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  • 1. Running: London Marathon Age:27 Running for:Anthony Nolan Trust Fundraising target:1700-2000 Training:I train twice a week with my running club, which includes interval and hill training. I do a long run every Sunday and try and do a few easier runs during the week. I am running about 40-45 miles a week. I have completed two half marathons to get used to the crowds. Target time:Under 3.30 hrs Current training diet:I have been eating a lot more since I started training, but I have been keeping to a healthier diet with plenty of fruit, vegetables and protein. Before a long run I have plenty of carbs the night before and a big bowl of cereal, toast and energy drink pre-race. Best piece of advice:Listen to your body if you get an ache or pain missing the odd run is not going to harm your training . What I wish Id known:That training would take over three months of my life. Experience:This is my first marathon Tom Mullenclient services manager, Client Services Sponsor Tom:

2. Running: London Marathon Age:30 (on the day of the marathon) Running for:International Childcare Trust Fundraising target:2000 (but raised 2363 so far) Training:Running about 30 miles a week, as well as three spin classes, one weights session and one swim. Resting heart rate now 45bpm. Target time:Under 4 hours Current training diet:What I mainly eat. Porridge every morning, lots of pasta, bananas, blueberries, nuts, protein shakes. Gave up smoking and alcohol (alcohol only temporarily). Best piece of advice:Increase distance slowly What I wish Id known:How expensive it was going to be (100 for a pair of trainers on top of kit, protein shakes etc). Experience:I have never done anything like this before. I only started running last February. I have completed two 10km races and have run a few half marathons in training. James Lawtononline sales executive, Sponsor James: 3. Running:London Marathon Age:35 Running for:Clic Sargent Fundraising target:2000 Target time:4 hours Training:I'm running about 40 miles a week and rather than supplementing this with any gym work, I clean up my childrens mess. The latter is by far the more punishing of the two. Current training diet:Im making extensive use of red wine and bar snacks, as apparently, both are rich in carbohydrates. I also eat porridge every morning, which Im enjoying slightly less. Best piece of advice:Dont do it, you idiot. As usual, I didnt listen. What I wish Id known:Id always assumed the London Marathon was essentially just crowds of jolly people running past, just like the BBC makes out. But veteran runners tell me its more like a scene from Apocalypse, with all manner of bodily fluids lining the streets and half dead bodies. So thatll be nice.Experience:None, although I did win a bronze medal in the Salisbury schools mini marathon when I was 10. Jim Larkinresearcher, Estates Gazette Interactive Sponsor Jim: 4. Running:London Marathon Age:30 Running for:National Deaf Childrens Society my nephew Noah is deaf. Fundraising target:2000 Target time:4 4 hours Training:All running and what seems like all the time about 30-40 miles per week.Current training diet:Healthy eating and not too much booze or coffee! Carb loading in the lead up to a long run. Best piece of advice:Enjoy it. What I wish Id known:How much food people give you along the way. Experience:This will be my second London Marathon. Beth Pooleyexhibition coordinator, Salon Exhibitions Sponsor Beth: 5. Running: London Marathon Age:30 Running for:The Katie Piper Foundation, founded by my sister to improve the delivery of an advanced rehabilitation and burns clinic in the UK. Fundraising target:1000 Training:My training isnt really happening as it should. Ive been working at RBI-US in Denver for the past seven months. I ran the Denver Marathon in October, but over the last few months temperatures have been as low as -24C without the wind-chill factored on top, so Ive only managed a few runs on the treadmill. Im going to be relying on past experience to get me round. Target time:4 hours Current training diet:I always try to eat healthy, but leading up to the marathon it will be more carb-focused. Best piece of advice:Be prepared for the last 6 miles, which are entirely a mental battle. If you believe you can succeed then you will. What I wish Id known:Im always learning new things through running. Right now Im looking into forefoot running and trying to adapt to that. Experience:This will be my 9 thmarathon. Every one is a huge challenge and the level of mental and physical strength required can never be underestimated. Paul Piperweb analyst, Global Web Operations Sponsor 6. Running:London Marathon Age:44 Running for:British Heart Foundation Fundraising target:1000 Target time : 3.5 hours Training:Three runs a week, with 4-5 gym sessions including swimming, as I am aiming to do a triathlon this year as well. Current training diet:I eat a healthy balanced diet apart from when there are cakes or biscuits around, which is quite often with my team. Best piece of advice: Its always good to set yourself a challenge and this is a great way to rise to the challenge, raise money for charity, enjoy the day and hopefully achieve your goal. What I wish Id known:Ive done it before so now I know the pain Ill have to go through Experience:Normally run one a year or if not at least a half marathon or something silly like the grim challenge. Kevin Stewartonline services manager, Operational Development Sponsor Kevin: 7. Running:London Marathon Age:30 Running for:Action on Addiction and Help for HeroesFundraising target:I have a ballot place so I dont have a target in mind, but Id like to raise as much as possible. Target time : Under 5 hours Training:Im running 20-30 miles a week including a long run at the weekend. I train with my local running club or run home from work. Current training diet:Sticking to a healthy balanced diet, avoiding alcohol and only carb loading on Friday nights in preparation for the long weekend runs. I have a chocolate milkshake post long run. Best piece of advice: Invest in a Garmin, its changed my training regime completely. Experience:Ran the London Marathon in 2008 and four half marathons. Jane Shackleton marketing manager, Sponsor Jane: 8. Running: Brighton Marathon Age:33 Running for:Rainbow Trust Fundraising target:750 Training:Running four times a week totalling 30-35 miles although the distances are increasing, plus play squash once a week. Target time:Anything under 4 hours would be nice. Current training diet:Same as usual with regular Nandos and Haribo supplements. Best piece of advice:To get running shoes that fit properly I lost eight toenails during and after my first marathon. What I wish Id known:How bad the weather was going to be over the past few months motivation to go outside in shorts and t-shirts has been low. Experience:This will be my third marathon. Joe Turnerfinancial accountant, Finance Sponsor 9. Running: Brighton Marathon Age:38 Running for:Rainbow Trust Fundraising target:1000 Training:Around 25 miles a week currently, but I am training for an ultra marathon later this year so will peak around 60 miles. Target time:Under 3.30 hours Current training diet:Just loads of anything I can get my hands on. I dont really change my diet, I just eat more of everything. Best piece of advice:Its all in the head What I wish Id known:Its all in the head Experience:This is my fourth year running and I have done three marathons and one ultra marathon. Ive decided this will be my last season. Stephen Desmondhead of content, Totaljobs Group 10. Franco Calpado deputy news editor, ICIS

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Running: London Marathon Age:26 Running for:MS Society Fundraising target:2000 Training:I am not a member of gym but I am running about 60km a week. Target time:Under four hours Current training diet:I eat a lot of rubbish, and often. I have no intention of changing my diet. Best piece of advice:Spend money on a good pair of trainers, in the long run its worth it. What I wish Id known:How difficult it is to plan your training around work and a social life. Experience:This is my first marathon