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MARS MODEL OF INDIVIDUAL BEHAVIOR SALES TEAM @ CITIBANKDionne Miranda Debjani Singha Vinayak Menon Gaurav Agarwal Shahbaj Desai Nitin Nimkar

SUMMARYCitibank is striving to answer many questions in efforts to benefit from positive employee behavior in the workplace. The goal of most companies, including Citibank is to foster a winwin situation for both the company and associate. Implementation of the MARS model to achieve results.

WHAT IS MARS?Identifies four interrelated elements that have an affect on employee performance Motivation , Ability, Role Perceptions & Situational factors. Unless all of the elements of the MARS model are satisfied, employee behavior and performance will be negatively impacted.

A successful Citibank manager will possess a clear understanding of the above mentioned elements and be able to apply them.

CITIBANK SALES TEAMSales team is Persistent Avid Goal Setters They LISTEN Are Passionate Extremely Enthusiastic Take Responsibility for their results Work exceptionally hard Show value


Motivation is the inner power that pushes the sales team of Citibank towards increased performance and achieving a specific sales goal.

What Citibank does to enforce Motivation? Recognizing success Organizational driven (like achievement of targets) Self driven (like ambition to excel). Training Find strengths of each sales team member capitalize on strengths! Provide individual aid to attain goals Positive reinforcement techniques like appreciation, recognition, to encourage the employees to continue their effective performance


Level 1 Physiological & Body Good salary and safe working conditions. Level 2 Safety and Security Job training programs and enrichment. Level 3 Social & Friends - Team building seminars and workplace camaraderie. Level 4 Esteem Employee recognition program for performance and promotion. Level 5 Self-Actualization Autonomy, selecting own assignments.


Ability refers to an individuals capacity to perform the various tasks in a job.

It is current assessment of what one can do

Sales Team should consist of - Natural aptitude & Learned ability


Those skills possessed by the sales team Best salespeople possess vast knowledge about how to connect with and motivate people - and perhaps take the company to the next level.

Skills consist of - problem solver - well-organized

NATURAL APTITUDE- Self-starter and self-finisher - A successful person moves forward on their own. - Positive self-image - Well-mannered and Courteous - Naturally persuasive - Person of Integrity


Sales people with a positive attitude SELL more!


Selling is a learned skill! Training ensures - sales presentation skills - interpersonal skills - general management skills, etc.


Role behaviour pattern which an individual occupies and is expected to display

Perception understanding how one is supposed to behave in a particular role by observing the behaviour of another individual.

IMPORTANT salespeople should understand expectations of Citibank and their customer


What does this require? Open

communication to air concerns by Everyone



Internal Factors A safe work environment + adequate time + right people = aspects of the workplace governed by the organization



- Recession - Change in government norms


The highest motivated sales person will perform for the benefit of Citibank and will reap in numbers. Citibank Managers will need to understand the key tasks, the required skill set to accomplish the job and effectively hire the best candidate. Providing necessary training will ensure associates will be given the best chance for success. Thus, we have looked in to various aspects of performance enhancement exploiting the MARS model