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Transcript of Marketing Plan for Nike Basketball Shoes - Crater High · PDF fileMarketing Plan for Nike...

  • Marketing Plan for Nike Basketball Shoes

    Introduction to Marketing

    Period 4

    Friday, June 1, 2012

    Tanner Jaasko

  • Nike Zoom KD IV: The Nike Zoom KD IV is a high performance basketball shoe made by the

    company Nike. This shoe offers a sleek new design as well as great traction, good ventilation,

    comfortable cushioning, and great durability.

    Clients Status in the Market

    Nikes Status in the current market is that it is doing very well. Nikes stock is up around

    the price of $108, and they keep making new successful products. The company is still

    growing, increasing its sales, and is projected to do well into the future.

    The basketball shoe industry is doing well in selling and producing better products for its

    target market which is athletes. The industry keeps advancing in new shoe technology

    like lightweight technology and new materials for making shoes.

    Buyer Profile


    Athletes from the ages of 10-30, with any income level, all over the world.


    People that have a more athletic lifestyle, play basketball and or is influenced by professional


  • SWOT Analysis

    Nike Zoom KD 4

    Strengths: It has really good traction and has lots of support and is built well. Weaknesses: The weakness is it doesnt have good cushioning. Opportunities: It has a very flashy style attracting lots of people as well as basketball player Kevin Durant promoting it. Threats: It brings unique and attractive style as well as a very high performance shoe on the court.

    Reebock Zig Encore

    Strengths: It has Great Transition when cutting and fantastic Heel Cushioning. Opportunities: It has a unique design that can attract different players throughout age levels. Threats: With its unique and different design it could become a popular choice for many athletes. Weaknesses: It can get worn out easily and it is very pricy.

  • adidas adiZero Rose 2.5

    Strengths: It has outstanding support, solid traction, extremely lightweight, great court feel and durable. Opportunities: Its a state of the art shoe with unique design worn by former MVP Derrick Rose, this makes it a fairly popular shoe for players out of any age group. Threats: It is a state of the art shoe with new light weight technology worn by the former MVP Derrick Rose. Weaknesses: forefoot is roomy and could hold the foot over the footbed better.

    Primary Research Results

    Nike is a company that designs, develops, markets and sells high quality footwear, apparel, and

    equipment and accessory products. Its athletic footwear products are designed primarily for specific

    athletic use, although a large percentage of the products are worn for casual purposes. The company

    sells footwear in the categories of running, training, basketball, soccer, sport-inspired casual shoes, and

    kid's shoes. It markets footwear designs for baseball, cheerleading, football, golf, lacrosse, outdoor

    activities, skateboarding, tennis, volleyball, walking, wrestling, and other athletic and recreational uses.

    Business Proposition

    1. Our mission statement is: To inspire and bring new athletic technologies to people across the


    2. We will use TV commercials and internet ads; we want website like Eastbay and ESPN and other

    sport related sites. This is so that our target market will see the shoes on websites and want to

    buy them. For a 30 sec TV commercial it would cost $350,000. For an ad on a website it is

    anywhere from $30 a month to $300 a month depending on the website. Our sources are:

    3. We will release the shoe worldwide on the date of June 12, 2012. The long term goal is to sell 2

    million shoes by 2013.

  • 4. We will sell to our target market which is male athletes from the ages 10 30 to reach our goals.

    The income level of the people and their families that is buying our product is any income level

    because every class of people the lower class will want these shoes because they will last a long

    time, the dont cost very much compared to other shoes, and people that play basketball need

    shoes so these would be a good pick. For the middle class and higher these shoes have a very

    attractive style and preform very well making our product one of the best to buy, therefor

    making athletes of every class want these shoes.

    5. The value added in our product is not only does this shoe look great and perform well, its sturdy,

    well ventilated, and has good traction and is built very well so it will last for a long time. During

    the first practice or game that the athlete is wearing the shoe in, they will begin to notice all the

    great features and comfort that aid their game. This can cause the athlete to buy another pair

    when needed or pre-commit them to buying the new Kevin Durant shoe that comes out in the

    following year.

    Marketing Mix

    Product Our product is the Nike Zoom KD IV. Considering the target market, (Athletes

    between ages 10 and 30) we believe we will have success selling a shoe that is sponsored by

    one of the best athletes in the world.

    Price Nike wants them to be sold at $95.00. This is a considerably low price comparing them

    to other athletes shoes that are priced as high as $160.00. These shoes perform at a very high

    level for their price too. They have top of the line grip and durability complimented by

    lightweight features.

    Place They will be sold online, Nike outlets, shopping malls, and participating athletic retailers

    such as Champs and Foot Locker. The shoes will be distributed to every sports store with Nike

    contracts like champs and foot locker. A larger amount of the shoes will be sent to more largely

    populated cities and areas but the shoe will be featured all over the world, knowing that there

    are athletes all over the world.

    Promotion This shoe will be worn by Kevin Durant throughout the playoffs and there will be

    signs displayed in athletic stores and commercials on TV showing Kevin Durant himself wearing

    the shoe. We will show the best qualities of the shoe possibly through displays of Durants

    amazing athleticism. When seeing Durant perform so well in these shoes the consumer will

    begin to think that having the shoe can give them an edge on the competition. This belief will

    create a more intense feeling of desire for the shoes within the consumer.

  • 1. Do you like the design of the shoe?

    Yes No

    2. How much are you willing to pay for basketball shoes?

    $50 or lower $70 or lower $100 or lower $150 or lower Even Higher

    3. Please circle the colors you would like in a basketball shoe.

    Black White Red Blue Green Yellow Gold Purple Gray Orange Silver Other:__________

    4. How many pairs of basketball shoes do you buy in a year?

    1 2 3 4 5 More None

    5. In what season do you usually purchase basketball shoes?

    Winter Fall Summer Spring

    6. Which factor in a shoe is most important to you?

    Durability Ventilation Style Traction Lightweight

    7. Where would you most likely buy this shoe?

    Store Mall Internet

    8. Where do you see/hear shoe advertisements?

    Billboards Internet Store Advertisements TV Commercials

    9. Does Kevin Durants involvement with the shoe persuade you to buy the shoe anymore?

    Yes No

    10. How often do you use/wear basketball shoes?

    Never Daily Weekly Monthly Yearly

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