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Abu Dhabi UAE 8-11 May 2011

Bridging the gap between strategy and technologyKey Panel MembersJasem Ali Al Sayegh General Manager ABU DHABI OIL REFINING COMPANY (TAKREER) Jean Jacques Mosconi Senior Vice President Strategy TOTAL Solomon Mirza Vice President Strategic Planning and Capital Allocation SHELL Bakhit Al Rashidi Deputy Managing Director for Planning and Local Marketing KUWAIT NATIONAL PETROLEUM COMPANY (KNPC) Dr. Partha Maitra President, Petroleum Business RELIANCE INDUSTRIESEVENT CO-HOST EVENT SPONSORS EVENT ORGANISER

Successfully navigate your way through the uncertainty of the downstream marketDear colleague,

TAKREER and the WRA invite you to join over 250 industry leaders and decision makers from the Middle East rening, petrochemicals and fuels sectors at the 12th Annual Middle East Downstream Week. There is no doubt that the Middle East rening sector is facing numerous challenges including uncertain margins, increasingly stringent quality and environmental standards, and competition from non-renery supply additions. How will biofuels, XTLs and NGLs impact Middle East reners? How can reners improve upon existing operations whilst protecting margins? What new opportunities exist in the fuels market? And nally, what are the future protability projections for rening and petrochemical integration projects? MEDW 2011 will not only answer these critical questions, but will also serve as a platform for strategic and technical downstream professionals to come together, exchange ideas and drive the industry forward. In addition to the main conference days and Fuels Symposium, highlights of the meeting include the Axens Middle East Rening Seminar, Downstream Integration Workshop, Site Visit to Ruwais Renery and TAKREER hosted gala dinner, the social highlight of the entire event. We look forward to welcoming you to Abu Dhabi to join the Middle Easts most stimulating downstream discussion.

The 2011 Middle East Downstream Week Bridging the gap between strategy and technology.

Jasem Ali Al Sayegh General Manager TAKREER

Dominica Andrews Conference Director, MEDW 2011 WRA

P Dont miss the TAKREER hosted gala dinner on the evening of the 9 May, which will be full of surprises, .S. entertainment and unrivalled networking opportunities!

About the World Rening AssociationOver the last 14 years, The World Rening Association has achieved worldwide recognition for the organisation of high level, strategic and technical conferences within the downstream, rening, and petrochemical sectors. Because of our strong and long standing relationships with governments, regional and international oil and gas majors, and the largest petrochemical producers in the world, our industry events are renowned as market leaders in their elds. Our global reach extends across Europe, CIS, Russia, Middle East, Asia, and the Americas. They take centre stage in the downstream calendar together with our awards which are increasingly becoming a sought after accolade to highlight best practice and excellence within the industry.

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Why MEDW 2011?Meet the whole industry: NOCs, IOCs, ministries, policy makers, nanciers, research institutes, technology and solution providers, consultants and independent rening and petrochemical experts Assess the potential impact of biofuels, XTLs, NGLs and Iraqs reserves on future supply and demand scenarios Learn how to maximise existing operations and obtain project nance for new expansion projects Identify the most innovative, reliable and cost effective technologies to meet stringent fuels quality and environmental standards Gain insight into the nancial, technical and implementation challenges of new build, revamp and expansion projects through in-depth case studies from leading reners

Who You Will Meet at MEDW 2011Strengthen your relationships with existing partners and dene opportunities for new alliances, meeting our highly targeted and specic group of decision makers and downstream experts.


Company Type

Job Title

Middle East North Africa Europe Asia ROW

57% 10% 20% 8% 5%

Reners Technology / Solution Providers International Oil Companies Petrochemicals Producers

50% 25% 15% 10%

President/CEO/MD/GM 11% Head of Strategy/Planning 13% Head of Downstream/Petrochemicals 9% Rening Manager/Director 20% Head of Rening Marketing 3% Head of Projects 7% Clean Fuels/Environmental Manager 7% Operations/Maintenance/Engineering Manager 16% Sales/Business Development Manager 14%

For the 4th consecutive year, TAKREER is proud to co-host MEDW 2011 in Abu DhabiWe encourage the participation of the regions NOCs, IOCs, investors, and solution providers to address the unique challenges and opportunities facing us all in the regions downstream industry.Jasem Ali Al Sayegh, General Manager, ABU DHABI OIL REFINING COMPANY (TAKREER)

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For speaker and programme updates visit

Agenda At A Glance8 May 2011: Axens Middle East Rening Seminar08:05 Axens Middle East Rening Seminar Part 1 10:45 Axens Middle East Rening Seminar Part 2

8 May 2011: Downstream Integration Workshop14:00 Technology developments for optimised rening and petrochemical integration projects 15:25 Technology developments for optimised rening and petrochemical integration projects open discussion

9 May 2011: 12th Middle East Rening Conference Day One08:45 Ofcial opening and welcome address 09:00 Keynote Presentation 09:15 Session one: Global downstream challenges and Middle East opportunities 11:15 Session two: Development and experiences of major expansion and rening and petrochemical integration projects 14:00 Session three: Meeting the nancial and technical commitments of planned projects in and around the region 15:45 Session four: Panel session marketing and business development strategies 17:00 End of day one followed by gala dinner hosted by TAKREER

10 May 2011: 12th Middle East Rening Conference Day Two09:10 Session ve: Roundtable Discussions with Rening Managers 10:55 Session six: Maximising operational value from existing assets Part 1 13:40 Session seven: Maximising operational value from existing assets Part 2 15:25 Panel discussion: Meeting E5 specications and coping with more stringent environmental pressures

11 May 2011: 5th Middle East Fuels Symposium09:15 Session one: Clean fuels regulations and their impact on Middle East producers 11:00 Session two: Clean fuels technology capitalising on technology innovations to achieve more demanding fuel specications Part 1 13:30 Session three: Clean fuels technology capitalising on technology innovations to achieve more demanding fuel specications Part 2 16:15 Session four: Panel discussion: marketing and differentiation in a regulated environment

11 May 2011: Site Visit: TAKREERs Ruwais Renery07:00 Depart Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi Hotel for Ruwais Industrial Complex 09:45 Arrival to the new admin auditorium 10:00 Welcome by Division Manager and Deputy Renery Manager 15:00 Depart Ruwais Industrial Complex for Beach Rotana Abu Dhabi Hotel

An excellent opportunity to understand the hydrocarbon processing industries business in the Middle East and meet the right people involved.Jean Marie Thierry, Project Manager, DV TECH (VEOLIA)

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Axens Middle East Rening Seminar Sunday 8 May 201107:30 Registration for Axens Middle East Rening Seminar 08:00 Welcome address and opening remarks 08:05 Axens Middle East Rening Seminar Part 1 Axens market highlights and perspectives Meeting fuel specications with state-of-the-art catalysts Latest improvements in middle distillates hydrotreating Gasoline pool Getting the most from the bottom of the barrel through hydrocracking solutions Quentin Debuisschert, Commercial Director, Catalysts and Adsorbents, AXENS Frdric Girardier, Regional Sales Manager, AXENS Joseph Ibrahim, Technology Manager, VGO Hydroconversion, AXENS 10:20 Coffee break 10:45 Axens Middle East Rening Seminar Part 2 Bottom of the barrel conversion options Integrated solutions for high quality middle distillates production Hyvahl-R2R (RDS-RFCC) the ideal partnership Optimising petrochemical and rening integration Ccile Plain, Deputy Product Line Manager, Resid and Coal Hydroconversion, AXENS Nicolas Lambert, Technology Manager, FCC Technologies, AXENS 12:50 Closing remarks and end of Axens Middle East Rening Seminar 13:00 Lunch / Registration for Downstream Integration Workshop

Downstream Integration Workshop Sunday 8 May 201114:00 Technology developments for optimised rening and petrochemical integration projects New FCC catalysts for achieving record high propylene and conversion from wide ranges of feed quality Advances in propylene from FCC generating industry leading propylene yields while providing exibility to respond to changing market conditions The development of rare-earth free FCC catalysts to relieve renery costs Increasing heavy crude production in the GCC will require greater cost effective bottom of the barrel renery processing coking and integrated steam air gasication produces clean fuel gas for renery use, electric power production and desalination Carel Pouwels, Global FCC Specialist Resid, ALBEMARLE Mark Schnaith, Senior Business Leader, FCC, Alkylation and Treating, UOP Colin Baillie, Marketing Manager, Rening Technologies, GRACE DAVISON Dr. Dominick Mazzone, Licensi