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New Zealand Sport

New Zealand Sport& OlympicsMarcus NeilandNils Hendrik SeimannPopular SportsNetballCricketHorseracingRugbyFootball (soccer)Tennis

Other SportsAustralian footballAmerican footballBasketballBoxingCanoeingCycling

NetballStarted in 1890sSimilar to basketballMost popular women sport in New Zealand7 vs 7 players on court with limited movementPlayed by 20 million people in 80 countries

New Zealand Olympics6New Zealand Olympics historyNew Zealand has not yet hosted an Olympics.The first New Zealander to compete at the Olympic game was Victor Lindberg who competed for the Osborne Swimming.New Zealand first sent an independent team in 1920.Before 1920 New Zealand athletes competed with Australia in a combined Australasia team.Since 1908 New Zealand has sent athletes to compete in every Olympic summer games.

7New Zealand Olympics historyThe first New Zealand Olympic team included 2 runners, a rower and a 15 years old girl swimmer.Three New Zealanders won a medal competing for Australasia team.8New Zealand in summer olympics

9New Zealand in winter olympics

10New Zealand in olympicsMost Olympic medals for New Zealand have been won by the rowing teams with 21 medals in total.New Zealand athletic teams have won 20 medals in total.New Zealand sailing teams have won 18 medals in total.Shooting, field hockey and alpine skiing teams have got only 1 medal in total.New Zealand have won 102 medals in all summer Olympics.In Winter Olympics they have won only 1 medal.11Used sourcesInternational Netball Federation - Barnes blog -