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  • 8/3/2019 Marine Offshore Brochure


    Sel-lubricating bearings orMarine and Oshore Applications



  • 8/3/2019 Marine Offshore Brochure


    DEVA sel-lubricating bearingsin Marine and Oshore Applications

    Today Federal-Mogul DEVA is valued worldwide as a particularly

    prime address or maintenance-ree, sel-lubricating sliding bearings

    ullling the highest standards in industrial applications. At our

    location in Germany, we use state-o-the-art equipment to develop and

    manuacture bearing systems rom 1 to 32,000 mm in diameter.

    With our highly motivated team, we have one aim only: to constantly

    rearm the satisaction o our customers, thus ensuring steady growth

    in demand or DEVA products. Find more inormation in the Internet

    under or

    DEVA test rigs

    Design, Reseach& Development

    Investment or innovation

    Oshore and Marine applications constantly require new bearing developments. Federal-MogulDEVAs application engineers work on new bearing designs rom the initial inquiry to the nal design.

    It might all start rom a preliminary inquiry speciying application details such as loads, speeds,

    riction distance and other conditions, and maybe a required lietime. Based on this inormation a

    suitable DEVA bearing material is chosen rom hundreds o options to meet the design requirements

    or any particular application. The best results are usually achieved, i we work in close collaboration

    with our customers.

    Ater all, we at DEVA know our bearing materials better than anyone else. We know that they

    suit the extreme Marine and Oshore demands because we have 70 years o experience o

    manuacturing bearings.

    DEVAs R&D sta is constantly developing and even patenting new materials. In addition to that we

    are able to perorm tests on dierent materials simulating a var iety o conditions according to the

    application specications. Federal-Mogul DEVA uses unique and customized test rigs. We are not

    only able to test bushings and plates applying dierent movements, loads and speeds, but also under

    special conditions like extreme heat, dierent oils or sliding pastes, sea water and sand, sub-zero

    temperatures and hydrodynamic lubrication, just to name a ew.

    What are Your demands like? We at Federal-Mogul DEVA would like to know.

  • 8/3/2019 Marine Offshore Brochure



  • 8/3/2019 Marine Offshore Brochure


    Turret bearings orFPSO, FSO, FSRUs, etc.

    Mooring buoy bearings

    Rudder bearings

    CPP-pitch regulation bearings

    Ramps & hatches

    Cranes & bridges


    Chain stoppers

    Trim tabs and stabilizers

    Rig jack-up systemsDrilling equipment

    Mooring systems

    Gas loading arms

    Pipe couplings

    Boat liting hooks

    Burner boom

    Tugboat-barge coupling

    Subsea applicationsDredgers



    Net catchers



    Door bushings

    Anchor handling equipment

    Marine energy systems

    and many more ...


  • 8/3/2019 Marine Offshore Brochure


    DEVA calotte bearing for pivot points

    The market or sel-lubricating and maintenance-ree bearings

    is growing rapidly within the Marine and Oshore Industries.

    Increasing maintenance cost, the pressure o competition and

    the need to be environmentally riendly is leading companies to

    change the way bearings have been used or decades: Grease

    is substituted with solid lubricants which orm a lm with lowriction between the bearing and the mating part, thus separating

    them rom each other. This allows a low and controlled wear

    combined with low riction. Extreme operating conditions and

    challenges like high loads, stick-slip, chemicals, edge load, dirt,

    corrosion, small angular movements, extreme temperatures,

    dicult or impossible lubrication among others are everyday

    challenges or Federal-Mogul DEVA. A high-end sel-lubricat ing

    bearing can be used as a solution or all these demands.

    DEVA has a broad range o dierent maintenance-ree materials,

    enabling a custom-made bearing solution or each application,

    regardless o i submerged, above surace or in the splash zone.

    Maintenance-free bearingtechnology at a glance

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    deva.glide materials consist o highly wear-resistant

    copper cast alloys showing sliding suraces with

    evenly provided solid lubricant plugs according to

    the so-called macro distribution principle. These

    plugs are arranged according to the movement

    requirements. The high density o the bronze ensures

    high stability under load along with good dirt particle

    embedding properties into the lubricant plugs.

    Under dry running conditions, deva.glide is supplied

    with a 10 - 15 m thick running-in lm which enables the

    solid lubricant to be transerred to the mating material

    at the rst contact between the sliding partners.


    allows maintenance-ree operation due to the solidlubricant content o the sliding material.

    can accomodate high static and dynamic loads.

    has a consistently low coecient o r iction withoutstick-slip eects.

    is resistant to dirt, corrosion, impact stress and edgeloads.

    is provided with a vibration absorbing base material.

    can be used over a large temperature range.

    can be used in salt water.

    does not absorb water and ensures maximumdimensional accuracy.

    is electrically conductive. No electrostatic charging eectsoccur.

    tolerates a high level o misalignment.

    can also be used in applications involving additional,conventional lubrication.

    available also as a thinwalled version.

    deva.tex is a sel-lubricating, glass-bre reinorced composite bearing material

    which is produced using a special winding technology. The base material

    ensures high strength, while the sliding layer contains special non-abrasive

    bres and solid lubricants which ensure excellent tribological properties even

    in damp environments or in the event o edge loads. The solid lubricants were

    developed to give extremely low coecients o rict ion and wear rates in both

    wet and dry-running conditions.


    is available as a precision cylindrical or spherical bushing with inner diametertolerances H8/D8/E8, or as a standard bushing with inner diameter toleranceD11. The required grade o precision depends on the application.

    is available as spherical available as plates made o a sliding layer withor without glassbre backing.

    is available as radial segments produced with the required radius.

    can be machined to the required inner or outer diameter.

    requires no additional lubrication.

    can be equipped with cleaning grooves.

    allows or maintenance-ree operation.

    can accommodate high static and dynamic loads.

    shows no swelling in liquids.

    is suitable or rotating, oscillating and linear movements.

    withstands temperatures up to 160 C (cylindrical bearings).

    can be used in seawater (certication or rudder bearings DNV and GL).

    can be used in corrosive environments.

    is non-sensitive to impact loads and shock loads.

    is non-sensitive to vibrations.

    is suitable or micro-movements.

    can be used in a vacuum.

    New deva.glide


  • 8/3/2019 Marine Offshore Brochure



    deva.metal is a amily o high perormance, sel-

    lubricating bearing materials. The deva.metal system

    is based on our main groups bronze, iron, nickel and

    stainless steel each containing dry solid lubricant, most

    commonly graphite, uniormly dispersed within the metal


    Important selection criteria are the sliding speed,

    specic load, temperature and other application-specic



    normally requires no lubrication.

    provides maintenance ree operation.

    has high static and dynamic load capacity.

    has good rictional properties with negligiblestick-slip.

    can be used in dusty environments.

    can be used in a temperature range o-200C to +800C, depending on alloy.

    grades may be selected to tolerate corrosive applications.

    has no water absorption and is thereore dimensionallystable, suitable or use in sea water and manycommercial liquids.

    alloys are available or use in radioactive environments.

    is electrically conductive. No signs o electrostaticcharging occur.

    is suitable or translatory, rotational and oscillatingmovements with cylindrical guide or also or directsurace use. These movements can occur individually orin combination.

    is used where conventional lubrication is not possible.

    oers advantages or low-cost lubrication in comparisonto conventional bearing materials.

    can be used as back-up bearing or hydrodynamiclubrication.

    can be used with hydrodynamic water lubrication. is a sel-lubricating composite bearing material,

    comprising a seawater resistant stainless steel backing with

    a sliding layer o deva.metal. is produced using a special sintering process to

    get the ollowing advantages.

    normally requires no lubrication.allows maintenance-ree operation.

    possesses a high static and dynamic load-bearingcapacity.

    has a low coecient o riction.

    is stick-slip-ree.

    oers a high margin o saety againstmating material damage.

    is utilisable in dusty environments.

    is utilisable at temperatures rangingrom -190 C to +280 C.

    is utilisable in corrosive environments.does not absorb water and ensures maximumdimensional accuracy.

    is utilisable in seawater.

    is utilisable in radioactive environments.

    is electrically conductive.No electrostatic charging eects occur.

    is suitable or rotational, oscillating and linearmovements.

    is suitable or micro movements.

    is suitable even or applicationsinvolving high edge pressures.

    For details please check the technical documentation

    and handbooks o Federal-Mogul DEVA products and

    contact our engineering team.

  • 8/3/2019 Marine Offshore Brochure


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