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Porsche Club News 1/05 March 2005

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Transcript of March 2005 PorscheClub - Dr. Ing. h.c. F. Porsche AG · 4S Cabriolet and Turbo Cabriolet ver-sions...

  • Porsche ClubNews 1/05

    March 2005

  • For more information, visit

    After a long, hard winter,

    invigorate your Porsche for the spring.

    Porsche Spring Check

    Porsche Service

    The Porsche Spring Check will give your car a clean bill of health after the rigours of winter. Using specially defined checklists, we will give your Porsche a thoroughinspection to prepare it perfectly for the coming spring months. As part of the service, we can also fit your summer tyres or store the hardtop of your Cabriolet. To find out more about the range of services on offer, please contact your Porsche dealer.

  • had the chance to visit some of theseevents during 2004, and have fondmemories of the Porsche Parades inJapan and Spain and the Porsche ClubTour in Ireland.

    However, there were many other fas-cinating events, including the SouthAfrica Parade, the result of outstand-ing co-operation between variousregional Clubs, the InternationalPorsche Classic meetings in Deauville(France) and Williamsburg (USA), the928 meeting in Great Britain, whichset a new record for visitors, the sec-ond running of the Le Mans Classicmeeting with over 1,500 participantsand the Porsche Club Festival atBrands Hatch/GB with almost 11,000visitors, to name but a few.

    As was reported in the Porsche ClubNews in December 2004, in GreatBritain the launch of the new 911involved a unique level of co-operationbetween the Porsche Centres, our sub-sidiary and the Porsche Club GreatBritain.

    This is one indication of the fact that,in our expanding Porsche family, ourmembers are continuing to developcloser links with the Porsche Centresand subsidiaries. For 2005, we haveset ourselves the objective of achiev-ing an even closer relationship with thePorsche Clubs.

    Apart from the pure sales figures,Porsche was extremely successful inmany other areas in 2004: • In terms of its product policy,

    Porsche is currently at theabsolute zenith of its develop-ment. Our two new sports cars,the 911 and the Boxster,received unanimously positive

    Porsche Club News 1/05



    Dear Porsche Club members,

    it is just a few weeks since our world-wide dealership organisation presentedthe new Boxster to you, while thelaunch of a new model focused every-body’s attention on the 911 in the sum-mer of 2004. We have never presentedour customers with two new genera-tions of sports cars within such a shortperiod of time before. These launcheshave made the past year one of themost exciting in the history of Porsche.

    Mainly thanks to the Cayenne, Porschemanaged to increase its sales by 15 percent to 76,827 units in the2003/04 financial year, with the sports off-roader alone accounting for39,913 vehicles. This more than com-pensated for the fall in sales of oursports cars. Sales of the 911 seriesfell by 14.7 percent compared to theprevious year, although the new 9114S Cabriolet and Turbo Cabriolet ver-sions gave an enormous boost to salesof the higher priced models. In the lastmodel year, the Boxster posted salesof 12,988 units, which saw it maintainits position against new modelslaunched by our competitors.

    Last but not least, the high perform-ance Carrera GT sports car, also pro-duced in Leipzig, caused a furore inthe industry press and once againproved Porsche’s expertise when itcomes to adapting racing technologyfor use on the road. Overall, we canlook back on an extremely successfulyear and we can proudly confirm thatthe launch of the Cayenne as our 3rdseries has been a triumph.

    However, the high level of acceptanceachieved by the Cayenne is not justreflected in the sales figures. TheCayenne has also celebrated a suc-cessful introduction to the PorscheClubs, and has been welcomed intothe family of Porsche vehicles withgreat enthusiasm. In the slalom com-petition at the USA Parade last year,some of you impressively demonstrat-ed exactly why we are justified in call-ing the Cayenne a sports car! I wouldlike to take this opportunity to remindyou that, as a customer, you have thechance to experience the Cayenne tothe limits, both on and off-road, underthe guidance of professional instruc-tors at our running in and testing trackin Leipzig.

    It was not only Porsche AG that had aneventful and successful year in 2004– it was an amazing year for thePorsche Clubs too. Around 9,000events organised by the Porsche Clubsbear witness to the tremendous com-mitment of Porsche enthusiasts world-wide. Special thanks go to every oneof them!

    The trend is moving further towardslarge international events, whichattract an increasingly large communi-ty of Porsche fans every year. I con-sider myself very fortunate to have

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    reviews, were welcomed enthusi-astically by the internationalindustry press and won numerousimportant comparison tests.

    • In its 41st year, we completelyredesigned the 911 and improvedit in all respects. The basic model and the more powerful Sversion satisfy every customerrequirement and the new modelsalso achieved significant gains interms of power.

    • At the end of 2004, we presentedthe new 911 Cabriolet to a global public in Detroit. It will be available from early 2005 at yourPorsche Centre. The 2005 Cabriolet season is now open!

    • The new Boxster represents thesecond generation of the roadster,which is already turning into aclassic. When presented at theAutomobilsalon in Paris, theBoxster met with a euphoricreception and has alreadyattracted a huge amount ofinterest. The chassis and enginehave been further improved,resulting in better agility and cornering. The mid-enginedsports car now offers even moredriving pleasure and significantlyimproved value for money.

    • Thanks to the Cayenne, we wereable to continue the Porsche success story in 2004. The additional V6 version roundsoff the lower end of the rangeand represents an attractive entryversion.

    • Winning the German MarketingPrize 2004 was a reward for our long-term investment in devel-oping the Porsche marque as asocially acceptable luxuryproduct.

    As you can probably imagine – and justas you would expect from Porsche –we have a few surprises up our sleevefor 2005, and we think you will be veryexcited by them. The launch of fournew models since the start of the cur-rent financial year is just one part ofour ongoing product offensive, whichwe hope will give us further impetusfor growth in 2005 and beyond.

    As a manufacturer of thoroughbredsports cars, you can expect more thanever that in the future Porsche will be“in the race to win!”

    For their part, the Porsche Clubs areonce again planning a host of incredi-ble events for 2005. For example, weare looking forward to the PorscheParade USA, which will be celebrating50 years of its existence in conjunc-tion with the 50th birthday of thePorsche Club of America.

    Until I see you again at one of theseevents, on behalf of everyone atPorsche AG I would like to wish youevery success for 2005 and manyeventful and happy hours in thePorsche family!

    Hans Riedel

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


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  • Lowered suspension.

    Heightened senses.

    Porsche Exclusive.

    The ultimate in personalisation.

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  • Porsche Club News 1/05



    1. News from Porsche AGPorsche Lizenz- und Handesgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (Porsche Design Group) – Uniform management of the Porsche marque outside the automotive industrySporty Presentation of the New Porsche Boxster

    2. Events Calendar 2005Porsche Club Holland – All Dutch Porsche Club Zandvoort Days 2005Porsche Classic Club Austria – 2nd Ferdinand Alexander Porsche CupPorsche Club Francorchamps – Porsche Club Francorchamps Days 2005Porsche Classic Club Belgium – 30th International Porsche 356 MeetingPorsche Club Istanbul – Formula 1 Grand Prix in Istanbul on 21st August 2005Solitude Revival e.V. – Rallye Solitude 2005 in StuttgartPorsche Deutschland GmbH – The Porsche Sports Cup – Style, Against the Clock or Right to the Limit Porsche Deutschland GmbH – Techno Classica – In a Class of Its Own

    3. Info ExchangePorsche Sports Driving School – International Instructors' ConferencePorsche AG Worldwide Club Co-ordination – Porsche Club Anniversaries 2005Porsche AG Worldwide Club Co-ordination – 50 Years of the Porsche Club of America/50th Porsche ParadePorsche Design Driver’s Selection – For Sport and Fun in the SnowPorsche Tequipment – Complete Summer Wheel Sets

    4. ReportsPorsche Club South Africa – Porsche Parade in DurbanPorsche Club España – 13th Gran Premio PorschePorsche Club Croatia – Review of the 2004 SeasonClub Porsche de France, Région Méditerrannée – Paradis Porsche Saint Tropez 2004Porsche Club de France, Region Toulouse-Gascogne – Premiere at the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona

    5. Classic ReportsAustralian Porsche 356 Register Inc. – Huge Attendance at Porsche Parade 356 Registry USA – East Coast Holiday 2004Porsche Club 356 Sverige – Following the TrailPorsche Club 928 Deutschland – Porsche Club 928 Plays Host to Anatole Lapine Porsche Classic Club Belgium – Conversion of the Conservatives

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  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    In 2003, Porsche AG and the PorscheDesign group combined their acces-sories brands under the umbrella ofthe Porsche Lizenz- und Handelsge-sellschaft (Porsche Design Group).

    While accessories were previouslysold under the brand names “PorscheDesign”, “Design by F.A. Porsche” andthe products from Porsche AG’s Selection department, in future therewill be a single overall brand: PorscheDesign. Alongside Porsche Design,there will also be the new sub-brandPorsche Design Driver’s Selection.This is the name to be used to coverall products that were previously partof the Selection range. These vehicle-related products marked with thePorsche lettering or logo, which areaimed at Porsche drivers and fans ofthe marque, will continue to be soldthrough the Porsche Centres and onthe Internet (

    The Porsche Design Group has devel-oped a special shop-in-shop conceptfor this purpose. Meanwhile, PorscheDesign will be developed into one of

    the leading premium brands in the high-quality accessories segment in thecoming years. The range will includeclassic men’s accessories such aswatches, glasses and knives, writingequipment, luggage and leather goods,smokers’ accessories and shoes. Atthe appropriate time, the portfolio willbe extended to incorporate a fashionand perfume line, sports equipmentand electronic products. The productswill differ from those in the PorscheDesign Driver’s Selection collection interms of their higher price positioningand thus their exclusivity and in thefact that the individual products willnot necessarily be aligned with a par-ticular vehicle. In addition, the PorscheDesign products will be consistentlysold through separate sales channelsrather than in the Porsche Centres.

    The first of a new generation ofPorsche Design Stores was officiallyopened in Berlin on 19th January2005. Further independent stores areset to follow worldwide in the next fewyears.

    Matteo Thun (the designer of thePorsche Design Stores) explains whatis special about the store concept:“Our intention was that the productson offer should not be reflected in theshop window, which has a normal display, but in the store itself. With our“gate to the future”, we have achievedthis.” The “gate to the future” consistsof three plasma monitors, which arelocated on the left, central and rightwall of the store and the “scanningtable”, a square slate block positionedin the centre, in which scanners andmonitors are integrated. As soon as acustomer places a product on thisscanning table, animated films withproduct images and informationappear on the three plasma monitors.This creates the virtual impression ofan opening door, or a “gate to thefuture”.

    Another new feature of the store archi-tecture is the “night shopping” con-cept: Arrows attached to the shopwindow allow customers to surf inter-actively through the product range atnight. All the products displayed in the window can be viewed by touchcontrol and corresponding informationcan be retrieved.

    Stores like the one in Berlin will stockthe full Porsche Design product rangeand thus communicate the idea andphilosophy of the brand. Further saleschannels will include franchise stores,shop-in-shop systems in high-classdepartment stores and in upmarketspecialist outlets.

    Porsche Club News Editor

    1. News from Porsche AGPorsche Lizenz- und Handelsgesellschaft mbH & Co. KG (Porsche Design Group)

    Uniform management of the Porsche marque outside theautomotive industry

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    “Pure Driving – Where Sport begins” –this was the motto for the presenta-tion of the new Boxster to Porschedealers, which took place from 25thOctober to 4th November 2004 on theCosta del Sol in Spain. Porsche AG hadcome up with something very special.From the airport’s landing ground, visitors were taken directly to the pres-entation of the new vehicle at the spe-cially set up Porsche Terminal – adisused section of Malaga Airport thathad been exclusively re-opened and fitted out for Porsche.

    For the eleven dealer groups, eachconsisting of around a hundred people,this meant no queues to check out andno waiting at the customs desk or bag-gage reclaim. Instead, they enjoyed acomfortable arrival and direct contactwith the star of the following 24 hours– the new Porsche Boxster.

    However, in the Porsche Terminal’sauditorium there were no signs of it atfirst. It was only after a welcomingaddress from Hans Riedel, Director ofSales and Marketing at Porsche AG,that attention turned to the “sports caramong roadsters”.

    It began with film shows, demonstrat-ing the level of sporting ambitionbehind the 987 project. This was finallyfollowed by the live appearance of theroadster in front of the grandstand ofguests. Behind two giant rolling walls,you could hear it and here and therethe silhouette shone through beforethe walls were finally raised and anexciting lighting presentation focusedall eyes on the new Boxster andBoxster S.

    But that was not all: At the samemoment, the curtain covering theimposing glass front of the buildingwas dropped, abruptly revealing theview outside, where a large number ofBoxsters were lined up in front of thePorsche Terminal. The dealers’ delightwas written all over their faces, asmoderator Eve Scheer revealed thatthey would be making their way to the“Puente Romano” hotel in Marbellathemselves behind the wheel of a newBoxster, with a chance to discover itssporty side for themselves.

    Upon their arrival, after a brief rest and a welcome by the Chairman Dr. Wendelin Wiedeking, a businessmeeting awaited them in the BoxsterArena, which communicated every-thing they could ever need to knowabout the new vehicle and its market-ing, with a perfect blend of informa-tion and entertainment.

    Outside in front of the Boxster Arena,the guests were then greeted with afiery Flamenco display. Typical music

    Sporty Presentation of the New Porsche Boxster

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    of the region accompanied them totheir evening event in the hotel’s beachrestaurant, where Spanish specialitiesand a barbecue catered perfectly totheir physical needs. The raffle for theBoxster drawing produced by Porschedesigner Grant Larson in just a fewseconds in the preceding businessmeeting was just one highlight lateron. Another was the spectacular fire-work display on the beach, whicheased everyone into the social part ofthe evening.

    The next morning’s trip began early –so early that the dealers got to enjoythe sunrise against a unique scenicpanorama as they drove the Boxstersinto the mountains of the surroundingcountryside. Their destination was theinimitable “Ascari Race Resort” circuitnear Ronda, which is uniquely inte-grated into the natural surroundings.

    Nowhere could have been better toexperience the Boxster, which is inci-dentally the world’s first roadster to

    have a head airbag to protect its occu-pants against side impacts, with itssix cylinder engine that is now 12 BHPmore powerful than before (20 BHPon the Boxster S). The dealers testedthe modified five-speed gearbox withits shorter travel, enjoyed the new six-speed gearbox in the S model and enthusiastically checked out the possibilities of the chassis, with itswider track and larger wheels.

    On the drive back to the airport in Malaga, the guests had one moreopportunity to sample the fantasticroads of Southern Spain before theyreturned to the Porsche Terminal.There, before splitting up to check infor their flights home, they had theopportunity to make purchases in the new shop-in-shop system fromPorsche Design Driver’s Selection.This brought to an end a compact 24hours in a relaxed atmosphere, whichprovided a host of lasting impressionsand was focused on a vehicle that canlook forward to taking on its competi-

    tors in sporting contests – the newPorsche Boxster.

    Porsche Club News Editorial Team

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    2. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche Cup

    The 2nd. Ferdinand Alexander PorscheCup will be held from 27th 29th May at the Zell am See airfield. As well asdriving competitions on the airfield, theprogramme also includes a drive withpolice escort to the Kaiser FranzJosefs Höhe on the Grossglocknerroad and a trip to Salzburg. There willalso be a gala evening and, as in 2003,Prof. Ferdinand Alexander Porsche willonce again be granting a limited num-ber of guests a tour of the ZellerPorsche Design Studio. The first 60people to book and pay for the eventwill get to enjoy this tour. Further infor-mation and a booking form can befound on the Internet at:

    Porsche Club Francorchamps Days 2005

    The Porsche Francorchamps Club Days have already been held four times andeach event has attracted more visitors. It started with 300, but in 2004 a totalof 645 Porsche owners met at the Spa/Francorchamps racetrack, to battle forfast lap times in the fun, sport and racing categories. The fifth edition of this suc-cessful event will take place from 20th to 22nd May 2005, this time includingan additional off-road programme for Cayenne owners. Further information avail-able from:

    All Dutch Porsche Club Zandvoort Days 2005

    After its successful premiere in 2004, this event at the Zandvoort circuit will beheld once again this year – from 8th to 10th July. As before, the focus is on freedriving, but the supporting programme has been significantly extended sincelast year. Further information available from:

    2. Events Calendar 2005

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    30th International Porsche 356 Meeting

    Flanders between Ostende and Bruges, one the nicest areas of Belgium, is thelocation for the 30th International Porsche 356 Meeting. The Porsche ClassicClub Belgium has put together a varied programme, which will start on 5th Mayin Ostende and last until 8th May. The focus of the event will be tourist activities,including a drive along the Belgian coast to Bruges. There will also be a Concours d’Élégance and of course the social side of things will not be neglected. The Club welcomes all Porsche 356 owners. Further informationavailable from: [email protected]

    Formula 1 Grand Prix in Istanbul on 21st August 2005

    From 20th to 21st August 2005, Istanbul will play host to Formula 1 for the firsttime. To mark this first Grand Prix, the Porsche Club Istanbul is offering PorscheClub members worldwide a special weekend package. This package includestravel, accommodation and a supporting programme. If you are interested,please contact Mr. Ahmet Ongun, President of the Porsche Club Istanbul or hissecretary Evren Unver as soon as possible.

    Ahmet OngunTel.: +90 216 538 80 00Fax: +90 216 322 37 10E-mail: [email protected]

    Evren UnverTel.: +90 212 291 56 30 E-mail: [email protected]

    Rallye Solitude 2005 in Stuttgart

    This year, Solitude Revival e.V. will once again be organising the Rallye Solitudeas a race in the Classic Masters Series for classic cars. The dates have beenset for 17th to 19th June 2005. The event will start at Solitude Castle, Stuttgart.The route will once again take drivers along romantic back roads through theBlack Forest and the Schwäbische Alb region. All cars produced before 1975are eligible. Further information available from: [email protected]

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    Porsche Deutschland GmbH

    The Porsche Sports Cup – Style, Against the Clock or Rightto the Limit

    Porsche Deutschland GmbH, Bietig-heim-Bissingen, is offering Porschedrivers with sporting ambitions anattractive new range of activities.

    Porsche sports cars approved for roaduse and those modified for racing canenter the two-day events in differentclasses. The programme includes“style driving”and time trials, a sprintrace and, the highlight of the weekend,a long-distance race with compulsorypit stop to change drivers.

    Porsche is intending to employ theservices of former racing driver AltfridHeger to organise the “Porsche SportsCup” meeting. Heger himself can lookback on numerous successes withPorsche; the 47 year old won thePorsche Pirelli Supercup in 1993 and,in 2000, drove a Porsche 911 to theoverall victory at the 24-hour race atthe Nürburgring-Nordschleife. He willbe ably supported by race-co-ordina-tor Jürgen Barth, who won the Le Mans24 hour race in 1977 with Jacky Ickx

    bers. Enthusiastic Porsche drivers willbe offered an out and out range ofsporting activities. At the same time,the intention is to stimulate interest inthe marque trophies, which representa higher level of competition.

    The contact for further information is:

    Hegersport GmbHTel.: +49 (0)201 17 68 913Fax: +49 (0)201 17 68 576E-mail: [email protected]

    Porsche Press Department

    and Hurley Haywood and will bring hisexperience as a sports co-ordinatorand member of various FIA commis-sions to the new racing series.

    The demand for and interest in such aseries of events among the 85 PorscheCentres and the Porsche Clubs in Ger-many is huge. Apart from anythingelse, the Porsche Sports Cup providesthe Porsche Clubs with an ideal plat-form for the acquisition of new mem-

    Planned Dates for 2005*:

    08. April: Testing day at Eurospeedway Lausitz 09./ 10. April: Eurospeedway Lausitz 28./ 29. May: Circuit Park Zandvoort (Netherlands)23./ 24. July: Nürburgring, Grand Prix circuit20./ 21. August: Oschersleben03./ 04. September: Hockenheimring**08./ 09. October: Misano Italy)29./ 30. October: Hungaroring (Hungary) – Spare date

    * Subject to changes**Subject to confirmation from Hockenheimring GmbH

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    The Essen exhibition centre will onceagain be opening its doors for one ofthe world’s largest and best oldtimerexhibitions this year. From 7th to 10thApril 2005, national and internationalcar manufacturers, clubs, dealers andservice providers will be gathering atTechno Classica and providing a fasci-nating insight into the world of classicvehicles.

    The success record from last year was:129,000 visitors from 30 countriesaround the world, 1,000 exhibitors from15nations and more than 2,500 vehi-cles on display. The famous exhibitionmarking the start of the new oldtimerseason is a meeting place for all old-timer fans and enjoys an importantplace in the worldwide club scene. Themore than 130 classic clubs that exhib-it in Essen make Techno Classica oneof the largest international club meet-ings.

    As well as the impressive vehicles fromthe Classic Clubs, there will be manymore interesting exhibits on display.On behalf of the Porsche workshop,the Exclusive and Classic Centre andthe technical consultants at PorscheDeutschland GmbH, we would like toinvite you to our joint stand.

    Like last year, the Porsche Club Co-ordination team will be on hand andis looking forward to your visit. As ever,we have prepared a small souvenir asa reminder of the event and hope to enjoy plenty of stimulating and exciting discussions with Porscheenthusiasts.

    Porsche Deutschland GmbH,Anke BraunsTel.: +49 (0)711 911 123 82Fax: +49 (0)711 911 123 67E-mail: [email protected]

    At this year’s 17th Techno Classica,the German Porsche Classic Clubs willonce again be presenting themselvesto the public, providing informationabout their activities and demonstrat-ing their love of the Porsche marquewith perfectly cared-for and accuratelyrestored Porsche classics.

    The following eight representatives ofthe German Porsche Classic scene willbe present:

    • Club für den klassischen Porsche911 e.V.

    • Porsche Club 924/944 Deutsch-land e.V.

    • VW Porsche 914 DeutschlandClub e.V.

    • Porsche Club 928 e.V.• Porsche 356 Club Deutschland

    e.V.• Porsche Club 968 Deutschland

    e.V.• Porsche 914-6 Club e.V.• Porsche-Diesel Club Europa e.V.

    Porsche Deutschland GmbH

    Techno Classica – In a Class of Its Own

    Porsche StandHall 3

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    From 12th to 14th November 2004,the second international instructors’conference for all instructors from thePorsche Driving Schools worldwidewas held at the company’s own run-ning in and testing track (FIA certified)in Leipzig.

    As well as the German instructors,trainers from Dubai, Latin America,France, Italy, Australia, England, Aus-tria and even Japan came to PorscheLeipzig GmbH for the meeting.

    The event provided the instructors witha great opportunity to get to know oneanother and to work together. The con-ference included topics such as thestatus of the Porsche Sports DrivingSchools worldwide, information aboutnews and developments in the SportsDriving School, sharing experiences,establishing a common level of knowl-edge, awareness of synergy effectsand future common policies and nextsteps.

    As 100 percent of the critical sub-sidiaries worldwide now offer a SportsDriving School programme, Porschewill be able to provide a global rangeof driving and safety training that is asperfectly tuned as the individual com-ponents of an actual Porsche.

    The Sports Driving School dates for2005 are available on the Internet –> News –> (Porsche Sport Driving Schools).

    Porsche Sports Driving SchoolRacetrack Project ManagerClaudia SchäffnerTel.: +49 (0)711 911 783 15Fax: +49 (0)711 911 786 85E-mail:[email protected]

    The programme also included trainingcontent such as the current changesof models for the Cayenne, 997, 987and Carrera GT and practical drivingexercises, which of course put smileson the faces of this particular group ofvisitors.

    The presentation of the planned andrevised international instructors’ man-ual was extremely well received, aswas the opportunity to use a so-calleddata recording to break new ground interms of safety training and thus makeit more attractive for customers andparticipants.

    The exchange of ideas and practicalexperiences possible at this confer-ence will guarantee the PorscheSports Driving School a uniform train-ing level throughout the world, as it introduces standardised Porsche quality standards and combines allinternational Sports Driving Schoolactivities under a single umbrellabrand.

    3. Info ExchangePorsche Sports Driving School

    Porsche Sports Driving School International Instructors’Conference

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    This year, there are once again a wholerange of Porsche Club anniversariesto celebrate. The Porsche Club Co-ordination database gives the follow-ing list:

    50 years (established 1955)• Porsche Club of America• Porsche Club Nürburgring

    45 years (established 1960)• Porsche Sport Club Zürich• Porsche Club Solingen• Ostschweizer Porsche Club

    20 years (established 1985)• Porsche Club Donau• Porsche Club Rheinhessen• Porsche Club Unterfranken• Porsche Club Graubünden• Porsche Club Zytglogge-Baern

    15 years (established 1990)• Porsche Club Schwalm-Eder• Porsche 914 Club, USA• Club für den klassischen Porsche

    911, Deutschland• Porsche Club Hong Kong• Porsche Club Lörrach• Porsche Club Osthessen

    10 years (established 1995)• Porsche Club Leipzig-Halle• Porsche Club 968 Deutschland• Porsche Club Westsachsen-Erzge-

    birge• Porsche Club Sverige Racing• Porsche Club of the Philippines

    On behalf of Porsche AG, the PorscheClub Co-ordination would like to con-gratulate all of the Clubs mentioned ontheir anniversary. We hope that all Club members will enjoy an active and harmonious Club life in the future andthank them for their many years of loyalty to the Porsche marque.

    Your Porsche Club Co-ordination

    35 years (established 1970)• Porsche Club Seetal-Luzern• Porsche Club Oberösterreich• Porsche Club Oberfranken

    30 years (established 1975)• Porsche Club Luxembourg• Porsche Club Monasteria• Porsche 356 Club Deutschland• 356 Club Porsche de Fance• Porsche Club of South Australia• Porsche Club New Zealand

    25 years (established 1980)• Porsche Club Lüneburger Heide• Porsche Club Aargau• Porsche Club do Brasil

    Porsche AG Worldwide Club Co-ordination

    Porsche Club Anniversaries 2005

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    On 13th September 1955, a handfulof enthusiasts met up at Blackie’s Grillin Alexandria, Virginia. They foundedthe “Porsche Club of America (PCA)”and immediately sought contact withPorsche to apply for recognition as anofficial Porsche Club.

    In August 1956, 64 members of thenewly established Club then got to-gether for a four-day event in Gaithers-burg/Maryland. The term "PorscheParade", which is now used worldwide,came from an actual parade of partic-ipating vehicles through the town ofGaithersburg at the event.

    This first gathering turned into a tradi-tional summer event that grew rapidly.By the 1959 Parade, 150 vehiclesgathered, and just two years later thenumber had climbed to around 250.The jubilee Parade in Hershey/Penn-sylvania, which was fully booked with-in three days, is expected to attract2,000 participants.

    The Porsche Club itself has experi-enced even more impressive develop-ment. The 12 founder members havenow turned into almost 55,000 mem-bers, who are split between 139regional Clubs. The geographical distribution stretches from Hawaii toAlaska and from Puerto Rico to Canada.

    Porsche AG Worldwide Club Co-ordination

    50 Years of the Porsche Club of America /50th PorscheParade

    1. USA Parade, Gaithersburgh, Maryland, 1956

    Porsche Club of America logo

    Rally at the 18th USA Parade, Monterey, California, 1973

  • To mark its golden jubilee, the PorscheClub of America has put together a superlative programme for 2005,culminating in the jubilee Parade in Hershey.

    From 25th June to 2nd July 2005, Hershey will become a mecca fornational and international Porschefans. As well as the traditional compo-nents of the Parade, which include oneof the world’s best Porsche Concoursd’Élégance, expected to attract several thousand spectators this year, a two-day slalom competition(autocross), various rallies, a host oftechnical seminars and a range of banquets, to mark the jubilee thisyear's programme will feature someadditional highlights. For example: • There will actually be a parade

    through Hershey, which isexpected to include more than500 Porsche vehicles from alleras. This is something that is veryrare at Porsche Parades worldwidethese days for logistical reasons.

    Porsche Club News 1/05


    6th USA Parade, Lime Rock, Connecticut, 1961

    6th USA Parade, Lime Rock, Connecticut, 1961

    6th USA Parade, Lime Rock, Connecticut,1961

    6th USA Parade, Lime Rock, Connecticut,1961

    6th USA Parade, Lime Rock, Connecticut,1961

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    • A special 21,000m2 “PorscheClub of America” exhibition, whichwill revive the history of thePorsche Club of America, theParade and the Club magazine“Panorama”, decade by decade.Porsche will be contributing several museum vehicles to thespecial exhibition, and they willbe shipped from Stuttgart to theUSA just to mark this celebration.

    In addition, on the first evening of theParade, Porsche is inviting all visitorsto the “Porsche Anniversary Night”,which will have the theme “Porsche inthe 1950s”. Visitors will be able to cel-ebrate into the small hours with liveentertainment and numerous guestsof honour. However, the absolute high-light of the evening will definitely bethe two surprises that Porsche has pre-pared for the Porsche Club of Americaas a fitting way to mark the goldenjubilee of the world’s largest Porsche

    Club. We will report on this further inthe Porsche Club News at a later date.

    Porsche will also be supporting theorganisers of the Parade in setting upthe Concours d’Élégance, which willbe held on 26.6.2005.

    This year, the Clubs are once againplanning a comprehensive entertain-ment programme for children and fam-ilies at the Parade. The Porsche Clubof America is a global pioneer in thisarea, looking after not only its ownfuture but also the future customers ofthe Porsche company.

    The Club’s dedication is also reflectedin the participation of the Porsche fam-ily and high-ranking representativesfrom the Porsche company. This year,the Porsche family will be representedin Hershey by Peter Porsche, his sonDaniell and wife Aglaia, Dr. WolfgangPorsche and his wife Prof. Susanne

    Porsche and Oliver Porsche and hiswife Claudia. At this point, we ought tomention the fact that over the yearsthe Porsche family’s participation inthe Porsche Parade has become a tra-dition that is highly prized by the Club.For example, Dr. Ferry Porsche attend-ed a USA Parade for the first time backin 1960, Peter Porsche has now beena guest at 27 of the 49 Parades andDr. Wolfgang Porsche can also lookback on 13 visits.

    At this year’s event, the Porsche boardis expected to be represented by Hans Riedel, Director of Marketing andSales, while Chief Executive PeterSchwarzenbauer will represent theAmerican subsidiary.

    Despite the scale of the event, thePorsche Club of America has no inten-tion of limiting its jubilee celebrationsto the Porsche Parade. The Club Com-mittee has prepared an extremely pro-

    Midnight Sun Rally, Hummerlund, 1955 23rd USA Parade, Aspen, Colorado, 1978

  • fessional “Tool Kit”, which will be provided to the 139 regional Clubs tohelp them and motivate them to organ-ise their own regional festivities.The “Tool Kit” contains:• A CD-ROM with the artwork for

    the jubilee logo the Club hasdeveloped (see picture on page15).

    • A DVD with an impressive 35-minute jubilee video, docu-menting all the important stagesin the development of the Cluband the Parade.

    • A brochure of special jubilee merchandising items.

    • An offer for one year’s free mem-bership of the International Motor-sports Association (IMFA).

    • The 2005 America Le MansSeries (ALMS) racing calendar.

    Of course the Club magazine “Panora-ma”, which is also celebrating its 50thanniversary, will be involved, with reg-ular jubilee reports during the year.

    world. The site will include reportsabout the jubilee programme, detailedinformation about the history of theClub and the Parade and a multimediasection with video clips, screensavers,wallpapers etc. After the Parade in July

    Likewise, Porsche itself is not just getting involved in the showpieceParade. For months, both the nationalClub Co-ordination at the Americansubsidiary “Porsche Cars North America” and the central Porsche AGClub Co-ordination have been workingclosely with the PCA jubilee commit-tee, headed by Ruben Ledesma. As aresult, the Porsche PR department willbe actively supporting the Club in itspublicity efforts relating to the jubileeactivities, to increase awareness of thePorsche Club among Porsche ownersin the USA and, if possible, to enticethem to become members.

    Porsche is also developing a specialjubilee website for the Club, which willbe accessible from the end of April2005 via a banner on the Porschehomepage at website will carry up to datereports on the jubilee activities in theUSA and thus provide interesting newsfor Porsche enthusiasts all over the

    Porsche Club News 1/05


    49th USA Parade, Fort Worth, Texas, 2004

    49th USA Parade, Fort Worth, Texas, 200447th USA Parade, Boise, Idaho, 2002

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    2005, a picture gallery will also be setup, which will contain pictures of theParade and the museum (virtual muse-um) for download. It will also be thefirst place to report on the additionalsurprises that Porsche has preparedfor the Club. So make sure you take alook regularly!

    We would like to take this opportunityto offer our sincere congratulations tothe Club and its members on theirjubilee and thank them for the loyaltyto the Porsche marque. We look for-ward to the next 50 years with all thePCA members and wish them everysuccess with all their activities and ofcourse continuing pleasure with theirPorsche vehicles!

    At the same time, we should not forgetto thank our colleagues at our Ameri-can subsidiary and here at PorscheAG, who have allowed us to supportthe Porsche Club of America with theirjubilee activities in such a fitting way.

    Jutta AldenhoffManager, Worldwide Club Co-ordina-tion, Porsche AG

    Porsche Club of America President: Tom BobbittTel.: +1 757 259 78 23E-mail: [email protected]

    38th USA Parade, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1993 Children’s slalom at the USA Parade

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    Porsche Design Driver’s SelectionFor Sport and Fun in the Snow

    The piste is laughing. With the versa-tile Mocean® board and aluminiumsledge from the Porsche Design Driver’s Selection, every hillside pro-vides pure enjoyment. And skiers canexecute fearless downhill turns. Thesporty and high quality ski outfit meansthat you are perfectly equipped for allweather conditions – while retainingthe necessary freedom of movementfor sport and fun in the snow.

    A wild ride on snow and water:Mocean® board Versatile leisure enjoyment: TheMocean® board, with its high-perform-ance thermoplastic shell can be usedfor tobogganing in the winter and (with-out the two detachable aluminiumbrakes) as a body board for riding thewaves in the summer. The inlaid foamfibre ensures optimum damping. TheTÜV tested board (up to 90 kilogramsbody weight) includes a cord and leashand has an anti-slip surface for a saferide. Dimensions: 110 x 50 x 8 cm.

    Not just when it's icy cold: Ski Tech-no WindstopperThe right clothing makes a great dayof skiing absolutely perfect. The blackand yellow Ski Techno Windstopperprovides optimum comfort. The hood,which can be stored inside the collar,and the fleece scarf – both detachable– protect you against inclement condi-tions. Thanks to the innovative mix ofnylon and polyester materials, the elas-tic high-tech ski jacket defies the windand is water-resistant and breathable.The polyester inner lining includesSchoeller ComfortTemp® for tempera-ture regulation. Practical accessories:The adjustable sleeves and waistbandand the four outside pockets includinga sleeve pocket for your ski pass.

    Every turn feels perfect: Ski JeansGORE-TEX®Leisure look for the mogul slopes: Themodern jeans-look ski trousers withhigh waistband at the back are perfectfor any slope. The high quality materialwith GORE-TEX® membrane is breath-able as well as being wind and water-

    proof. Schoeller ComfortTemp® is par-tially used for temperature regulation.The pre-formed knees guarantee opti-mum freedom of movement andensure that every turn feels perfect.The elastic braces are detachable. Theelasticated snow trap on the legsmeans that the feet stay dry. A zip fas-tening allows you to comfortably putthe trousers on over ski boots. Thefleece inner trousers can be worn ontheir own, giving you the ultimate invariety and choice.

    Perfect for downhill: Porsche alu-minium sledge The TÜV tested aluminium sledge withsteel runners provides high-speedenjoyment on any slope – up to a bodyweight of 120 kg. It consists of threemain sections, which can easily be dis-mantled using quick release clampsand transported in the carrying casesupplied. The seat is made of fabricand the Porsche lettering is embossedon the central bar. Dimensions: 102 x30 x 46 cm.

    Further information about the fullrange of products from the

    Porsche Design Driver’s Selectionand our current catalogue are

    available from your local Porschepartner or on the Internet at

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    Constructed to provide extreme agili-ty and safety and designed for highspeeds: the wheel and tyre combina-tions from Porsche Tequipment. Theyare only sold after extensive testing.The tyres from all Tequipment com-plete wheel sets are marked with an“N” on the sidewall of the tyre, the so-called N specification. This denotestyres that are produced to Porschespecifications and specially adaptedfor the driving properties of Porschevehicles. Tyres of the same dimensionswithout the N specification will not necessarily offer optimum drivingproperties.

    19 inch Carrera Classic CompleteSummer Wheel Set for 911 (997)and Boxster (987)

    Part number for Boxster (987): 987 044 602 01

    Part number for 911 (997):

    Without TPMS*: 997 044 602 01

    With TPMS*: 997 044 602 02

    More power, more performance, moredriving pleasure: For the new genera-tion of the Porsche 911, matchingtyres with a larger rolling circumfer-ence have been developed. For thefirst time, 19-inch wheels are now avail-able for the 911 and the Boxster. The19-inch Carrera Classic complete

    The extremely sporty, weight-opti-mised design of the 18-inch GT3 wheelhas outstanding strength properties.With 295 tyres, the 11-inch wide rearaxle rim ensures total exterior com-pactness on the 911 Carrera and 911Carrera 4.

    20 inch SportTechno CompleteSummer Wheel Set for Cayenne

    Part number

    Without TPMS*: 955 044 602 13

    With TPMS*: 955 044 602 14

    The 20-inch SportTechno completesummer wheel set with 10-inch rearaxle rim is notable both for the Sport-Techno rim design and for the broad-er dimensions on the rear axle. This isa combination that underlines the pow-erful look and high demands of theCayenne.

    *TPMS: Tyre pressure monitoring system,

    433 MHz

    summer wheel set has an attractivetraditional five-spoke design.

    19 inch SportDesign CompleteSummer Wheel Set for 911 (997)and Boxster (987)

    Part number for Boxster (987): 987 044 602 03

    Part number for 911 (997):

    Without TPMS*: 997 044 602 03

    With TPMS*: 997 044 602 04

    The four-spoke construction of the 19-inch SportDesign complete summerwheel set for the new 911 and the newBoxster is a clear link to the world ofmotorsport.

    18 inch GT3 Complete SummerWheel Set for 911 (996)

    Part number: 000 044 602 01

    Porsche TequipmentComplete Summer Wheel Sets

    Further information about therange of complete summer

    wheels from Porsche Tequipmentis available from your Porschepartner or on the Internet at

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    4. ReportsPorsche Club South Africa

    Porsche Parade in Durban

    The Porsche Parade 2004 in Durban,organised by the Porsche Club Kwazu-lu-Natal, attracted visitors from Gaut-eng, Northern Province, Free State,Eastern Cape, Western Cape and evenBotswana. With more than 200 peoplearriving steadily at the Riverside Hotel,the event from 22nd to 26th Septem-ber was extremely well attended. Therange represented by the 99 vehicleswas also plain to see, stretching froma Porsche 912 from 1967 to a 996GT3 RS from 2004, from brand newcars to one with more than 600,000kilometres on the clock.

    Things were slightly more sedate atthe “Show and Shine” competition,where the most perfectly cared forvehicles were rewarded. Of course, thesocial aspect was not neglected withthe highlight being the Awards Dinnerat the Royal Hotel. All in all, it was afantastic event.

    Porsche Club South AfricaPresident: Theo RautenbachTel.: +27 (0)11 794 21 19Fax: +27 (0)11 794 71 29

    Porsche Club South Africa, Kwazulu-Natal RegionPresident: Bryant van der MerveTel.: +27 (0)31 701 44 66Fax: +27 (0)31 702 55 67E-mail: [email protected]

    The Parade was primarily supportedby Continental and Porsche, andfocused on driving competitions. Dri-vers battled for every last second ona racing circuit, a mountain course andeven a go-kart track. A competitionheld on a closed road promised to beparticularly exciting. The aim was toreach as high a speed as possible froma 1.5 kilometre run up. However, themeasuring instrument, which wasoperated by the local police, failedwhen recording the two fastest vehi-cles. The highest measured speed wastherefore 284 km/h, achieved by a1979 930 with a twin turbo engine.

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    Porsche Club España

    13th Gran Premio Porsche

    A cool morning awaited the partici-pants in the 13th Gran Premio Porscheat the Jarama circuit near Madrid.However, it was not long before a bitof sun and the sound of Porscheengines made sure that everyone wasfeeling good.

    The Gran Premio Porsche is alwaysliable to produce a surprise and thisyear it took the form of a Carrera GT,in which one of our Club membersarrived. It meant that we had thechance to experience the car in its trueelement, and the numerous spectatorseagerly grabbed the opportunity totake plenty of photos.

    However, the total of 12,000 BHP thathad gathered for the event was almostas impressive. From the 911 to the928, 944, 968, Boxster and GT3,almost the entire Porsche family wasrepresented, with even a 550 Spyderroaring around the track.

    Thanks to the commitment of our spon-sors, Porsche Madrid, RACE, Bridge-stone, Scalextric and new supporterMaritime Mark, we were also able toarrange a supporting programme thatallowed Club members' families to getfull value from their visit.

    Fran Castell Aüsin

    Porsche Club EspañaPresident: Klaus BohrerTel.: +34 (0)91 561 21 22Fax: +34 (0)91 564 51 01E-mail: [email protected]

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    In 2004, as well as various Club con-ferences and trips, the young PorscheClub Croatia also organised three larg-er events. The first was held on 16thand 17th April 2004 at Rijeka’s Grob-nik circuit. It was the first race in thePorsche Alpine Trophy 2004. The Clubsimultaneously played the role of hostsand competitors, with a total of 30Club members entering their vehiclesin the contest.

    The next large meeting marked the offi-cial opening of the Porsche CentreZagreb on 24th June, and was attend-ed by 40 Club members. Almost thesame number took the opportunity to complete a driving course at thePorsche Dream Car Day on 29th Octo-ber, which was once again held at theGrobnik circuit.

    The Club, which was founded in 2003,now has 89 members, who can lookforward to five major events that areplanned for 2005.

    Porsche Club CroatiaPresident: Prof. Nenad DjurovicTel.: +385 (0)98 236 175Fax: +385 (0)16 22 34E-mail: [email protected]r

    Porsche Club Croatia

    Review of the 2004 Season

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    The Club Porsche de France, RégionMéditerrannée organised the popularParadis Porsche Saint Tropez eventfor the eleventh time last year. Thistime, a dragon boat regatta meant thatwe had to move to an alternative meet-ing point, which was slightly furtherfrom the harbour but at the same timewas larger. A total of 320 Porschesmade their way to Saint Tropez, andthe visitors from all over Europe werepleased to find sunny weather, while itwas raining in the rest of France.

    As always, the participants were splitup into two groups on the Saturday.One group set off for the Circuit duLuc. Here, the stars of the day werethe new 997 from the Porsche CentreFréjus and the Carrera GT belongingto 78 year old Henri Cachia, a Porschedealer for more than 50 years, an ex-rally and racing driver and the ownerof a notable collection of Porsches.Some participants had the pleasure of

    driving a few laps with him and werethrilled to do so.

    The second group tackled the CriteriumVarois, a time trial with special stagesinland from Saint Tropez. Later, every-one met up at the Parc Fermé, wherethe huge cleaning session for the Concours d’Élégance started. At 8.30,it was time for the gala evening anddance in the legendary “Papagayo”. Atthe table of honour were our PresidentJean Paul Viala, Anne Philipp from thecentral Porsche Club Co-ordination,Frédéric Mohs from Porsche France, arepresentative of the mayor of SaintTropez and his wife, and Andreu Casas,President of the Spanish 356 Club andhis wife.

    During the Concours the following day,some people took a short cruisearound the Saint Tropez peninsula.Then it was time for the huge PorscheParade, led by Henri Cachia in his

    Carrera GT, followed by a BelgianPorsche fan in a 356, who has visitedevery Porsche Parade in Saint Tropezto date. This great event ended withthe presentation ceremony late in theafternoon.

    Club Porsche de FranceRégion MéditerranéePresident : Jean Paul VialaTel. : +33(0) 46 76 94 892Fax. : +33(0) 46 76 94 892E-mail: [email protected]

    Club Porsche de France, Région Méditerrannée

    Paradis Porsche Saint Tropez 2004

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    There was not a lot of publicity inadvance, as the first trip by thePorsche Club de France, RegionToulouse-Gascogne to the BarcelonaFormula 1 circuit was intended to be akind of test event. However, no lessthan 94 Porsches and around 200 people met at the fantastic circuit onFriday 24th September 2004. It turnedinto a great meeting. Even the ladiestook the opportunity to drive a fewlaps, and received special recognitionfor their driving skills at the gala dinner.

    During the weekend, the participantsleft their Porsches at the hotel to visita huge festival that was being held in

    Barcelona. By the end, everyone wasextremely satisfied and it was clearthat the test had been a great success.

    The Club has therefore decided torepeat it on a larger scale next year, inan attempt to make the meeting a classic regular event for the Toulouse-Gascogne region.

    Porsche Club de France, Region Toulouse-GascognePresident: M. Michel ArteroTel.: +33 (0)561 76 47 19Fax: +33 (0)561 76 47 19E-mail:[email protected]

    Porsche Club de France, Region Toulouse-Gascogne

    Premiere at the Catalunya Circuit in Barcelona

  • When it was new, you tolerated only original parts.

    Why should it be any different today?

    Porsche Classic.

    Original parts, advice and assistance.

    Information at

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    The programme for the Parade alsoincluded a welcome dinner, a cocktailparty organised by Porsche Cars Aus-tralia and a trip to Werribee OpenRange Zoo, one of the largest attrac-tions in the region. The great atten-dance demonstrates the fascinationthat is still exerted by the early Porschemodels. The 356 Register, whichbegan with a meeting of a few driversat the end of the 1950s, now has 450members. The next Porsche Paradewill be held from 18th to 20th Novem-ber 2005.

    Australian Porsche 356 Register Inc.President: Wayne HeveyTel.: +61 (0)39 846 33 63Fax: +61 (0)39 429 28 44E-mail: [email protected]

    The 19th edition of the Australian 356Register’s annual Porsche Parade inMelbourne’s Como Park attracted a huge number of participants. The vehicles represented would make anyPorsche fan’s heart beat faster. Amongthe 101 Porsche 356s that arrived forthe event were such exclusive exam-ples as the world's first right-hand drive356 Cabrio, which arrived in Australiain 1951, and the fantastic racing versions from the Stuttgart museum,including a 1962 356B Carrera GTAbarth and a 1963 “Scraper”. The trophy for “Car of the Parade”, spon-sored by Porsche Cars Australia, waswon by the Carrera 2 owned by BrianJones from Taiwan.

    However, this year's stars were the 23speedsters and four roadsters, whichplayed a special role to mark the 50year anniversary of the speedster. It isamazing that these cars, which wereoriginally created as a special lower-priced model, are now so highly prizedand expensive.

    5. Classic ReportsAustralian Porsche 356 Register Inc.

    Huge Attendance at Porsche Parade

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    356 Registry USA

    East Coast Holiday 2004

    More than 400 people and 275Porsches gathered at the end of Sep-tember to celebrate 30 years of the356 Registry USA. Historic Williams-burg, a reconstructed town from the beginnings of the settler age in Virginia, provided an excellent back-drop for the event. Craftsmen in con-temporary costumes, such as bookbinders and smiths, brought the sur-roundings to life. However, there wasmuch more awaiting the participantsthan a trip back into the history of theUnited States. Those who wanted tocould take part in trips along the JamesRiver to the plantations or enter theirvehicle for a Concours d’Elegance.

    This was held in Yorktown, another his-toric town, where the shops enjoyed asudden rush when the entrants in thecompetition had to seek refuge fromthe rain. Luckily, the black clouds soondisappeared and the Concours couldbe continued.

    The fact that Porsche had launchedthe first Speedster 50 years ago wasmarked by a special party, where MikeRobbins was crowned Mr. Speedster.

    Mike has already done more than halfa million miles in his 1958 speedsterand attended the first East Coast Holidays – as did Judy and John Mayer, who back then turned up in asomewhat ramshackle speedster,which they now presented in perfectlyrestored condition. A surprising guestwas the American entertainer JerrySeinfeld who arrived in his unrestored1953 Porsche 356 Coupé and enteredthe Concours.

    The event also included the obligatoryformal banquet on the Saturdayevening, during which various prizesand awards were presented.

    Thanks go to Kathleen and JerryKeyser for their outstanding organisa-tion of this successful event.

    Gordon Maltby

    356 Registry USAPresident: Chuck HouseTel.: +1 714 418 07 79Fax: +1 949 567 45 10E-mail: [email protected]

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    Porsche Club 356 Sverige

    Following the Trail

    In 2004, the world’s oldest 356 Club,the Porsche 356 Club Sweden, cele-brated 30 years of existence with aspecial trip following the trail of Ferdi-nand Porsche. On 7th September, theClub members set out from Helsing-borg in 20 Porsche 356s for the firstdestination on their long journey: thestate of the art Porsche plant inLeipzig.

    The stops over the following days thentook the 42 participants right back intothe past. They visited Maffersdorf(Vratislavice), the birthplace of Ferdi-nand Porsche, and the school inReichenberg where he began his tech-nical education. They then made theirway to Gmünd, the birthplace of thePorsche 356, tackled the Katschbergand the Großglockner roads, stoppedat Helmut Pfeifhofer's museum and vis-ited the Schüttgut, resting place of thePorsche family.

    Porsche Design in Zell am See, thePorsche plant in Zuffenhausen and themuseum belonging to Porsche enthu-siast Dr. Räker in Lemgo were justsome of the many places the SwedishClub made for on their 11-day tour.Some of the Club members did morethan 4,000 kilometres in their vehicleson the journey – with no particular prob-lems. The Porsche 356s obviouslyenjoyed the trip too.

    Bengt Alsed

    Porsche Club 356 SverigePresident: Fredrik BrynteTel.: +46 (0)141 408 26Fax: +46 (0)141 408 26E-mail: [email protected]

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    Porsche Club 928 Deutschland

    Porsche Club 928 Plays Host to Anatole Lapine

    The guest of honour at the annual meet-ing of the Porsche Club 928 in Breisachwas none other than former Porschechief designer Anatole Lapine. Asbefits his status, he insisted on beingchauffeured in a sports car of his owncreation – a wish that Club PresidentGunther Kussauer was only too happyto grant.

    Our first destination on 10th Septem-ber was the Schlumpf motor museumat Mulhouse in France. After our visit,we crossed the border back into Ger-many for lunch. We then set off to ourhotel in a convoy of around fortyPorsche 928s. Many people took theopportunity to take photos of AnatoleLapine with their Porsche. Some ofthem even had him sign their Porscheor the owner’s manual.

    The afternoon saw a visit to Europe‘slargest winery, the “Winzerkeller” inBreisach. After an informative tour andan extensive wine tasting session, wemet up back at the hotel in the evening,where a buffet was waiting for us. Afurther highlight was provided by thesinging talents of Club member UweBlass, who gave fine renditions of hitsby Frank Sinatra, Elvis Presley and NeilDiamond.

    The Sunday was set aside for theClub’s annual general meeting, beforea souvenir photograph in front of thecathedral in Breisach brought to anend this event, which had been suc-cessfully organised by Horst Haller andhis son Michael.

    Roland Kurtz

    President: Gunther KussauerTel.: +49 (0)700 928 928 928Fax: +49 (0)221 54 40 28E-mail:[email protected]

  • Porsche Club News 1/05


    Porsche Classic Club Belgium

    Conversion of the Conservatives

    I believe that most Porsche ClassicClubs are dominated by two differenttypes of people: The traditionalists,who are only interested in Porschesfrom the 1950s and 1960s and theyoungsters, who restore and collectclassic cars and revere them as his-toric treasures. Other than a love ofold Porsches, what the two groupshave in common is the belief that, justas water belongs in the river, theengine belongs at the back.

    People with this attitude must be a realchallenge for a guide at the Porscheplant in Leipzig; after all, none of ushad previously taken the Cayenne seri-ously. Neither the breathtaking archi-tecture of the Leipzig plant nor thehearty welcome and excellent tour hadchanged our opinion. However, whatfinally caused us to see the Cayennethrough new eyes were the drives onthe racetrack and off road. Thisresoundingly confirmed what VolkerSpannagel from the Porsche Club Co-

    ordination said: “The Cayenne is simul-taneously a genuine sports car and agenuine off-roader.”

    Porsche Classic Club BelgiumPresident: Walter PauwelsTel.: +32 (0)34 55 08 94Fax: +32 (0)34 54 22 27E-mail: [email protected]

  • Some call it classic sports car restoration.

    We simply call it craftsmanship.

    Original factory restoration with Porsche Classic parts.

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