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MBA CareersAn excellent compilation on the management entrance process followed at the Top B-schools in the country. Truly PATH-BREAKING. To prepare for CAT, XAT, MAT, SNAP FMS, IIFT, NMAT, JMET & all others ,

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Success is not an accident, but a planned process PT now with the unique TDpro engine! To deliver consistently high levels of quality in everything we do, our people have distilled years of wisdom and understanding into a unique TDPro engine. What is this TDPro engine? It stands for Technology Driven Process engine. It is the whole structure of PT the systematic documentation and implementation of every single process we follow in all that we do. Be it course design, course delivery, centre infrastructure, faculty selection, faculty training, website content updation, students resources management, HR operations, marketing seminars, materials management, IPR control and management, or centre administration TDpro engine is geared to add value to all of them. Worldwide, companies use the Six-sigma quality system to generate and maintain stringent standards. In India, companies like Infosys and Wipro benchmark themselves against the PCMM levels. Starting January 2007, at PT, we will now benchmark ourselves against the TDPro engines high standards in everything we do. This does not mean that we are perfect, but it surely means that we are serious about getting there using modern management tools of strict operations management, with a human face. What does this really mean to a student? This simply means that a student and his/her parents can be sure that the commitments and course delivery at all PT centres will be almost identical in their high quality, as the faculty and staff have undergone standardized training and are using standard processes, systems and materials. This implies that as an institute, we are completely transparent (everything is documented on paper), maintain uniform standards, and are serious about students success. We are sure that not many institutes will measure upto this standard of transparency, standardisation and process orientation. This is our way of saying Students success is the only reason for our existence! Move with confidence - Get the TDpro engine advantage!

Students success... Kar Ke Dikhayenge! Success is a state of mind. We become what we dream to become, we achieve what we hope to achieve, and we create what we envision in our minds first. Unfortunately, if we are not cautious, we will often be constrained by the devils of our own creation. We imagine weaknesses that are debilitating, paralyzing and often totally devastating for our morale. And worst of all, we allow them to take over our self-confidence. Thus we start thinking like losers, and eventually become losers. So, it stands to reason that to achieve success, we must train our minds to think like winners. We must consciously tell ourselves that we are capable and we will do it. What one man does, another can do too, must be drilled in our consciousness. And to practically do this on a day-to-day basis, PT offers a magic mantra to one and all: KAR KE DIKHAYENGE! Kar ke dikhayenge is a Hindi phrase, which literally translated, means 'we will do it for sure.' Chant this, sing this, think of it, tell this to yourself, shout it aloud, read it whichever way you look at it, Kar ke dikhayenge will propel you to new levels of conscious churning. It will force you to break the chains that tether you. It will force you to move forward to succeed, to live happily, to achieve what you have always wanted to achieve. Kar Ke Dikhayenge!Item Code : M-02-01-02

Kar Ke Dikhayenge!

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Pinnacle - The MBA entrance courseMake it happenDear student, My friend is that very ordinary, everyday kind of guy you are never likely to see in a Nike advertisement. He got into long-distance running in college. He was always at the receiving end of pranks and jokes and someone teased him that he wouldn't last half a lap around the college ground. He quietly replied that he would do 10 rounds. Chal, kar ke dikha! To everyone's amazement, he did and survived. That was the beginning of the marathon man in our midst. So I asked him after a recent marathon, how he managed to do it time after time. Didn't he feel like giving it up after a couple of gruelling kilometres? Why not follow many others and go home after a few minutes of jogging-deteriorating-into-walking? Basically, I challenge myself. When I am running I am constantly telling myself that yes, I can do this next kilometre and it goes on. That's all. Anyone can do it. Like all great winners he made it sound so simple. You are at the start of your own marathon. Far away, after many gruelling days, lies your finishing line your MBA qualification. So what do you plan to do? Be happy with the marathon T-shirt and give up after a couple of kilometers? Or are you too determined to kar ke dikhayenge? That's our mantra at PT kar ke dikhayenge. We must confess that motto was inspired by some of our brilliant students. Like the four who topped CAT in 2006! And so too, members from the illustrious list of hundreds whom we had the pride and pleasure to help last the distance and breast the tape with honour. We are now happy to have the opportunity to help you win your own marathon. Here at PT, we like to think of ourselves as enablers. After years of analysis and experience you may want to believe that we understand what it takes. Perhaps! But at PT we run a different kind of marathon. We add another kilometre every now and then and keep pushing the finishing line. There is always a better way, we believe. And that conviction is what has kept us the best in the field for so many years. We also give you the advantage of our TDpro Engine technology-driven process engine. TDpro Engine ensures that every single process course design, course delivery, centre infrastructure, faculty selection, faculty training, website content updating, students resources management, HR operations, marketing seminars, materials management, IPR control and management, centre administration, etc. is scientifically documented and controlled to give you the user the best advantage. The marathon you are set for requires discipline and perseverance. It is as demanding as it is rewarding. Your determination and hard work can change the course of your life. We at PT will be happy to provide you the right launching pad. Yes, we will help you make it happen! Hum kar ke dikhayenge! On your marks, get set, go and keep going! We are with you.

From the Founder Chairman

Sandeep Manudhane, Founder Chairman PT EducationThe information contained in this document is compiled and presented in an accurate format, true to our knowledge and beliefs. Changes in test patterns, strucutres, fees, etc. happen from time to time. Students are advised to check the relevant facts from the concerned institution before taking any action on any aspect of their preparation, whatsoever. Errors, if any, in this document may please be reported at .

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Item Code : M-02-01-02

Specialisations AvailableMBA is not a "one size fits all" option. Depending on your ability and aptitude you can pick a specilisation that is right for you. Take a look at some of the specialisations1. 3. 5. 7. 9. 11. Finance Human resources management Production management Advertising and public relations International business Entrepreneurship 2. 4. 6. 8. 10. Marketing Systems Operations management Materials management Telecom management

FinanceThis is a career for people with good quantitative skills, who would like to engage in planning, resource management and policy formulation.

"Number crunching" is how most people would describe a career in finance. It is all about how best to manage money. MBAs in this discipline face competition from chartered accountants (CAs), but learn a lot more than what a conventional CA programme offers. Thus, in the medium term, an equally bright MBA would have an advantage over his CA colleague, especially because of the overall organisational aspects covered in the MBA course. There are several options to further specialise in this discipline: 1. Consumer banking 3. Institutional banking 5. Development banking 7. Corporate finance 2. 4. 6. 8. Investment banking Merchant banking Non-banking finance Treasury management

Banking is the life of an economy. After the opening up of the economy, the banking function has become even more important than ever before. Banks have direct access to the savings of individuals and channelise these savings into the mainstream of the economy. Post-liberalisation, the environment in which the banks operate has undergone a sea change. Banks, especially public sector banks, have woken up to the fact that unless they act fast and become market savvy, they may lose out to foreign banks, which have international expertise, and to private Indian banks which are doing extremely well on the customer service front. This is the main reason why public sector banks have become aggressive in areas like credit cards, e-banking etc.

These developments make banking a very interesting field. The nature of work in a bank is such that it offers openings not only to people with traditional finance-oriented skills like an MBA or a CA, but also to those who are technologists, environmental engineers and agriculturists. Consumer banking, investment banking and institutional banking are usually undertaken by the same organisation. These cover individual accounts, the management of securities (and other investments including foreign exchange dealings) and lending to corporate clients. A host of Indian and foreign banks are engaged in all these activities. Most banks also have merchant banking subsidiaries or division