible and liable for the security of its products and equipment and its confidential and proprietary information, including any subrogation claims by its insurer.

9. Observance Of Laws: Exhibitor shall abide by and observe all federal, state and local laws, rules, regulations and ordinances applicable to the Event and the Event Facility, including all rules of the Event Facility, the Official Contractors and labor unions.

10. Broadcasts: Copyrighted Material No visual or audio recording or transmission will be made of the Event without Organizer’s prior written consent. Exhibi-tor shall not broadcast, perform, publish or distribute any copyrighted material at the Event unless it has obtained all necessary licenses and paid all required royalties or other payments.

11. Assignment: Exhibitor shall not assign this contract or sell, transfer, assign or sublet to a third party all or any portion of its Exhibit without Organizer’s prior written consent. In the event of a merger of two or more Exhibitors, Organizer will use reasonable efforts to consolidate the fees contracted by the Exhibitors.

12. Governing Law And Jurisdiction: This contract and all rights and obligations of the parties relating hereto shall be governed by and construed in accor-dance with the internal laws of the State of New York without giving effect to any conflicts of laws rules that would cause the application of the laws of any other jurisdiction. At Organizer’s option, any controversy or claim arising out of or relating to this contract or the breach thereof (except for an action for injunctive relief) may be resolved by arbitration held in the County of New York, State of New York in accordance with the Rules of the American Arbitration Association, and judgment upon the award rendered by the arbitrators may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof. Exhibitor agrees to submit to the exclusive jurisdiction of the State and Federal courts in the State of New York.

13. Agreement to Terms: Conditions and Rules Exhibitor shall observe and abide by the foregoing terms and conditions and by such additional terms, condi-tions and rules made by Organizer. This contract represents the entire agreement between Exhibitor and Organizer concerning the subject matter hereof. Any amendment to this contract must be in writing signed by the party against whom such amendment is sought to be enforced. The rights of Organizer under this contract shall not be deemed waived except as specifically stated in writing and signed by an officer of Organizer. If any term of this contract is declared invalid or unenforceable, the remainder of the contract shall continue in full force and effect. This contract shall be binding upon the heirs, successors and permitted assigns of Exhibitor

1 of 1 Initial ____________________________

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Meetings technology expo 2009 exhibitor prospectus 11

pAst mte buyers

ACT-IAC • ADP/ American Express Travel • AetherQuest Solutions • Aetna • Alliance Strategies • Allstate Insurance Company • Altarum In-

stitute • Alzheimer’s Association • American Bar Association • American Craft Council • American Dietetic Association • American Express

• American Society of Consultant Pharmacists • ASAE & The Center for Association Leadership • ASHA • ASIS INTERNATIONAL • Association

Forum of Chicagoland • Association Management Center • Association of Business Intelligence • Association of Pool and Spa Professionals

• Australian Business & Conference Travel • BAI • Baker & Daniels • Barclays Global Investors • BCD Meetings & Incentives • Beatty Group

Int’l • Bishop-McCann • Blue Cross and Blue Shield of North Carolina • Boston- Coach • BroadWater • BTIP, Inc. • BUCOM INTERNATIONAL INC

• California Advocates Management Services • CAMT • Canon U.S.A., Inc. • Carlson Frank, LLC • Cartus • CHADD, Inc. • Chevron • Chicago

Sun Times • Children & Adults with AD-HD • CHPA • Cisco Systems • CMAA • Cognos Inc. • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory • Collaborative

Consulting • Computer Associates • Concepts Worldwide • Conference PlanningResources, Ltd. • Conference Source • Conferences by Design

• Conseco Insurance Company • Continental Airlines • Convention Strategy • Corporate Travel Management • Covington Meeting Management

• CT Summation • CTIA • CUES • Daiichi Pharma. Corporation • Deborah Wood Associates • Dell, Inc. • Deloitte • DePrez Travel • Destina-

tions by Design • Dixon Group • Dolci Management • DSTS Inc. • Eastern Kentucky University • Eaton Hall • EchoStar Satellite LLC • Ernst

& Young • Ethicon • Excel Meetings and Events • Fair, Isaac & Company • Forest Pharmaceuticals, Inc. • Franklin Templeton Investments

• Friedkin Business Services • From the Heart Church Ministries • Future Sites, Inc. • Galactic Meetings & Incentives • Gartner, Inc • GE

Healthcare • Genentech, Inc • General Dynamics Information Technology • General Motors Corporation • General Physics at Pfizer • George

Little Management • George P. Johnson • GlaxoSmithKline • Global Events Group • Grant Thornton LLP • Hanley Wood • HAWORTH INC • HBA

Health & Beauty America • Health Learning Systems • HERAEUS KULZER • Hewitt Associates • Hewlett Packard • Hydraulic Institute • IAAPA

• IDEXX LABORATORIES • IDG World Expo • IEC • IEEE • Illinois Nurses Association • Illinois Podiatric Medical Association • Independent

Community Bankers of America • Ingram Micro • In-N-Out Burger • International Agri-Center • International Society of Hair Restoriation Sur-

gery • Intersport, Inc. • Int’l Foundation of Employee Benefit Plans • Iwan • JELD-WEN, inc. • JPMorgan Asset Management • JPMorgan Chase

• KCI • Kendall College • Kohler Co. • KPMG LLP • Land O’Lakes, Inc. • LaSalle Bank • LEBHAR FRIEDMAN INC. • Lions Clubs International

• Lockheed Martin • Magazine Publishers of America • March of Dimes • Maritz Travel Company • MarketStrike • McKinsey • McVeigh As-

sociates, Ltd • Meeting Management Services • Meeting Management Solutions inc. • Meeting Professionals International • MeetingNews

• Meetings & Conventions • Meetings & Events • Meetings & Incentives • MEETINGS IT INC • Merchandise Mart Properties, Inc. • Merrill

Lynch MetLife • Midwest Podiatry Conference • Minding Your Business, Inc. • Motorola • MPRO • Multistate Tax Commission • NACS • NAHB

• NAILBA • NASFAA • National Association of Insurance & Financial Advisors • National Consortium for Justice Info and Statistics • National

Fire Sprinkler Association • National Kidney Foundation • National League for Nursing • National Marine Manufacturers Association • National

PTA • National Rural Health Association • Nat’l Assoc Oil Heating Service Managers • Nat’l Training & Simulation Ass’n • NBC Universal •

NCLM • NCPFC • NDSG, INC. • NEA • New York State United Teachers • NHS • Nielsen Media Research • Nike- WHQ TWC2 • North American

Spine Society • Northern Illinois • Northwest Foodservice Show • Northwestern Mutual • Novartis Pharmaceuticals • Novo Nordisk • NRECA •

Occasions, Inc. • Ohio Veterinary Medical Association • Omnipress • One World Incentives, Inc. • One World Partners, Inc. • ORCO Construc-

tion Supply • Packeteer, Inc. • Parenteral Drug Association, Inc. • PCMA • Peak Performance Services • PennWell Corporation • Pepsi-Cola

Company • Peter Matthews & Associates • Pfizer Inc. • Philadelphia Convention & Visitors Bureau • PhoCusWright Inc. • Premier Meetings

and Incentives • Prism Business Media • ProAcitve, Inc. • ProEd Communications, Inc. • Professional Beauty Assoc. • Professional Events and

Consulting • ProPlannersinc • Prudential Real Estate and Relocation Services • Public Relations Society of America • Pulvermedia • QUALITY

SUPPORT INC • Quest Events • Radiological Society of North America • Raymond James Financial • RE/MAX • Red 7 Media LLC • Reed Exhibi-

tions • Reliv International • Repede Group, Inc. • RICOH CORPORATION • Roche S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc. • Safari Club International • Sage

Software • SCARBOROUGH RESEARCH • Schering-Plough Corporation • Schneider Publishing Co., Inc. • SCS • Sea Gate Travel Group • Shire

Pharmaceuticals Inc. • Siemens • SmithBucklin • Social & Scientific Systems, Inc. • Solar Energy Industries Association • Sports Systems •

Stanford University • Starbucks Coffee Company • State Information Technology Consortium • Streampoint Solutions • Stryker Orthopaedics •

Swissotel Chicago • Sybase, Inc. • Symbiotix, Inc. • Talking Point Inc. • Tangerine Meetings & Events • TAP Pharmaceuticals • Technology

Vision Group LLC • Texas Credit Union League • The Conference Board, Inc • The Dixon Group, Inc. • The Estee Lauder Companies • The Fair-

mont Hotels and Resorts • The Gardiner Group • The Meeting Source, Inc. • The Minerals, Metals & Materials Society • THE PAMPERED CHEF

• The ResQuest Group, LLC • The Schwan Food Company • The University of Chicago • Third Door Media • Time Warner • Toy Industry Associa-

tion, Inc. • TRANSITIONS OPTICAL INC. • TransWorld Exhibits Inc. • Travel Forum, Inc. • Travel Lite Co. • Travel Planners Inc • TraveLeaders

• True Value Company • Unilever HPC USA • United Network for Organ Sharing • United Rentals, Inc. • Venture2 • Verus Information Tech

• Virtual Visit • Visa INC. • VMS, Inc • Walt Disney World • WELLS DAIRY INC • Wells Fargo Bank Event Services • Western Home Furnish-

ings Association • Weyerhaeuser • Wolters Kluwer Corporate Legal Services • Worldwide Business Research • Wyeth Consumer Healthcare

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pAst mte exhibitors

MeetingsTechnology E PO