Mediant - for startup sauna warm up

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We have wotn Startup Sauna warm up in may 2014 with this presentation

Transcript of Mediant - for startup sauna warm up

  • 1. MEDIANT Educational Applications
  • 2. Math Helper: example Select Problem Enter Conditions Get step-by-step solution
  • 3. Math Helper : Current Solves Algebra and Calculus problems Provides with a detailed step-by-step solutions 67 problems of 7 types Translated into 7 languages Free + Full versions ~800k downloads, >200k active users, ~11k paid 30% Russia, 15% USA Android only
  • 4. Competitors Math Helper the only app that supports Russian* Competitors Wolfram Alpha Mobile, Bagatrix MathWay, Math45 Math Helper Math Way Wolfram Market CIS, Europe USA USA Problems 67 problems 400 Nearly 40 Languages 6 English English Pricing $3,66 $19,99 $4,99
  • 5. Markets
  • 6. Applications Math Helper Chem Helper Geometry Helper Phys Helper Calculus Helper Formulae Helper Calc Helper Math Teacher Helper Problem Generator
  • 7. Application-as-Service Service Userbase Technology Content
  • 8. The Team Anton Shaleynikov Dmitry Mi Budko Stepan Rogonov Pavlo Usarskyy Denis Asanovich Plus 5 more people helping us
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