Meaningful Learning with Missions and Badges

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Transcript of Meaningful Learning with Missions and Badges

  • 1. Meaningful Learning withMissions & BadgesShellyTerrell.comPhoto by Ross Goodman:

2. I hate school!Photo by Quentin.HLB:, science, history,etc. is boring!When will I ever use this? 3. People dont have apropensity for laziness.People have apropensity for hardwork. It just needs tobe work that mattersto them.- Jane McGonigalPhoto by Anders Ruff Custom Designs: 4. Complete thefractions on p. 20 5. Complete thefractions on p. 20 6. Send them onlearning missionsPhoto by Quentin.HLB: 7. MISSION:Bring in a family recipe.Adjust the recipe to serve 10people.Bring in the adjusted recipeand the document that showsyour work.INPhoto by qwrrty: 8. What is thepurpose of thismission? 9. Photo by hans pama: are creating a digitalcook book of your familyrecipes. We will sell thecook book to raise fundsfor new laptops for theschool computer lab. 10. Include tools,apps, a word bank,or resources! 11. Creator AppMISSION HELP:Fraction 12. Add a badgeor points(Girl) Scout Troopers by JD Hancock, 13. CLAIM YOUR BADGE: 14. They mark a certainachievement ... whenone girl sees a badge ona sister Scout's arm, ifthat girl has won thesame badge, it at onceawakens an interest andsympathy between them.- Juliette LoweWhy digital badges?Girl Scouts visit Mayor Summey for Girl Scouts Week by North Charleston, 15. Bowling patches by Sandwich, by Marion Doss, badge by Cynthinee, 16. CitizenshipAchievementExperienceScoutbyGregWes/all, 17. 18. 19. 20. 21. 22. 23. How do youmake digitalbadges? 24. 25. Free public domain images 26. 27. The badgeshould beappealing 28. 29. Image from 30. 31. 32. Encourage learners tocreate/give badges 33. Manyplatforms,apps & eventshave badges 34. 35. 36. How do Imanage this? 37. 38. Where Do We Find our Missions?Photobykindercapes, 39. 40. 41. 42. ImagebyAdamBellow, & iOS App 43. 44. Touchcast IOS App Createinteractive,clickable videoswith a built-inteleprompter,green screen,visual filters,sound effects,titles & more 45. Photo by Lance Neilson, believe there's ahero in all of us, thatkeeps us honest,gives us strength,makes us noble, andfinally allows us todie with pride ...- Spider-Man 2 46. Dear Mr. Storm,!You have changed my perspective onnot only school but life But!most of all you taught me how toryeoaullry lleigvaec yyo. uArn dli fwe oarndds lcivaen utp etvoen!describe how thankful I am forthat.!From a 6th grader in Shawn Storms! 47. 48. Learning to Go book-