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Media Homework - Genre Powerpoint

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  • 1. The Notebook opening CreditsIn the opening of The Notebook the camera slowly startsfading in and shows the audience a landscape scenery view of ariver and the sun in the distance setting. The audience already gets some kind ofacknowledgment on what the genre is based about, as the colour scheme ofblack, dark tones of red, warm yellows and vibrant orange are used to set thetone which appears to be a romantic love film. Furthermore just from the openingshot, significant scenery which the audience can recognize as something tocombine with the genre love, also adds to the calm, soothing atmosphere givenoff from the first 15 seconds of the opening. The soundtrack plays a major role insetting the tone, however just by the simple, soft, elegant, piano playing over thebeautiful sunset, vibes of love and deep emotions immediately is brought out towards the audience and the impact of just one setting shot and light music creates the mood set forthis love film.

2. As we progress further into the opening, theaudience get shown a character gently rowing aboat swiftly through the river. As only as the back isshown from this character, bits are kept hidden fromthe audience making them think who this personcould be. Its looks like a shadow as the lighting is warm andquite hidden. Throughout the opening all the colourscheme is kept constant to link with the genre. The creditswhich is displayed on the screen, appears to all fade in on thebottom left of the screen. Evermore the writing is fairly smallwhich suggests the main focus view is of the scenery in thebackground. The colour of the font make makes it stand outof the background as its a lightgolden type of colour but howeverstill linking into the whole love colourscheme.