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  • MCX Fixture Catalog

    Second Edition


  • Table of Contents

    Page 1..Mens WAVE Nested Table Page 2.Ladies WAVE Nested Table Page 3..Modified WAVE Nested Table Page 4.................. .Mens WAVE Utility Cart Page 5..WAVE 2-way cover plate Page 6......WAVE 4-way cover plate Page 7...Floating wall w/ Shadow boxes/TVs Page 8...Floating wall Page 9.....Nested wood table w/ riser (Apparel) Page 10...Nested wood table (Hardlines) Page 11...Brushed Chrome tagre Page 12..Denim Wooden wall cube unit Page 13..Mens pant table Page 14..Mens dress shirt Page 15............Mens tie table Page 16.........Mens wallet Page 17........Shoe fixtures Page 18...Shoe bench/Mirror Page 19.Fragrance wall Page 20..Fragrance tower w/ crown Page 21....................Cosmetics Prestige unit Page 22.........Cosmetic merchandising table Page 23.............Cosmetics Trend unit Page 23 a-bCosmetic plexi display units Page 24..Brushed aluminum bar stool Page 25-26...Jewelry Showcases Page 27..Multi-tiered table Page 28..Jewelry spinners

  • Page 29...Watch spinner base Page 30..Sunglass fixture Page 31 Hosiery fixture Page 32............... ..Accessories/universal fixture Page 33-36Shiny chrome Page 37..............Juvenile furniture Page 38...Military t-racks Page 39..Glass shirt cubes (Military) Page 40 Pinwheel and fixture hardware package Page 41.. Firearms cabinets Page 42 Madix black gondola (Apple shop) Page 43....Electronics island Page 44... Page 45 Beyond Borders seating area Page 46... Computer display table Page 47...Bulk stacker Page 47 a Stackable bulk base Page 48...Bike rack Page 49..Luggage fixture Page 50.Towel/bedding/sham/home wall Page 51...Display bed Page 52..............................Gift curio Page 53....Octagonal fixture (Trim) Page 54..Furniture room divider Page 55....Outdoor plant displayer Page 56Wood display shelves

    Page 28a Acrylic risers for 36round tables

  • Page 57-60...Madix gondola Page 61..End cap signing Page 62...Baskets for gondola Page 63.................. ..Open air cooler Page 64...TV Monitors over Food bar Page 65-66..................Cash wraps Page 67.......Floral display cooler Page 68-69.Front end merchandisers Page 70................... ..Cash wrap wire shelving Display Accessories and other

    Page 71.Marine Corps flags Page 72.Shopping cart/basket Page 72aSanitation Stations Page 73....36 round table Page 74..Poster frames (front entrance) Page 75-76.......Exterior furniture Page 77...Interior furniture Page 78..Counter top mirror Page 79Hangers Page 80.Size rings Page 81-83.....Table top displays Page 84-99 ....Hardware and Gondola Accessories Page 100..........Lockers Page 101a-ahFood Bar Equipment Page 102- ..Material Handling Equipment Page ......Vendor Information

  • Mens WAVE Nesting table set

    Showbest Fixture Corp

    The table set consists of 3 pieces:

    One upright sign holder/clothing bar of cold rolled steel frame, 40W x 20D. Signage channel along top with 2 hang bars.

    One cold rolled steel table: 36L x 48.25W x 36H. One nested table: 24L x 40W x 24H of cold rolled steel with jagged X side panel. Top plank of weathered maple plank.

    (Ballet bar sign either provided by vendor or MCCS.)

    Pg. 1

  • Ladies WAVE Nesting table set

    The table set consists of 3 pieces:

    One upright sign holder/clothing bar of cold rolled steel frame, 40W x 20D. Signage channel along top with 2 hang bars.

    One cold rolled steel table: 36L x 48.25W x 36H. One nested table: 24L x 40W x 24H of cold rolled steel. Top plank of maple plank. Side panels with graphics/signage channel.

    (Ballet bar and side panel signs either provided by vendor or MCCS.)

    Showbest Fixture Corp

    Pg. 2

  • Mens Modified WAVE Nesting table set

    Showbest Fixture Corp

    Same concept as original table with less cold rolled steel for

    substantial savings.

    Also available in Ladies, contact vendor for pricing.

    Pg. 3

  • Mens WAVE Accessories/Utility Cart

    Showbest Fixture Corp

    Cold rolled steel H frame, 52W x 37D x 55.25H, base deck of weathered wood planks.

    Two end frame hang bars, one middle hang bar and one face out. Five shelves,

    slim-line graphics channel on one side with other side larger graphics channel.

    On casters.

    Pg. 4

  • WAVE 2-way Cover Plate (shown Mens 2 units)

    Showbest Fixture Corp

    Mens: 18.75L x 15.75W x 2.5H, pine planked platform with weathered finish.

    Compatible with Econoco 2-way item# K23RT-SC. (satin chrome finish,

    for both Mens and Ladies)

    Also available: Ladies, same dimensions as Mens except wood cover plate is a softer finish.

    Pg. 5

  • WAVE 4-way Base Plate and sign holder shelf (shown Mens)

    Showbest Fixture Corp

    Mens: 20.75L x 20.75W x 3.5H, pine plank in weathered finish.

    Compatible with Econoco 4-way item K17SC

    (satin chrome finish for both ladies and Mens)

    Also available: Ladies, same dimensions as

    Mens except wood cover plate is softer finish.

    Pg. 6

  • Floating Wall with Shadow boxes/TVs

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    TV/DVD Casing: attaches to top of floating wall,

    39.75W x 28.5W x 11.5D, includes TV mounting hardware. (TVs and DVD players are to be supplied by MCCS). Shadowboxes: 48w x 28.5W x 11.5D with central double sided white interior panel, florescent lighting, hinged casing for bulb replacement, framed with white acrylic inset panels

    for graphic adhesion.

    Pg. 7

  • Floating Wall

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    10 interior length, overall: 96H x 120L x 7 D. Consists of two t-bar endcaps (96H x 48L x 7 D). Laminate to match Monticello Maple with wall standards, 16 on center. Crown molding.

    Wall consists of 2 floating 4 add on sections 96H x 48L x 7 D with 12 OC wall standards.

    On 2 heavy duty locking casters, wire chase, 8 cord. Crown molding to be shipped for onsite installation.

    Floating 4 add on section: 96H x 48L x 7 D with 12OC wall standards, locking casters.

    Crown molding to be shipped for onsite installation

    Depending on wall length, integrated stabilizers are needed, either 1 or 2-sided.

    Pg. 8

  • Nested Wood table with riser

    (used for Apparel)

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    Larger table: 60L x 36W x 30H, Smaller nest: 46L x 28W x 22H, Riser: 30L x 16W x 11H.

    Pg. 9

  • Nested Wood table with Riser (used for Hardlines)

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    60L x 36W x 30H Table riser: 30L x 16W x 11H

    Pg. 10

  • Brushed Chrome tagre

    Chrome tagre 72H x 24D x 60W Item# ETA602472

    Silver powder coated.

    Holiday Foliage

    Also available in: 24W x 24D x 60H, Item # M-08-07

    Pg. 11

  • Denim Wooden Wall Cube Unit

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    Overall: 73L x 60W. Each cube: 18W x 14D x 11H

    Pg. 12

  • Mens Pant Table

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    72W x 60H x 38D, double sided, 4 shelves plus top base.

    Pg. 13

  • Mens Dress Shirt Fixture

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    Two sided fixture, four bins across

    and four bins high.

    Glass bins: 10W x 12H x 15D.

    Also available in other sizes depending

    on individual site needs.

    Capacity: as shown 256.

    Pg. 14

  • Mens Tie Table with riser

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    48 diameter x 30H. of Monticello Maple veneer with inset banding of

    brushed aluminum.

    Riser: 12H x 36 diameter of Monticello Maple veneer.

    Pg. 15

  • Mens Wallet

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    24L x 67H x 24D, two opposite sides 2 slat wall with 5 plexi-glass wallet holders per side. Other 2 sides adjustable shelves, 4 per side.

    One storage drawer.

    Also available: Mens wallet/Belt Fixture.

    Pg. 16

  • Shoe end cap

    51 15/16H x 31.5W x 16D, One sided, two adjustable

    shelves, top display section of

    Masland carpet, T24-GA-11044

    provided by contractor.


    Mens 21-24 Ladies 32

    Childrens 45


    Shoe Floor Fixture

    Showbest Fixture Corp.

    60H x 48W x 32D, two sided, two adjustable shelves per

    section, top display shelf of

    Masland carpet, T24-GA-11044,

    provided by contractor.


    Mens 40 Ladies 48-55

    Childrens 72

    Shoe Wall Fixture

    95.75H x 48W x 16D, one sided, three adjustable

    Shelves and top display shelf

    of Masland carpet, T24-GA-

    11044 provided by contractor.


    Mens 60 Ladies 60

    Childrens 84

    Also available with slat wall

    back for flip flops.

    Pg. 17

  • Shoe Bench

    18H x 19W x 38.5 L, square legs . Showbest Fixture Corp.

    Shoe Mirror

    Rectangular tubing,

    12W x 18H Chrome

    Item: 45016C


    Pg. 18

  • Showbest Fixture Corp.

    Pg. 19 Fragrance Wall

    One sided unit in solid wood of Monticello Maple with crown molding. Two rows of drawers,

    each 12H. Available in 48W, 36W or 24W. All sizes 84H x 24D with 5 adjustable shelves with lips.

  • Showbest Fixture Corp.

    Fragrance tower with crown