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In my application presentation for Cambell & Mithun's Lucky 13 internship, I explore how sassy old ladies can help market the Hyperloop to new audiences.

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2. commuting sucks. 3. commuting sucks. stop and go... 4. commuting sucks. stop and go... dirty subways... 5. commuting sucks. stop and go... dirty subways... busy airports... 6. commuting sucks. stop and go... dirty subways... busy airports... noise... 7. commuting sucks. stop and go... dirty subways... busy airports... noise... lines... 8. commuting sucks. stop and go... dirty subways... busy airports... noise... lines... he touching my butt on purpose? 9. introducing:HYPERLOOP the de-stress express! 10. HYPERLOOP IS... The Future! like sci-fi, but real! Elon Musks thing hes cool. Gotta love Iron Man!New & Exciting yay engineering and stuff!Basically, every Silicon Valley-ite under thirty will be super pumped to give Hyperloop a go (so that they can blog about it later, of course)...But what about everyone else? 11. H Y P E R LO O P I S A L S O . . . Quick LA. to San Fran in 30 min. Quiet like an electric car, but really fast! Also, without the incessant Californian honking war.Private only six people to a pod, and then theres the car pod option...These features are highly attractive to older groups, especially ladies! This campaigns target audience is potential Hyperloop riders, specifically females. 12. Meet Dawn.Im trying to commute here! Dawn is approaching 60, but shes young at heart. Dawn knows what she wants. Shes the long-time personal assistant to a Hollywood producer, so she can hold her own around big egos. For her job, Dawn spends a lot of time in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Dawn decided to try out Hyperloop after her car overheated once while waiting in traffic on I-5. Ever since, shes been hooked. She uses her half hour commute on the Hyperloop as much-needed me-time. In a series of brief TV spots, Dawn is shown making the pod-space her own, relaxing and being a fabulous, hilariously pampered older lady (Lucile Bluth meets Donna Meagle).1. Dawn reclines in a Hyperloop seatwith cucumbers over her eyes. Shes wearing a pink fluffy robe. Her ipod is audibly on, but only a low beat can by clearly heard.2. Dawn realizes that someone is staring at her, jerks up, and catches one fallen cucumber. Her sassy look says excuse me?! She says Im trying to commute here! She takes a bite of the cucumber.3. Chewing, Dawn settles back into herchair as the pod doors close. Through windows, we see her speed off, and her ipod music becomes clear. Shes listening to some bad ass hip-hop. 13. Why Dawn? Why Dawn? Hyperloop hype will be big, especially on the internet, where the idea solely lives today. The on line hype will reach mostly young males. Featuring an older female in a marketing campaign will work to spread the word to older female audiences, but it will by no means alienate younger groups. Due to their natural lack of giving a damn, old ladies are the original hipsters. Every 20-something female cannot wait to become a sassy, eccentric old lady herself.Love yourself, dont care what the haters think, and age is just a number have become dominant themes in American culture. 50-something Dawn embodies these cultural attitudes in a humorous, exaggerated way, much like sassy television characters Lucille Bluth (Arrested Development) and Donna Meagle (Parks and Recreation), both of whom are adored and emulated by large young audiences of both genders.Treat. Yo. Self.-Donna from Parks and RecreationId rather be dead in California than alive in Arizona -Lucille from Arrested Development 14. The question, how old are you? is never uttered in this city [...] People who move to San Francisco seem to have both a Peter Pan complex and a very adventurous spirit. These brave young adventurers, regardless of age, will meet up and participate in all kinds of activities... -Lewis Krell, for Huffington Post San Francisco: Where Age is Just a Number 15. Print ads carefully placed near bus stops and on billboards along I-5 are imperative to any Hyperloop campaign in California. This fun, easily iterated print ad campaign features a series of not-so-cute photos of people asleep or deeply relaxing in Hyperloop seats like theyre right at home or perhaps at a spa. Cute, oversized typography overlays these images with slogans about how nice it is to chillax during your commute on the Hyperloop. Comedic visual contrast is what were going for here. Riders are encouraged to tweet about how they spent their half hour. #tubetime HYPERLOOPLike a newborn in the backseat.HYPERLOOPPowered by dreams. And the sun. (mostly the sun.)HYPERLOOPLA is just a nap away. 16. A few more print ad slogans...Unwind at 800 mphDreaming of San Fransisco electromagnetic me-timeExperts say, the ideal length of a power nap is 20 - 30 minutes. LA. to San Fransisco on the Hyperloop is a 30 minute ride. Coincidence? We think not.Treat yourself to some quality tube time. 17. Basically,theH Y P E R LO O P Awesome, H Y P E R LO O P easy as pie a piece of cakeand marketing it can and will beislike a day at the spa... 18. Its really easy to build a campaign that relies on Hyperloopsinherent california tech coolness factor.But it is important that this campaign not onlydisplays cool;it must alsoCREATE COOL.New cool that appeals and applies to new people. 19. Meet the new cool. 20. k you T han andt in e s V a le n Happy Day!email [email protected] twitter @shannonjeanne_3 portfolio tumblr galumphingabout.tumblr.comAbout the author: Shannon Fletcher Shannon just graduated from the University of Minnesota, where she studied poetry and philosophy and other lovely things that have no lucrative ends! She is a mostly self-taught designer and one day, she would like to be paid to think un-thought thoughts and make pretty stuff. She really likes collaboration and esspresso. According to a Buzzfeed quiz, if she were a pop-star, shed be Beyonc. Finding that out was a big moment for her. She has a pet bunny.