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Mastering Promotions. Pat Adams Regional Manager Scotts Valley, CA. A recording of this webinar will be available at A phone recording will be available at 1-712-432-0453 PIN 5889256 (not a toll-free call). Recordings available 9/13. Type in Your Questions!. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Mastering PromotionsPat AdamsRegional ManagerScotts Valley, CAA recording of this webinar will be available at www.nspwebinars.comA phone recording will be available at 1-712-432-0453 PIN 5889256(not a toll-free call)Recordings available 9/13Type in Your Questions!

New Business Topic Everyday!Monday, Sept. 9th Julie DeVisser (Recording)Mentor Like you Mean It!

Tuesday, Sept. 10th Lynda Hammons (Recording)Pure Sunshine: NSPs Uncompromising Quality it Your Competitive Advantage

Wednesday, Sept. 11th Mary Ward(Recording)Do You Use and Education Station?

Friday, Sept. 13th LaDonna FrantzHow I Gave Myself a Raise!2 Free Shipping Certificates!

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National Convention 2014

March 2629, 2014Cincinnati, OH

Dr. Mark HymanPassionate advocate for resolving the root cause of chronic illness through whole-systems approach, Functional MedicineMedical Editor for the Huffington PostOn Medical Advisory Board to the Dr. Oz Show

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Patricia Adams, BS, CNC, NHC, NERegional Manger, CA

Board-Certified in Holistic Nutrition

Bachelor of Science, Clinical Nutrition

Certified Nutritional Consultant

Nutrition Educator

Doctor of Naturopathy

Instructor Bio15I Use NSP Promotions to.Increase SalesPromote SponsoringBuild and Retain Managers

And YOU can too!Increase SalesDont assume your group has already seen the promotionOwn it Send it from you, their contact/mentor/friendJazz it upRe-name itMake the subject line exciting

Marketing the PromotionUse words such asNewNowSecrets

TruthsToday only orLook what if found!Use the numbers 3, 5, 7, 9Examples:Three ways to boost your immune systemNine ways to saveFive ways to impress your friendsAdd Personal ExperienceExamples:I like to use this product for ____________My son loves this product when he feels_____

Youll see the most benefit when youre excited!What If I Dont Have a Story?Find one:The Little Herb EncyclopediaThe Comprehensive Guide to Natures Sunshine ProductsGoogle Search

Keep it short- a small paragraph per itemLarge sales, just focus on the 3 or 5 products you like best/ have the most experience with/ are most comfortable sharing

21How Do I Order?Make sure to teach people how they can order:Your MyNSP website to sign up as a new with their account number and PINOrder Sales at 1-800-453-1422 with their account numberPromote SponsoringWhen the promotion is about sponsoring its simple, share the promotion withEveryone in your group who has EVER signed someone upEveryone who has referred someone to you to sign-up

I follow up these emails with a phone call to managers

23Customize the MessageMake the subject line interestingUse testimonials specific to sponsoringPoint out someone who really benefitedNow they can buy wholesale!Last I heard, she got her whole office cleansing!Use a Strong TaglineNever miss an opportunity to share!You dont know whose life you will changeYou friends will love this too!So dont keep the good news to yourselfIts easy to let your friends in on this!Who do you know that could use this help?Always Mention the Business OpportunityIf you dont, someone else willDaily we lose members to other wonderful opportunitiesWhich are never as good as Natures Sunshine!I learned this the hard way when my own son got recruited!Build and Retain ManagersPeople feel important when you include them in your inner circleLet them know theyre inYou care enough about them to include themBuild and Retain ManagersLet your group know theyre on your team and theres a great new promo for them to share with their peopleUsually managers get an additional phone call, especially when theyre close to breaking outThey can use the promo to helpHow Do I Introduce the Business Opportunity to Potential Managers?Examples:Youll be the ______ specialist when youre over this!I cant wait to send you people, let me know when youre ready!I wonder if your friends would like to have a class?How Do I Introduce the Business Opportunity to Potential Managers?Youve referred so many people, how can I help you?Wont it be great when you have a Natures Sunshine Store? (In their home town, Maui, etc.)

SummaryUse the NSP promotions as a way to reach your groupVia email- free and fastVia telephone- low costVia postcard- works best for reminders, takes too long for a promoSummary (continued)Dont assume they already knowAbout the promotionsHow to share/sign- up a new memberSummary (continued)We need to see things multiple times to get itYour personal contact is a great wayDo it every time, on every promoSummary (continued)Let your excitement showAbout the productsAbout your group, inner circleAbout your own Natures Sunshine experience!Keep in touch with your people or someone else will!Thank you!35Lets Answer Some Questions!I-Inspire Doug Corrigan, Director of Field MarketingWhat is I-InspireA Celebration of SharingThe Transformational Power of NSP

April 1- January 31, 2014

Goal: Inspire moreSponsoringRetentionSunshine RewardsManager Development

Communications #1 Rule?REMEMBER YOUR AUDIENCE!39Something for Virtually EveryoneFor BuildersThe Grand Prize (Cruise)For Everyone Who SharesAchiever Awards (Product, Prizes, Recognition)I-Inspire Grand Prize- CruiseTop150 point earners receive a 7-day Cruise!

Plus, additional Cash & Prizes

Simple Eligibility RequirementsBe at least a Manager (non-pending status) on January 31, 2014Maintain or exceed your Group Qualification Volume (GQV) for the period of April 1, 2013 through January 31, 2014 (the Qualification Period QV) against the Base period (April 1, 2012 through January 31, 2013).Manager count as of January 31, 2014 can be no less than your Manager count (if any) as of March 31, 2013.

I-Inspire CruiseSponsor Two New Members in any month and you could win a 7-day cruise!

I-Inspire CruiseNow it the time to make your move!Three Mega Bonus point offers make it possible to catch-up and take massive steps towards winning the 7-day Caribbean cruise!

View Your I-Inspire PointsThe I-Inspire Leader Board

Offer 1: Be a TOP Monthly Point EarnerBe a TOP point earner in September and receive up to 200 bonus points.

Top 1-150 in September receive a 200 point bonus

151-300 in September receive a 100 point bonusOffer 2: Earn TRIPLE PointsDuring September you earn TRIPLE points for SmartStart Sponsoring

Example:Jessica sponsors 3 new members who each purchase 100-300 QV on their sign-up order. Jessica will receive TRIPLE points or 45 total I-Inspire points (instead of 15 pts..) Offer 2: Earn TRIPLE Points ContinuedEarn TRIPLE points when you become a new Manager in September for the 1st time. That is 240 points!

DOUBLE I-Inspire Points in September!

2 points10 points20 points2 points20 points160 points80 points80 points40 pointsOffer 3: Earn DOUBLE PointsFor all other building activities in September!

Currently has 200 points, #1148 in ContestHow could she get on-board?September Activity: 2 SmartStart 3X = 30 points1 New Sunshine Rewards 2X= 40 pts.3 Enrollments2X = 6 points1 Existing Member Sunshine Rewards2X= 20 points6 Repeat orders(2 SR 4 regular) 2X =48 pointsBreaks out as New Manager3X=240 pointsMonths Total = 584 points, places # 67September Top 150 = 200 Bonus points New Total = 784 points

enrolled in May and by averaging between 6-700 GQV the last two months is already an aspiring manager. She wants badly to go on the cruise but despite a great start she is currently ranked just off the leaderboard. She thinks it may be t in your group sponsored two new members in September.51I-Inspire Achiever Rewards Share a little moreFirst Time SponsorsFirst Time Sponsor Receive I-Inspire Sunglasses

Their Future Really is Bright with Sunshine!

HOPE AwardReceive this award when you sponsor 3 new Members in a given month June January, 2014.

What You ReceiveThe HOPE token, and choose a necklace or key chain

A FREE bottle of Open Heart, one of NSPs flower essences formulas

The Health AwardReceive this award when you reach your individualized sponsoring goal between August 1 and October 31 2013


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Product Credit Giveaways!$50 $10064Giveaway Winners Please Contact:Shandi [email protected] you for Participating!Join us tomorrow forHow I Gave Myself a Raise!By LaDonna Frantz

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