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This PowerPoint was prepared by the Maths department of Gilroy Catholic College for professional learning purposes.

Transcript of Maths & Literacy

  • 1. LiteracyStrategiesin Maths
  • 2. Understanding the language of mathematics is a critical part of mathematical sense making. 2
  • 3. What does 2 mean in each example? 2 To Too Two 24 102 9 1 2 3
  • 4. Add or (inprobability) total + and sum plus
  • 5. Vocabulary DevelopmentThree categories of terms:1. SAME: Words that have the same meaning in Maths as in Everyday English dollars, cents 5
  • 6. Vocabulary DevelopmentThree categories of terms:2. ONLY MATH: Words that have meaning only in Maths. numerator, isosceles 6
  • 7. Vocabulary DevelopmentThree categories of terms:3. DIFFERENT: Words that have different meanings in Maths and in Everyday English. table, right 7
  • 8. Strategies for Developing Maths Vocabulary Concept Sorts Graphic Organizer Definition Cards Prefixes/ Suffixes Double Meaning Acronyms Completing an argument Cloze Passages Unjumble Sentences Celebrity Heads
  • 9. Examples Angle Complex Irrational Mode Plane Base Degree Kite Net Power Chord Difference Mean Obtuse PrimeCommon Fair Median Pentagon Quarters Right Regular Real Rational Range Root Scale Sign Similar Slope
  • 10. ExamplesDefinition: A Examples Non- Examples Angle Complex Examples Irrational Mode Plane Non-Examplespolygon is aclosed plane Base Degree Kite Net Powerfigure boundedby three or Chord Difference Mean Obtuse Primemore linesegments. Common Fair Median Pentagon Quarters Right Regular Real Rational Range Root Scale Sign Similar Slope
  • 11. Acronyms Examples: Trigonometry SOH CAH TOA Bearings Never, Eat, Soggy, Weetbix
  • 12. Completing the Argument
  • 13. Donna wanted to buy a car stereo for $1500. Her bank offered her loan at a flat interest rate of 12% p.a. to be repaid in fortnightly instalments over 2 years. The bank charges were stamp duty of $7.50, loan insurance of $8.50 and an establishment fee of $12. If Donna included the bank charges in the amount she borrowed, find: The total amount to repay The fortnightly repayment
  • 14. FLOWCHART FOR PROBLEM SOLVING Read Re-read Underline Key Terms Decide what operation and/or formula to use Solve
  • 15. Writing/ Comprehension in Mathematics Students are given the numerical sentence and then derive the meaning of the sentence and then write the problemEG: 3+ 5 2 Students are given a problem to solve and then write an explanation using sentences of how they solved it
  • 16. LITERACY IN MATHS Literacy in maths is meant to provide practice in essential reading, comprehending and writing, while facilitating an understanding of Mathematics through an increased literacy in its vocabulary.