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  • 1.MAE 377 Project 08 Mars RoverByJoel Gabrielson

2. Introduction Design goals practical manned Mars rover Existing rovers - Robotic to Manned - suspension system Results - not so practical rover 3. Alternative Designs Means of locomotion - rocker-bogie, classic 4 wheel, bio-mimetic, six-wheel 4. Final Assembly 5. Robotic Arm Modeled after the arm of the Spirit and Opportunity rovers. 6. Robotic Arm BOM 7. Control System 8. Chassis 9. Wheel Assembly 10. Wheel Assembly BOM 11. Animation 12. User Manual There are some things that operators of this rover should know: 1. There is a space to stretch out and rest in the cabin. 2. There is a storage area where you can find food, water, clothing, and other supplies. 3. The six levers control the six wheels. 4. The robotic arm is not a toy. 13. Cost Analysis Current rocket launch costs are about $10,000 per pound, according to If this rover were to be sent into space today, with a total mass of about 57,662 lbs, it would cost about $576,620,000 to get this Mars rover into outer space using todays technology.