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2. MORWENNA GIVEN BA MA (Oxon) BSC BHG mOHA RHWho am I?I am a Medical Herbalist practising in downtownToronto treating a variety of disease from constipation to cancer www.medicusherbis.com13/09/20112 3. Why this subject? DRUS STORY PLEASE NOTE IT IS ADVISED, THAT ANY PLANTSMENTIONED IN THIS TALK ARE ONLY USED UNDERPROFESSIONAL GUIDANCE. BOTANICAL MEDICINE ASSUPPLIED BY A PROFESSIONAL IS NOT AVAILABLE OVER THE RETAIL COUNTER. 13/09/2011 3 4. What is? Orthodox medicine a form of medical therapy Practiced by someone who has completed med school & hospital training with emphasis on surgery & synthetic drugs Herbal medicine - a form of medical therapy practised by someone who has completed med school & clinical training with emphasis on phytotherapeutics, biochemistry and pharmacology, a 6 yr. training program Both operate on an evidence based model 13/09/20114 5. SMILE !My patient contract contains the words:I may recommend walks, movies, laughter as wellas specific herbs and nutritional therapies. This is apparently now acceptable!It is evidence based!!! Laughter & therapy could go a long way for theheart European Society of Cardiology20ll study on endothelial function & laughter13/09/2011 5 6. Oops!! HERBAL MEDICINE VS. COMMERCIAL MEDICINE 13/09/20116 7. WHY HAVE WE COME TO THISPOSITION? CURRENT ORTHODOX MEDICAL STRUCTURE ISONLY @ 50 YEARS OLD HISTORICAL ANAMOLY 2 KEY CHANGES IN THE recent TIME PERIOD BIG PHARMA SOCIAL (OHIP) MEDICINE13/09/20117 8. MEDICINE IN THE PAST 50,000 YRS AGO ONLY HERBAL MEDICINE 2,000 YEARS AGO - HERBAL MEDICINE &SURGERY 1,000 YEARS AGO - IN THE WEST MEDICINE CONTROLLED BY THE CATHOLIC CHURCH Unani & Chinese herbal medicine flourished inthe east13/09/2011 8 9. NOTHING NEW! Roman-era shipwreck reveals ancient medicalsecrets Daily Telegraph/Reuters headline A first-aid kit found on a 2,000-year-oldshipwreck has provided a remarkable insightinto the medicines concocted by ancientphysicians to cure sailors of dysentery andother ailments. Parsley, yarrow, hibiscus, alfalfa, chestnuts 13/09/20119 10. MEDICINE IN THE PAST (2) 100 YEARS (1900) AGO MEDICAL HERBALISTSAND SURGEONS WORKED TOGETHER treatingPRIMARILY WAR INJURIES & BACTERIALDISEASE 100 YEARS AGO BACTERIAL DISEASE began tobe CONTROLLED DUE to SCIENTIFICDISCOVERY & PUBLIC WORKS PROGRAMS inthe west13/09/2011 10 11. MORTALITY 1900TOP 3 CAUSES OF DEATHPNEUMONIA, TB, DIAHORREALIFE EXPECTANCY 56 YRSSOURCE: CDC.ORG 13/09/201111 12. SO WHAT CHANGED 1900-PRESENT? POLITICAL RISE OF SCIENTIFIC ORTHODOXMEDICINE POLITICAL AND FINANCIAL RISE OF BIGPHARMA THE FAILURE OF HERBALISTS prior to 1940UNDERSTAND THE NEED TO CHANGE13/09/201112 13. MORTALITY 2000 Top 3 causes of mortality CVS, cancer, car accidents Life expectancy 81 yrs. @ 25 years later than1900 No change in 60 YRS for TOP CAUSES OF MORTALITY - CVS & CANCER13/09/201113 14. Current medical construct: Big Pharma, Big Government, Academia,Orthodox medicine Linked together in a financial and power basedweb with NO ACCOUNTABILITY & POOR RESULTS RESULT The patient suffers & we pay via inflatedtaxes/costs for poor results Medical Herbalists now operate on a low costscientific model 13/09/2011 14 15. FIGHTING THE LAST WAR DISEASE MODEL HAS CHANGED FROM ACUTETO CHRONIC. The medical model has notchanged. THE MEDICAL PROBLEMS OF A CHANGING POPULATION & DISEASE CANNOT BE RESOLVED BY THE CURRENT MEDICALCONSTRUCT 13/09/201115 16. JANUS 1950-2011 Death primarily due to cancer, diabetes,CVS - diseases of excess THIS REPRESENTS A MAJOR SHIFT FROM ACUTE TO CHRONIC DISEASE OFTHE PAST THIS REPRESENTS A CONTROLLING OF BACTERIAL DISEASE TOGETHERWITH IMPROVEMENTS IN SURGERY AND PUBLIC HEALTH/HYGIENE. BUT WE ARE NOW DEALING WITH VIRUSES ( MUTATION ) AND LIFESTYLEDISEASES OF EXCESS WE NEED TO CHANGE THE WAY WE APPROACH DISEASE AND PHYSICALDYSBIOSIS IN CANADA ESPECIALLY WITH AN AGING POPULATION13/09/2011 16 17. THE CHANGING FACE OF MEDICINE FROM ACUTE TO CHRONIC. " The doctor of the future will give no medicine but willinterest his patients in the care of the human frame, indiet and in the cause and prevention of disease " ThomasEdison WHAT IS THE CONSTANT IN THE LAST 50,000 YEARS ANDWHERE ARE WE TODAY? PLANTS remain AS PRIMARY MEDICINEFOR HUMANS world wide 13/09/201117 18. SOLUTION ! PLANTS ARE MULT FACETED AND MULTIFACTORIAL OPERATING ON BIOCHEMICALPATHWAYS WE ARE ONLY BEGINNING TOUNDERSTAND capable of treating CHRONICDISEASE WITH NO SIDE EFFECTS.Everything man needs to maintain goodhealth can be found in nature - the true taskof science is to find these thingsParacelsus 13/09/201118 19. NOTHING NEW! Jacquis Grandfather: I am old fashioned enough to believe that 80% of the drugs and compounds in use today could be advantageously substituted by other more simple vegetable products provided us by Nature. 1937 13/09/2011 19 20. CHRONIC DISEASECancer, Diabetes type 2, Arthritis, IBS, AlzheimersAnxiety, hypertension, auto immune conditions & soon.All principally caused by environmental issues. WHAT IS THE PRINCIPAL CAUSE OF THESEISSUES? Alcohol, smoking, diet, no exercise13/09/2011 20 21. Environmental aetiologies If we go down the same path and do nothingmore with people becoming less and less physically active and relying more and moreon highly processed and energy dense foods, the problem is only going to get worse Martin Wiseman as reported in www.medscape .com Sept 9 2011 13/09/2011 21 22. How is chronic disease treated? The socialised model has been built on the surgical skillof the physician using drugs for acute short term care and DRUGS but There are no efficacious drugs for the environment.Antibiotics no longer workno curative drugs for the chronic long term diseasesSurgical skills have limited relevance for chronic disease Surgery is brilliant for hip replacement but a completewaste if the diet for bone health is ignored. 13/09/201122 23. DRUGS Physicians pour drugs of which they know little to cure diseasesof which they know less, into patients of which they knownothing Voltaire13/09/2011 23 24. Current Treatments - DRUGS Create further disease suppress symptoms 3 drug classes for discussion : Statins, bisphosphonates, proton pumpinhibitors 13/09/2011 24 25. CYNARUS SCOLYMUS an alternative to Statins: Mechanism of action Inhibit proper functioning of the liver, pancreasand the immune system Known to increase the risk of diabetes and autoimmune disease Failure to reduce mortality due to heart disease Major Side effects 30% impaired muscle activity 13/09/201125 26. URTICA DIOICAan alternative to Bisphosphonates: Mechanism of action Impact on bone is highly negative leading tobone fractures aggravating the diseases of oldage Shown to be potentially carcinogenic Side effects FDA now reviewing13/09/2011 26 27. ALTHEA OFFICINALIS radix an alternative to Proton pump inhibitors: Mechanism of action Inhibits a principle mechanism of the bodysdefence system Inhibits optimum function of the digestivetract Side effects13/09/2011 27 28. PlantsWE HAVE A NUMBER OF PLANTS WHICH DO ALL THESEACTIONS i.e. cholesterol inhibition, anti acid, bone protectionWITHOUT SIDE EFFECTS MH ESTABLISHES /treats THE CAUSE. DOES NOT SUPPRESSTHE SYMPTOM MH TREATS INDIVIDUALLY & WHOLISTICALLY PLANTS CAN RESOLVE THE CAUSES WITH NO SIDE EFFECTSAND AT A FRACTION OF THE COST for long term use. 13/09/201128 29. The patient is the priorityWOULD IT NOT BE BETTER FOR PATIENTS Through an INTEGRATIVE MODEL TO BE ABLE TO ACCESS THE BEST MEDICINE FOR THEIR MEDICAL PROBLEMS?13/09/2011 29 30. WHAT IS INTEGRATION? MD has limited effectiveness, no drugs in the kit bag for longtermdisease, focuses on location of disease, vertical integration ofprofession versus homeostasis and energy."The part can never be well unless the whole is well Socrates MH innovative and clinically validated, harmonious and synergisticmodel ( ying/yang ) significantly improves patient outcome MH provides the links between the diagnosis, the surgery, the pathlab, the treatment and refining the protocol as well as dealing withthe environment & homeostasis & prevention13/09/2011 30 31. CURRENT Medical CONDITIONS Let us look at 2 diseases which would benefit from an integrated medical model CANCER & DIABETES13/09/2011 31 32. WORLD CANCER RESEARCH FUND 2.8 MILLION CANCER CASES COULD BE PREVENTED The policy of relying on identifying andtreating these cases when they occur is simplynot a sustainable solution in any country Martin Wiseman Project DirectorFRCP FRCPath September 201113/09/2011 32 33. PREVENTION CANCER IS A PREVENTABLE DISEASEProf. B Aggwhal MD Anderson Cancer CentreUniversity of Texas MASTECTOMY OFFERS NO SURVIVALADVANTAGE IN YOUNG WOMENDr. U Mahood Fellow radiation oncology Univ. of Texas MD Anderson CancerCentre13/09/2011 33 34. Cancer NO NEW DRUGS IN 30YRS Cancer drug costs can be $7,000 plus a shot Radiation & Drugs do not cure the cause theydestroy the body. They may delay. Jones in 1895 and Peters in 2005 both observed:Surgical removal of the primary tumour activatescancer In Ontario: the absence of adequate Pathologyreports sausage machine approach 13/09/2011 34 35. ANTI CANCER PLANTSHow can I help: The pathogenesis of cancer is relatively wellunderstood. At a simple level there are 27 pathways We have plants which inhibit everyone ofthese pathways all evidence based Curcuma longa, Boswellia, Scentella asiatica,Tannacetum, Polygonum cuspidatum, Thuja13/09/201135 36. DiabetesThe Ontario physicians contract bountyFailure to distinguish between insulin resistanceand diabetesUniversal application of Statins which can causediabetesFailure to educate the patientType 2 is an environmental disease arisingalmo