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  • 1.Starting to map, forecast andmodel social impact

2. Quick @HACThousing 3. It used to be so easy18601910 1960 4. It used to be easy 2010 @HACThousing 5. But now 2010 @HACThousing 6. What are you are trying to achieve? Howdoes it relate to your mission? Improvements inindividual wellbeing? Increased communitystability and resilience? Economic growth Sustainability? Tackling homelessnessand overcrowding? @HACThousing 7. Making the case for the housing sector 8. Quality of evidence in sector weakPublic sector,ademics movingto MarylandEvaluation scale.Discounting lowquality evidence.Not clear thatcompatible withrelatively simplisticcurrent approaches topturing value inhousingctor. 9. No clear framework for exploring theseissues At least 30 differingapproaches to collecting & demonstrating social value in housing sector Source: Snapshot survey conducted by HACT,Uni of Birmingham in March @HACThousing 10. Critically, little or no evidence around thesocial value of core @HACThousing 11. Proving social value going to beincreasingly importanttraditional SROI reporting wont cut itany @HACThousing 12. A new model needed 13. A possible way throughWellbeing valuationNew approaches toassessing value in termsof changes in subjectivewellbeing massivepotential for housing 14. HACT research: Establishing the wellbeingimpact of housingGenerating methodology andmetrics for social value of:-a home-different tenures-maintenance and homeimprovement-non-housing @HACThousing 15. New tools? 16. How might it all work? 17. Priorities going forward- Further refining the metrics- Building the tool set to use andunderstand them- Modeling exchequer impacts,local economic impact alongside