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Creating and following through on your marketing plan is essential to yoursuccess. Make sure you\'re on the right track!

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  • 1. I Do or I Dont
  • 2. A marketing strategy combines organized efforts related to a business goal by: identifying the companys marketing goals explaining how they will be achieved has measureable results specifies a timeframe for each effort A sales pitch takes on one idea without consideration of the effects on the whole and hopes for the best ROI.
  • 3. Marketing strategies are interconnected Business methods of focusing Networking a company on a course of action which can lead to increased sales and Brand Social dominance of a Awareness Media targeted market niche.
  • 4. If you believe you have a product that everyone needs and wants, you are too elusive for anyone to want what you have. If you cant list your prospects by name chances are they dont know your name either.
  • 5. Burger King doesnt sell a better burger than McDonalds, they just know how to market it. McDonalds = Best known fast food burger Burger King = Have it your way Wendys = Hot & fresh
  • 6. 92% of Americans use multiple sources for news on a typical day 75% of online news is forwarded 50% of Americans rely on people they know to tell them what information is important 37% actively interact and share online
  • 7. Your business is open 24/7, 365 Reach a global market, everyone buys Consumers get information online A tool for gathering data and selling Website YouTube Blog Google Owned 34% of bloggers post opinions about 1 Billion videos served each day products & brands 12.2 Billion viewed in the US/month 78% of consumers trust peer Only 16% uploaded per week recommendations Exec presentations, training, marketing Identifies you as a expert YOU videos Ever changing and gives a reason to return Twitter Facebook 24 Million Users 400 Million Users 50 Million Tweets/day LinkedIn Log in daily for 55 minutes 88% Small businesses 2nd Most trafficked site behind Google 73% using less than 3 months 60 Million Users #1 Photo sharing site in world 35+ Age group 1.9 billion pages viewed/month 1 New user/second & outside US Strategic business partnerships Qualified Connections
  • 8. Event Business Coordination Networking Referral Programs Sales Campaigns Newsletters Brand Awareness Brochures Logo Design Web Writing Social Media Online Training Strategies
  • 9. Sheryl Theisen 413.454.2198