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Merba Flush/Surface series Modular distribution boxes/distribution boards are the new design with the fashion door. They are mainly used in the circuit of AC 50Hz, rated voltage 220V/380V, and acted to install the modular combination equipment. It is widely used in the family, high building, house, station, port, airport, commercial house, hospital, cinema, enterprises and so on occassions. The plastic unit of the modular distribution boxes/distribution boards adopt ABS material with the characteristics of flame-proof, impulse proof, excellent insulation property and so on.This distribution boxes/ boards enclosure confirm to standard BS EN60439-3, JB/T7121-93. This distribution boxes/distribution boards enclosure is provided with elegant appearance and reasonable structures; Installation and dismounting are easy. The products are designed according to the requirement of standardization, generalization and seriation, which make the products with excellent interchangeability. This distribution box has 6way, 8way, 12way, 16way, 24way and 36way.

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  • Distribution Box & Junction Box-01.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-02.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-03.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-04.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-05.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-06.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-07.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-08.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-09.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-10.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-11.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-12.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-13.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-14.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-15.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-16.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-17.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-18.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-19.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-20.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-21.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-22.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-23.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-24.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-25.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-26.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-27.jpgDistribution Box & Junction Box-28.jpg