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recovery and moving after a marathon is difficult for many runners especially those who don't make it into the recovery area, Light Manual Muscle Relaxation offers a simple do it yourself recovery system

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Recovery Massage and the Marathon Runner and Walker 2012 Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist

How seriously do you take your marathon running and how seriously do you take your recovery afterwards? I worked at a Marathon in the massage area on Sunday 14 October and out of 120 or so people all were students except me and their instructors

The Aims of After Marathon Massage To help the athlete with some mental and physical support in after marathon letdown To help the muscles clear of the micro-cellular debris caused by the physiological and physical aspect of running a long distance To bring the mind/brain/nervous, venous, lymphatic/muscular and skeletal systems back together so that the athlete can get home as quickly as possible

It is not a place you go to have miracles of recovery done on you-it wont happen! The runner after a marathon After a marathon and the mental and physical effort of running it, most runners have nothing left in the tank to barely move, they have literally crashed and they dont have any idea how they are going to get home. The mind brain, nervous system, venous system and all other systems in the body are not working or are working independently of each other, and all the runner wants to do at this stage is to be able to move the legs so they can get home If you are one of the lucky few who make it to the massage area you may actually get someone who knows how to do this and the rest of you will just have to hope you do! In the marathon recovery area The time usually allowed for the athlete on the massage table is 10 minutes as the lines are so long as so many people need assistance, and out of the people who actually need help from a run of 30,000-? There are only possibly 2-300 people who may arrive at the massage area. This leaves the other 29000 odd people still on the road or staggering back home to look after themselves in a world of total pain and no idea how to get out of it.


Recovery Massage and the Marathon Runner and Walker 2012 Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist Does this scenario sound familiar to you? Having just finished a marathon and are sore and feeling sorry for yourself so need a bit of recovery help and go to the massage area, it is cold breezy, and without heating. You join the line waiting for your turn with a therapist in your running gear, hot and sweaty, tired and sore with the draft flowing over your body taking the heat away and cooling you down rapidly-the heat is being radiated from you, and after a while, you start to notice the cold and start shivering. Waiting, waiting, waiting, waiting, and eventually you gain a place on the massage table, and with great difficulty (you have stiffened up and the aches and pains are being felt even more) you have to take your shoes off groan! Then climb up on the massage table (it didnt look so high before) and have a thin towel thrown over you to warm you up (funny how you dont feel any warmer just feel colder and shiver more) You trust that the person doing the massage knows what they are doing with you as they put the cold oil on your legs, and start rubbing it in, and rubbing deeper and deeper working into the muscle tissues to help get rid of the micro-cellular debris. You cant feel how deep because you pain perception is not efficient as the cold and shivering mask the pain you may be getting from the damage being caused by deep tissue being worked into by untrained fingers. Eventually, the rubbing stops and your time is up how long has it been-15 or 20 minutes? Now try and get off the table, you are colder and stiffer than you were before and can hardly move, you whole body has seized up. Try and get those shoes on now, and you probably have problems bending down fitting them because the feet have swollen then have got them on, there may be problems standing up again. You shuffle away longing for a wheelchair or a Zimmer frame thinking about the pain and stiffness that are going to follow over the next few days Lets just look at some of the issues that affect or may have affected in the massage area


Recovery Massage and the Marathon Runner and Walker 2012 Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery SpecialistThe runner stands in long line waiting-waiting-waiting Lesson #1 Not too many runners cover up after a run because they have just finished

and it may be a long way to pick up warm clothes after the finish, so the recovery area the area which is usually may be in a breezy area is the first stop for them. Radiated Heat

When you are hot and sweaty or wet and you stand in a wind or breeze you are losing heat as the breeze passes over the skin and damp running clothes which cools you down rapidly, this can lead to heat being drawn from the body core and leads you towards Hyperthermia, it also makes the muscle cool faster than they should.The ideal- prevention

Dry off and change into dry warm clothes, this makes you feel fresher and cuts down on the radiated heat loss.Lesson #2 Choice of therapist

You get given the therapist you are directed to and have no choice in the matter, you could finish up with a massage student with a week of training, or someone like me who has been working in recovery like me for years and worked with some of the top runners in the world and got their recommendation and trust. The student is there because they have to be as they have to learn, someone like me is there because I want to be there to help the runners the best they can.The ideal- prevention

You have invested a lot of time and effort into your marathon training and run you should invest in getting your partner or a friend to train up, or have someone like me with you but this can be an expensive exercise and can cost you a lot of money. The next best thing is to learn from me and use the benefit of my experience, and if what I do is good enough for top runners like Yiannis Kouros, Cliff Young, Sandra Brown, Jesper Olsen to name but a few, then it is good enough for you. I cant teach you personally but I can teach you through a manual I have produced and is available from my websiteLesson #3 Inadequate Covering

When you go down on the table you have to take some clothing off anyway so that the therapist can do the recovery work, and they only cover you with a thin towel because the budget doesnt run to anything else as the demand for massage is so high. Some events I attended in the United States issued space blankets to reflect radiant heat back to the body to maintain warmth


Recovery Massage and the Marathon Runner and Walker 2012 Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery Specialist Radiated Heat

You are now lying prone and not moving-before you were moving around talking to other runners about the run and shuffling forward towards your table spot. You are going to get even colder and stiffer because you are lying down you offer more skin space to the atmosphere.The ideal- prevention Cover with a blanket to slow the loss of heat and allow the body to cool down slowly so it can readjust itself to the new conditions. Lesson #4 NOT testing the massage oil and creams

Many people do not test the oil or cream before using it to see whether or not the runner is allergic to it, if they are using cheap or added aromatherapy oils, this can provoke a sudden and quite violent reaction, it is not easy to remove the oil when it is already spread all over the legs. Get the therapist to check first by putting a drop of oil on the inside of the wrist where the skin is quite sensitive then if a reaction shows then only a very minute patch of skin is affected by the redness, rash and itchiness that may occur. Oil and creams being used on runners legs-Some other considerations

Whatison, Teena "Pain Relief Cream." Pain Relief Cream. 8 Apr. 2011 17 Oct. 2012 . Oil and creams used on the legs during or after a marathon can have other problems associated with them They can act as road grit magnets. If the weather is hot they can act as a magnifying glass intensifying the suns rays, and burning the skin, this can lead to a flow on effect of tightening the muscles. If the weather is cold, they can attract cold into the musclesPutting creams and oils on the legs during a recovery massage Heat loss through conduction

At the same time the body is losing heat through radiating it from the body, heat is also lost when cold oil is applied to the skin, it warms up by pulling heat from the deeper tissues in the muscles. Heat loss through friction

If enough oil is not used to provide slip between the hands of the do-er and the skin of the do-ee friction causes the heat to bring hot blood to the surface where it quickly loses heat that has to be made up by warmer blood being brought to the surface of the skin where more is lost. 4

Recovery Massage and the Marathon Runner and Walker 2012 Michael Gillan Ultra Marathon Recovery SpecialistThe ideal- prevention

Dont use massage oils and creams in recovery massageLesson #5 Oil and Road Grit should not mix

When you are running a marathon and your skin is moist road grit stick to the lower legs and forms a film When it is mixed on the skin with oil, it forms an abrasive paste which can cause micro-tears on the skin as the skin is rubbed allowing bacteria on the grit to enter the body, this can also happen as the paste gets forced in through the hair follicles and can result in a problem cal