Manufacturer and Supplier of Automotive Part, OEM Pulleys, OEM Water Pump Assembly,OEM Oil Filters

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Allena Group is a leading manufacturer and supplier of Automotive Part, OEM Pulleys, OEM Water Pump Assembly, OEM Oil Filters, OEM Exhaust Manifold, OEM Air Filters, OEM Auto Elbows, OEM Filter Head, OEM Compressor Mounting Brackets

Transcript of Manufacturer and Supplier of Automotive Part, OEM Pulleys, OEM Water Pump Assembly,OEM Oil Filters

  • 1. Allena Group, an ISO / TS 16949-2009 certified company was established in 1976.

2. Delhi Punjab Allena Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd., Delhi Est. 1976 Guru Dave Industries, G.T. K. Road, Delhi. Est 1984 Guru Dave Industries, Kirti Nagar, Delhi. Est 2004 Allena Auto Industries Pvt. Ltd. Plant II, Mohali. Est 1996 Allena Auto Grooved Wheels Division, Mohali. Est 2004 3. Plants :- Allena Auto Industries Pvt.Ltd. Delhi 1976 B-68,Wazirpur Ind.Area,Delhi Punjab 1996 C-116,Phase-7, Ind Area, Mohali Punjab 2004 D-164,Phase-7, Ind Area, Mohali Gurudave Industries Delhi 1984 BGF-7,Dilkhush Industrial Estate, G.T.Karnal Road,Delhi Delhi 2004 A-20-21, DSIDC Packaging Complex, Kirti Nagar, Delhi Office:- Chandigarh Delhi Jamshedpur Pune Chennai 4. Original Auto Parts Manufacturer and Supplier. Certified with ISO/TS 16949 . Supplier to most of Original Equipment Manufacturers. Reckoned for being a client centric company. Equipped with competent and focused team members and workers. Self certified vendor of Maruti Suzuki India Ltd , Tata Motors Ltd and Subros Ltd. 5. To be a world class corporate and to work constantly for furthering the interests of its stake holders . 6. Customers :- To consistently work for customer satisfaction and to create lasting relationship by providing superior value for their money. Employees:- To create an organization that incubates and promotes innovation and excellence & to work towards improving the quality of life of its employees. Suppliers:- To establish a lasting relationship so as to produce quality & competitive products for the ultimate benefit of customers and its end users. Community and nation:- To proactively participate in reshaping the country's economic growth, to become internationally competitive and have positive approach towards environmental protection. 7. 1976 1977 198 0 1985 1986 1990 1996 1998 ALLENAAUTO INDUSTRIES PVT. LTD., Delhi established Major Customer Enrolled - M/s HMT Tractor (with CHEZK REPUBLIC). Major Customers Enrolled - M/s Escorts, M/s Ford Tractors. Major Customers Enrolled - M/s TATA Motors, M/s Kirloskar Engine, M/s Simpson (Perkins). Major Customer Enrolled - M/s Maruti Udyog Ltd. Major Customer Enrolled - M/s Punjab Tractors. Established new plant at Mohali (Punjab). Major customer enrolled- M/s International Tractors Ltd, M/s Gujrat Tractors Ltd. 2002 Accreditation: ISO 9000. 8. 2003 2004 2005 2007 200 8 2010 2011 Major Customers Enrolled - M/s Subros Ltd., M/s Mahindra & Mahindra, M/s Delphi Automotives Ltd Established new plant Grooved Wheels at Mohali Major Customers Enrolled - M/s Lucas TVS, M/s Indofarm, M/s Caterpillar, M/s Tafe Ltd. Accreditation: ISO/TS 16949:2002 Major Customer Enrolled - M/s ZF Steering Gear India Ltd. ALLENA became single source for TATA NANO for four components. ALLENA became single source for CUMMINS B 3.3 ENGINE for five components ALLENA developed three components for EICHER LCV PLANT, Pithampur. Major Customer Enrolled - M/s Ashok Leyland, Rudrapur. Major Customer Enrolled - M/s Volvo Eicher, Major Customer Enrolled M/s Bridgstone TVS Ltd., Gurgaon 2012 Major Customer Enrolled - M/s Trelleborg Automotive Asia, Noida 9. Men: Learning organization, think "customer", respect for Individual, feeling of ownership Low cost, High Skill Technically qualified & professional management Motivated and committed young work force Means: Sound financial health Good banking relations Infrastructure Methods: Management by objectives Responsibility and accountability accepted by management Efficient process design capability Continuous training on Japanese best practices like TPM, TPS, 5S & Kaizan Machines: State of the art machines Reliable production equipment Preventive and predictive maintenance system Measurable: High customer satisfaction Low development lead time due to in-house pattern and SPM making facilities Stringent Quality controls at incoming, in process and customer ends. Relevant certification, TS and ISO Sales growth Sustainable profitability Growing customer base High production efficiency Escalability in production Inventory control 10. Cluster Approach: ALLENA is a part of numerous clusters to get training inputs in a group environment. This helps in constant benchmarking of processes against Maruti and Suzuki groups and also in maintaining a healthy competitive spirit. MACE: In FY04-05 we joined the Maruti Centre for Excellence cluster with the objective of achieving World Class Levels in terms of Quality, Cost , Technology and lean management. TPM: In FY 07-08 ALLENA joined the cluster group of Subros for MUL commonly known as MASSIF (Maruti and Subros Supplier Improvement Forum) to acquire guidance for implementing TPM activity and related Japanese Best Practices in the organization. Training : ALLENA is committed to meeting customer requirements by implementing its Quality Policy through training and involvement of all its employees. Internal & external training on 5S, Kaizen, SPC, MSA, PFMEA, APQP, PPAP are all being percolated to the lowest level in the organization to achieve active involvement of all members of ALLENA family. At the same time, management development courses on leadership, motivation etc are conducted to promote the overall growth of employees and to promote an amicable but highly charged environment. 11. ALLENA Group pledges itself to maximize customer satisfaction by continual improvement through ongoing development manufacture and sale of cost effective and quality products of international standards. ALLENA strives for continued improvement in quality, new product development efficiency and productivity within all its plants. It has strong commitment to improve quality of life of its people through improved work practices and social welfare schemes. 12. Having realized the importance of WYMIWYG, we at ALLENA have strived to employ the right Gauging and Inspection Instruments from day one. Profile Projector 3D CNC Co-ordinate Measuring Machine (CMM) Surface Roughness Tester Digital Height Gauges Digital Vernier Calipers and Micrometers Air Gauges Hardness Tester Micro Image Analyzer 13. The main objective of ALLENA is to attract, motivate and retain high performing people in all areas of our business. All employees are encouraged to be innovative, participative, contributing to the growth of the company. The staff values integrity, openness, support for others and is committed to highest standards of achievement. Production, 514 Inspection/Q AC,40 Others, 30 14. 21% 21% 10% 9% 12% 5% 5% 3% 5% 4% 3% 2% Chart Title TATA MARUTI SIMPSON SUBROS ESCORT EICHER TAFE ITL MAHINDRA & MAHINDRA TVS CATERPILLAR OTHERS 15. 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 2007-08 2008-09 2009-10 2010-11 2011-12 2012-13 729.30 788.35 875.95 1070.14 1500.13 2000.58 16. 0 500 1000 1500 2000 2500 3000 3500 '06-07 '07-08 '08-09 '09-10 '10-11 '11-12 3374 1949 1262 760 130 125 3000 1500 1000 500 250 100 PPM YEAR PPM TARGET 17. TATA 692 (30 micron) TATA 697 (COMPLETE) TC IC (20 micron)TATA 692 (30 micron) TATA 697 (COMPLETE) TC IC (20 micron) TATA RTV SPACIO TATA 407 TATA 497 EURO III (20 micron) 18. TATA FILTER ELEMENT (30 MICRON) TATA RTV ELEMENT (SPACIO) TATA 407 ELEMENT 19. TATA 497 EURO-III (GENSET) TATA 497 EURO III (GENSET) TATA 697 SPIN-ON ESCORTS SPIN-ON 20. TYPE: - VERTICAL MILLING CENTER MODEL: - LV - 55 MAKE / MADE: -LMW AVAILABLE QTY.: - 04 TYPE: - VERTICAL MILLING CENTER MODEL: - TURBO 450 R46 MAKE / MADE: - BFW AVAILABLE QTY.: - 02 21. TYPE: - CNC TURNING CENTER MODEL: -PILATUS - 20T MAKE / MADE: - LMW AVAILABLE QTY.: - 08 TYPE: - VERTICAL MILLING CENTER MODEL: -BMV45 - T20 MAKE / MADE: - BFW AVAILABLE QTY.: - 14 22. TYPE: - VERTICAL MILLING CENTER MODEL: -VF- 30 - SURYA MAKE / MADE: - BFW AVAILABLE QTY.: - 04 TYPE: - VERTICAL MILLING CENTER MODEL: - VF 30 - AKSHARA MAKE / MADE: - BFW AVAILABLE QTY.: - 04 23. TYPE: - VERTICAL MILLING CENTER MODEL: - CHIRON (USA) MAKE / MADE: - VMC AVAILABLE QTY.: - 03 TYPE: - VERTICAL MILLING CENTER MODEL: - DMG (GERMANY) MAKE / MADE: - VMC AVAILABLE QTY.: - 01 24. TYPE:- GENERATOR 500 KVA & 250KVA MAKE / MADE:- 10K 18TA (KIRLOSKAR) QUANTITY:- 02 TYPE:- CNC / CMM MODEL:- P-20 MAKE / MADE:- BROWN & SHARP (USA) SIZE:- 500 x 700 x 500 AVAILABLE QTY:- 01 25. TYPE: - CRACK DETECTOR MACHINE MODEL: - MEGNAFLUX AVAILABLE QTY.: - 1 INHOUSE SPMs PRODUCTION FACILITIES 26. WE ARE MANUFACTURING SPMs AS PER THE COMPONENTS WE ARE MANUFACTURING SPMs TO CONTROL CPK VALUES 1.4 1.5 27. PRO-E SOFTWARE CNC USED FOR TOOL ROOM Product innovation is the main focus of Allena Group . It has a complete range of software including Pro-E, Auto CAD and CNC for in- house pattern making. 28. LEAKAGE TESTING MACHINE 29. Oil Filter Test Equipments Particle Efficiency Test Rig With On line Particle Counter As per ISO 4548- 12 Burst Test Equipment 30. Mean & Max Pore Test Equipment Hydrostatic Pulse Durability Test Equipment along with oscilloscope Oil Filter Test Equipments 31. ASSEMBLY LEAKAGE TESTING Filter Element End Leakage Testing Assembly Leakage Testing 32. PARALLELISM CHECKING SEAMING PROCESS 33. BEST VENDOR AWARD FROM M/S MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED BEST CLUSTER VENDOR AWARD FROM M/S MARUTI SUZUKI INDIA LIMITED 34. BEST QUALITY FROM M/S SUBROS LTD. PUNE (2007- 2008) BEST VENDOR AWARD FROM M/S SUBROS (2008-09) 35. BEFORE: - Existing 16 components: - W.P. Body, Pulley, Impeller, Shaft, Oil Seal, Spacer, Plug-2, Cir clip, Bearing-2, Bolt, Spring Washer, Nylon Nut, MS Washer, Unitized Seal. AFTER: - Presently 8 components: - W.P. Body, Pulley, Impeller, Plug- 2, Bolt, Spring Washer, Unitized Seal, Shaft Bearing (FPS-14). Rate reduction Rs. 50/pcs Supply start from 4.08.2003. PREVIOUS SCHEDULE WAS 2000 PULLYES PER MONTH. AFTER IMPLEMENTATION, ALLENA BECOMES SINGLE SOURCE FOR 17000 PCS. PULLEYS PER MONTH T