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2. INTRODUCTION Who have the idea of Mars One. When will be the project. What will be the object. Who will be the aeronautic companies and sponsors that finance the project. What spaceshifts will go. Interesting information 3. WHO HAVE DE IDEA OF MARS ONE The idea of Mars One is of a Netherlands engineer called Bas Landsdorf. Mars One consists on a colony of people who will spent all there life in Mars. 4. WHEN WILL BE THE PROJECT The project will finish in 2033 with the last spaceshift. Since a couple of years Mars One will sending robots for proves for see recomentable places to install the settlement. 5. WHICH WILL BE THE OBJETIVE What do they want ? -To colognise Mars and investigate what happen to live there. -Or to win money with that project. 6. WHO WILL PAY THE PROJECT The project will be financed by private companies like Byte Internet, Aleph Object, and the editorial who public a book about Earth and Mars. -Also Mars One have spoken with aeronautic companies with great results. 7. SPACESHIFTS THAT WILL GO They will be: In 2014 a satellite of comunication. In 2016 a spaceshift Dragon with 2500 kg with Provisions. In 2018 one vehicle of exploration. In 2020 modules of stationament. In 2022 a Falcon Heavy rocket with a spaceshift Dragon. 8. INTERESTING INFORMATION They sell T-shirts, cups and posters of the project. They have collected 1.2 millions of dollars. -Now a video of Mars One: 9. WE FINISHED I hope you liked, and if you have any question or comments, ask us. 10. WE FINISHED I hope you liked, and if you have any question or comments, ask us.