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Math exhibition conducted by PISMP MATHEMATIC 2008 Sem 3

Transcript of Maths Exhibition

Maths Exhibition

Last Monday, my class had held a wonderful exhibition based on the Mathematic materials. We all together, work hard and discuss and also plan before we start our preparation. The moment was very nice and wonderful, on that day our director also invited as VIP and he also said that we all have done something fantastic and keep it up add she. On that day, we all invited all the teacher trainers and explain all the concept that we used to create our own project such as Airplane, Fun fair and so on, those who came to our exhibition had really happy to see our projects, some of them all take picture of the projects that we create and get some information based on it. Actually, we are really puts our afford to this exhibition such as doing colouring on the board and arranging chairs and table without eating anything. My group create the Air plant for this exhibition and I also become more attractive that we expected and the cost for that plant is RM 400 that each member of our group must pay RM 100 but even on that time we faced the problem financially but my group member really willing to spent for that project on that time. At last all of us had a wonderful experience and learn a lot by the preparations such as

helping each other and willing to sacrifices something important to get something more important.