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  • His Arthashastra is the most remarkable and comprehensive treatise on political economy throghtout the Hindu period. Vishnugupta, popularly known as Kasutilya or Chanaky, was the prime minister of Chandragupta.
  • Kautilya considering the king as the most important element of state goes to explain in detail the qualities, duties and powers of a king which can enable him to become a sucessful ruler. If we consider the Kautilyan state to be a modern day organisation and his king as its CEO, then the insight given by Kautilya about what constitutes an ideal king would be very useful in deciding of moder day CEO.
  • The leader should be able to attract followers. The leader should have the qualities of intellect. The leader should have the qualities of energy. The leader as Rajrishi. The leader as Vijigishu. The leaders concern for people. Leaders use of Dand for negative as well as positive reinforcement.
  • Manav Dharma Shastra is one of the ancient Indian texts of high authority and merit which touches upon almost every aspect of human life. It was written in a period of great transition when old ideas were changing, yielding place to new ones. It fall between 200 B.C and 200 A.D Manu talk about leadership, industrial relations, wage, trade, pricing etc.
  • Manus theory of leadership is based on trait, behavioural and contingency approach. Manu equates a leader with all the forces of nature combined together and thus having the power and ability of having a profound influence over his followers.
  • Characteristics of an effective i. Indra ii. Vayu iii. Yama iv. Surya v. Agni vi. Chandra vii. Kuber
  • Manu has proposed Three dimensional behavioural theory of leadership. i. Ist Dimension Concern for the followers ii. IInd Dimension Concern for the system discipline iii. IIIrd Dimension Self discipline of the Leader The leader as a yuga srishta 1) Kali yuga 2) Davapar yuga 3) TretaYuga 4) sat yuga
  • According to Manu, a leader to ensure effective performance from his followers, should define his leadership style after considering four aspects of situation. I. Desh II. Kaal III. Shakti IV. Karya
  • Mannu said about trait theory that leader should be like indra, vayu, yama, surya, agni, chandra and kuber. Kautilya gave a theory about that leader should be able to attract followers. Leader should have the qualities of intellect, energy.
  • Mannu gave an behavioural approach of effective leadership of three dimensions. Kautilya said at the same time the leader as a rajrishi and vijigshu.
  • Mannu said as contingency theory which says that leader should seek for Desh, Kaal , Shakti and Karya. Kautilya said that he understands that merit of all action is in relation to situation.
  • Manusmiriti gives the understanding of Transformational and visionanry leadership. According to Manu to be a good ruler the king should regulated his lifestyle in proper way. Manu preponded three theory of leadership-Trait Approach,Behavioural Approach and ContingencyApproach. Qualities of leader Indra,Voyu ,Yama, Surya, Agni, Chandra, Kuber.
  • KAUTILYA had rational approach to governance and statecraft. He conceptuize the state and the office of the kingship to human artificts.Also his model of the human being was very reaistic. Qualities of leader - Leader should be able attract follower. Quaities of intellect.Qualities of energy. He should have pleasant personality.
  • Manu and kautilya had conceived the state as a seven inned. Both had define the various qualification an ideal king should posses , duties of the king in adminstrative legal financial religious and miitary field. Manu and Kautiya might be of considerable help in creating sn honest politician.They also help in maintenance of law and order. At last both belive in the adage YADA RAJATATHA RAJA
  • Nancy Madhu Parveen Kanupriya MBA-IIst SEM Group-B
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