Maps and Globes: An Introduction

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Transcript of Maps and Globes: An Introduction

  • 1. How do we know where we are?

2. How do we get
An Introduction
4. Early explorers had little to guide them.
Many people even thought the earth was flat!
5. Early cartographers (mapmakers) had different ideas of what the world looked like.
6. This is an early map of North and South America.
Click on it to see how it compares to what we know today.
7. Click this ancient map of Africa to see how different it is from reality
8. After a while, some camearound to thinking differently
9. A Round Earth
What an idea!
10. What can we do with these tools?
11. We can discover the area where we live and go to school
12. We can tell How tall mountains are
13. Where the Oceans Are
14. And all kinds of wonderful places!
15. We can use the grid of lines called Latitude and Longitude to find any place on earth!
16. How Precise Can We Be With Latitude and Longitude?
17. Go From Here.
To Here
18. Satellites orbiting earth can take amazing pictures!
19. We can use these pictures to better understand our world, and how to get around this big place!
20. Look at this picture from space
Its a giant map of the world made out of sand!
21. We are even learning how to map the world outside of earth
22. 23. Click on the globe to find a map anywhere on earth!