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  • 1. The Law Offices of Macey, Aleman & Searns PARTNERS MAIN OFFICE ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICE Mark Osterman (AK)Katrina Washington (AL) 233 S. Wacker Dr., Suite 5150 13205 US Hwy 1, Suite 302 Steve Westerfield (AR) Chicago, IL 60606 Juno Beach, FL 33408 Cynthia Starkey (AZ) Phone: (312) 753-7535 Phone: (561) 721-8272 Adam Gerard (CA) Fax: (877) 216-2088 Fax: (561) 370-6190 Mark Hofgard (CO) Jason Searns (CO) Dear Client, Dan Ruggiero (CT) Tamara McDowell (DC) Thank you for entrusting your home to The Law Offices of Macey, Aleman & Searns. We are a full service Matthew Carucci (DE) law firm that focuses on resolving all mortgage related issues. We are hopeful to find a mortgage workout Gary Singer (FL) which will fit not only your current financial situation but allow you financial security in the future as well. Anne Edwards (GA) Everett Walton (HI) We know this is a stressful time for you and our goal is to help alleviate as much as that stress as Thomas Sundvold (IA) possible. Collection activity on your account will likely continue while you are in the foreclosure Thomas Humphrey (ID) process even if you are working with your lender on a resolution. Our goal is to slow down the Colin Banyon (IL) foreclosure process and make the banks prove up their case to allow you the maximum amount of Jeffrey Aleman (IL) time to achieve your goals with respect to the property (i.e., entering into a loan modification, working Thomas Macey (IL) Kelly Sibert (IL) out a short sale, repayment plan, forbearance plan, deedin-lieu of foreclosure, consent judgment, etc.) Eric Jackson (IN) To make this process successful, you must read the following pages carefully. However, the Matt Durgin (KS) requirements below are critical to the success of your modification; we cannot help you if you do Joseph Blandford (KY) not comply with them. Donald Hodge (LA) Dan Ruggiero (MA) 1) COOPERATE WITH YOUR ATTORNEY AND THE ATTORNEYS STAFF. It is imperative Sheron Barton (MD) that you comply with our requests and actively participate in this process. Your responsibilities Jeremey Miller (ME) do not end as soon as you hand in your initial paperwork. You must stay actively involved in Jeff Cojocar (MI) the process so that we may contact you immediately, should we require additional information. Daniel Reiff (MN) You must also keep us informed of ANY changes in your circumstances and send us all Stephen Coffin (MO) John Windsor (MS) documents you receive from your mortgage lender, loan servicer, or the court. Mark Anderson (MT) 2) RETURN ALL CALLS AND EMAIL IMMEDIATELY. You MUST check your email and voicemail Harry Marsh (NC) at least two time per day and return any communication from us immediately and in no Keith Trader (ND) circumstance more than 48 hours from when we attempt to contact you. Thomas Sundvold (NE) Jeremey Miller (NH) 3) SUBMIT ALL DOCUMENTS WITHIN 48 HOURS OF OUR REQUEST. You must submit all David Knapp (NJ) requested documents to us within 48 hours of our request and all documents must be complete Denise Snyder (NM) and accurate. Michael Terry (NV) Dan Ruggiero (NY) We want your resolution and/or modification to be successful and completed as quickly as possible. Robert Raper (OH) To do this, we need your help. Please remember that if you fail to meet any of the above requirements, Ron Brown (OK) you are in breach of your responsibilities and you are sole responsible for any negative actions your Alex Golubitsky (OR) mortgage lender or loan servicer may take due to your failure to comply with these requirements. Ronald Rojas (PA) Alberto De Diego (PR) If you have any questions, please contact us immediately so that we may continue working together Burton Kliman (RI) to solve your mortgage problem. We look forward to helping you on your way to financial stability. Phil Murdock (SC) Dwight Moore (TN) Sincerely, Chris Miglilaccio (TX) Justin Rammell (UT) Edith Gray (VA) Tim King (VT) Macey, Aleman and Searns Chris Mercado (WA) The Mortgage Law Group, LLP Greg Straub (WI) Managing Attorney Justin Rammell (WY) Jason Searns
  • 2. RETAINER AGREEMENTI. Parties and Purposes: This Agreement for legal services is entered into on the date shown below between The Mortgage Law Group, LLP, also known as the law firm of Macey, Aleman & Searns (hereinafter referred to as TMLG), and MARIA ADDISON ________________________________ (hereinafter referred to as Client). Client has engaged TMLG to provide foreclosure defense services in connection with Clients real estate and related contract, mortgage(s) or similarly secured documents. Such litigation defense will include all services as outlined in Section III Scope below, as well as, where appropriate, negotiations for mortgage workout solutions including, but not limited to, loan modification, forbearance, repayment, deed-in-lieu of foreclosure, cash for keys, consent foreclosure, sale or short sale, resolution of issues involving junior liens or judgments attached to the property, and securing the Client the time required to be properly considered for the aforementioned options with respect to the subject property, including an appropriate exit from the property if in the best interests of the Client (collectively referred to as Mortgage Relief Services herein). In addition, the Client will receive, at no additional cost, law-related services including budget counseling, financial coaching and identity monitoring. This contract is solely between TMLG, any assigns, or related entities that may be formed in the future and not any individual, partner, member, or employee of TMLG.II. Condition of Effectiveness: This Agreement does not take effect, and TMLG has no obligation to provide any services, until both the Client and TMLG have executed a copy of this Agreement and delivered such copy to the other party.III. Scope: TMLG will provide appropriate defense of a foreclosure action commenced by parties holding a secured interest in Clients real estate which is defined and limited as follows: a) Review of all complaints or pleadings in regard to the foreclosure of any mortgage or similar secured interest in regard to the Clients real estate located at (Location of Real Estate). Upon timely receipt of the foreclosure Summons and Complaint or related document from Client, TMLG will attempt to resolve the litigation prior to formally responding to the lawsuit with a court pleading. 1. In order for receipt to be considered timely, Client must deliver to TMLG, at its designated office for receipt of such matters, a copy of the Summons and Complaint or similar document served upon Client immediately upon receipt, but in no event any later than fifteen (15) days prior to a response being due. b) Filing a responsive pleading to any complaint, pleading or secured interest document litigation, including attendance at required court hearings, if TMLG is unable to reach a satisfactory settlement with the appropriate creditor. c) Any and all required court filing fees and costs to respond to the Complaint served upon Client are the responsibility of the Client. (See attached Terms, Conditions and Disclosures for further information regarding court costs). d) TMLG and Client agree that TMLG, as a part of its defense of any foreclosure action, will attempt to enter into a mortgage workout solution with Clients mortgage servicer(s). Client agrees that TMLG is retained to perform the following services in connection with the matter: evaluation of client financial data in relation to clients mortgage(s); review and evaluation of Clients current loan terms; Client counseling of mortgage workout options and corresponding likelihood of success; communicating and negotiating with the servicer of the note and/or its assignees (including but not limited to investors and trustees) to effectuate a workout solution for the Property; review, assessment, and explanation of workout details of documents memorializing workout terms. e) Client agrees that TMLG is not retained to perform the following services: 1. Tax, financial planning or accounting advice; 2. Modification, collection or improvement of Clients credit reports or scores; 3. Any bankruptcy advice, except as specifically provided for below; 4. Performance of other debt resolution services such as debt settlement;