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For Olivia, Christmas 2011

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  • 1. Maria from Peru Comes to live with Olivia!An e-book by Margaret Simkin

2. Hi Olivia, my name is Maria and I comefrom Cusco, Peru. 3. Your name is Olivia and you come fromSydney, Australia 4. Peru is a country in South America.Peru is where I am pointing. 5. Australia is an island country. Sydney is where you live! 6. I come from the AndesMountains, a placecalled Cusco. 7. You come from a home near SydneyHarbour 8. Cusco is not far from Macchu Picchu 9. Sydney is the biggest city in Australia. 10. Macchu Picchu was built many years ago by people called the Incas. They felt safehigh up on the mountain top hidden in theclouds. 11. Sydney was built many years ago by English settlers. They needed a port so they could travel hometo England (where your Daddy comes from)! 12. Peru has lots of dry desert." website: 13. If you fly across the desert in a plane you can see the Nazca lines 14. No one knows how these lines were made.Did you paint them Olivia? 15. Australia has a lot of desert too. This isthe Simpson Desert. 16. In Peru people farm alpaca. 17. In Australia people like Margaret and Gary farm sheep.Here is your cousin Sarah holding a baby lamb, and a baby Olivia! 18. This is Perus flag 19. Here is Australias flagIt has stars like you have on your face! 20. Peru has the Amazon River which is really big. 21. Sydney has a big harbour! 22. Now I have left Peru and come toSydney! 23. One day you might go to Peru and see the Amazon River! 24. Now I am in Sydney, will you look afterme? 25. We hope you have enjoyed the bookOlivia.Merry Christmas from your relatives in Tarrington 2011 26. All images in this bookHave been copied from Creative CommonsLicensed sites and listed as able to bemanipulated. Sources are as shown on eachpage, or taken by Margaret Simkin (OliviasAunt) or Barbara Durance (Olivias Mum)