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  • 1. By Charlie Moffatt
    A2-Media coursework

2. Album cover analysis
3. R&B/Pop Album
The bottom right side of the album suggests a more urban look to the music as the name of the album is called graffiti which is associated with urban settings and the design at the bottom is drawn in a very graffiti like way as well.
The fact that he is all in black, is wearing reflective sunglasses and is avoiding gaze at the camera suggests that maybe he is hiding from something. Also, his cloths are very similar to those of a r&b genre and so attracts the target genre.
The spaceand the light behind the moon in the background could portray a new genre of music that he has notdone or we haven't seen yet. Also the placement of the electric guitar in the shot suggests that again he may try something different as he rarely uses electric guitar. This could be a sign of him going more electro or rock.
Th space and the large circular window could indicate that he is in the future as space travel is very modern and new this point is backed up by his bionic arm, this could also symbolise a loss such as his ex girlfriend Rihanna
In his body language he is, representing himself as being in control and dominant as it is a low angle shot. Also, it is as if he has just done something tiring and good with the guitar over his shoulder (the Album).
4. Alternative Rock Album
The burning thing in the background could represent that they are moving on from there past.
The clash of red and blue flags could have been a way in portraying the clash between there views and the man and sticking it to the man. This is because this is associated with this genre of music.
The grey skies and countryside could convey there Scottish roots and saying even though they have been through a lot they still staying true to there roots.
As they are tied up and opposite sexes this could imply that they are on the same side as they are looking at each other with no anger and also as they are both tied up witch would emphasize they are on the same side
This could also show the a clash between male and female as well with the colours.
5. Hip-Hop Album
The fact that the bear (Kanye West) is blasting off shows that he is possibly metaphorically blasting off in his career.
As it is a theme of graduation he could also be conveying his youth and how his music is in touch with the youth of today as well as his genre
The album has a very celebratory theme. This could portray his happiness about his music and he is happy at where he is not only with his music but possibly in life as well. The vivid colours also help to portray a feeling of happiness.
It could also be a on student life and it place of dreams and righteousness and a place to have fun but also with the dogma of human race ever present.
There is also an extent of drug reference in the cover; this is portrayed by the colours such as the purple sky behind and even more so in his eyes. This is also associated with hip-hop music genre as a psychedelic image is associated with a trip or high and this is what he raps about a lot.
The genre(Hip-Hop) of his music is seen in parts of this as he has a large chain around his neck; there are cheerleaders in the background and also his clothing And this is associated with the conventions of Hip Hop and so target audience would be attracted to it.
6. Music Video Analysis
7. Kanye West-Power
The establishing shot is the artist, Kanye Wests, face in a close up shot with columns on either side of him. The colours primarily used are dark ones however in contrast with these colours are his eyes which are white. This could be portraying two sides of him or show a side of royalty with the columns in the background. The direct eye contact with the consumer shows confidence and power.Either way it portrays him as a symbol of greatness. Finally you can see part of the gold chain around his neck furthermore putting himself in a god like status. Furthermore, the repeated use of gold and him being in the centre of the screen emphasises his power further.
It then begins to track out slowly. This is slowly revealing who he is. It then jumps to a medium long shot showing the golden arches around him and his oversized chain of a pharaohs head.. There are women with horns on either side of him representing servants as they are beating there staffs on the ground slowly. This could also represent power as it is as if they are protecting him or guarding him, however it could also represent them not letting him escape and being caged in. Then there is a woman sitting on a very extravagant chair. This is possibly to represent a throne and as the woman has wings and so is portrayed as a possible cherub or angel. Furthermore, he is wearing a modern watch in the video. This would have not been in invented in these time periods depicted in the video so it is very possible that it is put in there to show that it is an n ancient representation of his life today and therefore brings you back to the reality.
It continues to zoom out and a flag drops from above and opposite bowls of water are also spilt. The flag could indicate the surrender to power and the water looks as if it is a sacrifice to the God (Kanye West). His head is also in the clouds possibly relating to his huge ego and power as he is looking down on everyone else. There is also a halo above his head with a sword going through the middle of it. The sword could represent the dangers of being in power as at any moment the sword could fall and end him. The halo on the contrary is possible to show the good things he could do when in power to make where he is a greater place.
After this it goes to a long shot of everything closing in on him and water splashing over him and the two women on the side pouring water over themselves. I believe that this is questioning the position of power by portraying it like an inevitable downfall. Furthermore the water could imply the Aquarius age and as it is coming up how it will be the change of an era and weather he will be able to keep up with the new music when he is in this era or weather it will be his downfall.
8. Then two characters appear diving across the screen with swords. This could show the negative sides of power and how it can lead to violence and war and even him being attacked from within. It then cuts to lots of quick shots of people bowing down to him and praising him. This further shows his power and how he is represented in the video as a god.
It then goes to another long shot and all the woman characters have gone and it is left with the two men on either side flying in with swords. The two swords meet in the middle below Kanye West and with the sword in the middle. This could indicate the sword then falling on him and ending his era.
It then quickly cuts to a black screen with power written in the middle with the background of the previous scene in red and Kanye west in the middle of the W far smaller than before. This is possibly conveying his downfall as it shows how he has shrunk and this could be a metaphor for how his influence has gone down. Also as it is in red and black these are both the colours of death and violence showing that he is no longer alive within the music industry. This then slowly fades into the middle of the screen smaller and smaller and then the screen goes completely black and the video is over and the slow fade emphasises his slow downfall in the music industry beginning.
On his personal life the video also shows how his status as a celebrity and what he has gone through recently in the last year and a half and how he has gone from one of the most respected artists in the industry to one of the most hated after his stunt at the 2009 VMA awards and this video could challenge the concept of power. This goes back to the point about the watch.
There is also a sense of recycled style as we see similar shots and colours to the 300 movie. This could portray that Kanye west as the small number (300 Spartans) and the world media is the large number (Persians) and how although he is being attacked and targeted by the media he will not be beaten.
9. Westlife-Home
The establishing shot is an extreme long shot of a plane from front on. It is dark, cloudy and also the floor is wet as if it ahs recently been raining. This straight away sets the mood of the video as being sad due to the dark colours used. It then pans upwards looking down on the plane and making it look les significant.
The next shot is a medium shot of the main singer on the right hand side
of the screen. He moves across making direct eye contact with the camera.
By doing this he is conveying his emotions of sadness to the consumer.
It then cuts to a long shot with the plane behind them, and them still
walking towards the camera. The plane is possibly a metaphor for a journey or
more specifically a journey home. The use of the long shot helps with this
reference as it portrays being a long way from somewhere.
It then goes to several shots of the members of the band sitting in the chair
and starring out of the window. This is a medium close up of them and is slightly
looking down on them again making them seem vulnerable and in this case emotionally.
It then skips to a low angle shot of the pilot looking at a picture of (presumably) his wife and child. The low angle shot could represent the fact that he is overcoming the obstacle of being apart as he then puts the picture down and begins to pilot the plane. The low angle shot could also represent that he feels as if he has a job to do rather than worry as he knows that he will get there in the end.
Following this it goes to lots of shots of the passengers on the plane looking sa