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    Alys G

    Charlotte M

    Eleanor H

    Emma H

    Evelyn C

    Farrah G Spring Term Edition 2020

    Mash Up!


    The Coronavirus is an infectious disease that is something that has never happened before. It is thought to have started in a market in Wuhan, China. It has now spread into pretty much every continent and the numbers of people getting it is going up every single hour of the day. People are now protecting themselves from it but it is very dangerous for older people or those who already have health problems. In the news it has been quite hectic because it is something that we have never experienced before. The symptoms are: if you are feeling short of breath (as if you just ran House Cross Country), if your temperature is getting higher and having a persistent cough which gets more croaky over time.

    By Emma H

    Nicole H

    Olivia A

    Olivia T

    Rose W

    Sarayu T

    Tilly V-P

    A Message from the Editor

    Mrs Nicole Burroughs

    This edition comes to you with apologies for its lateness! When one of our

    reporters, Emma H, wrote the article below about a new illness called Corona-

    virus, we had no idea how our Spring Term at The Manor would end! We

    missed our final session of Manor Mash Up Club when the school had to close

    and lockdown swiftly followed. Now I have finally had time to pull together

    the fantastic articles, puzzles and quizzes produced by the awesome Manor

    Mash Up team… thank you all for your efforts and I hope everyone enjoys

    reading our ‘lockdown edition’. Have a HAPPY EASTER and stay safe.

  • *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up ***

    By Mary N

  • *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up ***

    By Olivia A

    My Interview with - Mr Jackson!

    T H S G R S F G T S H L R G

    H F D T S D T R E Y S A F H

    E U G D Y Y U S J T E U D O

    M N F E G D R S F T E G E M

    A C O M P U T I N G L F S E

    N D W E R T D F G T S D F W

    O A E D T W E T G Y D Y G O

    S F R E Y O T T F R S F N R

    F D E G R N F R D S R M T K

    D D E G G E E E D Y Y T E L

    E D F Y R D E G E F R S C A

    D S R F G H Y T R D G T H U

    D R F S E F R I E N D S N G

    G E O G R A P H Y F R D F H

    F F R D E D F G T D S D L T

    S A R F G T D S F R H Y R E

    D S E F G F D S D R F G G R

    S F T E D R A R R Y G D E F

    These are the words you have to find:

    F U N

    W O N D E R F U L

    T H E M A N O R

    L A U G H T E R

    S C I E N C E

    E N G L I S H

    G E O G R A P H Y

    F R I E N D S

    C O M P U T I N G

    By Olivia A




  • *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up ***

    By Alys G & Rose W


    You will be one of these; Dog, Lion, Bunny, Monkey or Peacock.

    1. What power would you have? A. The world’s greatest jumper

    B. Be the greatest at wrestling in the world C. Be the fastest in the world

    D. Be able to be invisible E. Be the prettiest in the world

    2. Which colour do you prefer? A. Pink and purple-ish colours

    B. Red and orange and yellowish colours C. Green and red

    D. Brownish and blackish and greyish E. The other colours

    3. What is your favourite food? A. Veg

    B. Protein C. Sugar D. Fruit

    E. Seeds

    MOSTLY: A = Rabbit / B = Lion / C = Dog / D = Monkey / E = Peacock

    Answers 1. B 2. C 3. A 4. B 5. B 6. C

    By Alys G

    ?! QUICK QUIZ !?

    1) Where was the first Olympics? A. Spain - B. Greece - C. Africa

    2) Which era was 1068 in? A. Victorian - B. Tudor - C. Medieval

    3) When did King Henry the 8 marry his first wife Catherine Of Aragon? A. 1509 - B. 1505 - C. 1500

    4) Queen Elizabeth I was a Catholic? A. True - B. False

    5) When did WW2 start? A. 1940 - B. 1939 - C. 1930

    6) Which of these is not a Welsh word? A. Iaith - B. Cymru - C. Forrhe

  • *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up ***

    By Tilly V-P and Farrah G

    By Eleanor

  • *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up ***

    By Tilly VP, Farrah G, Sarayu T & Nicole H

  • Once there were two girls. One was called Marie. Marie loved going on adventures and singing. The other girl was called Jane. Jane loved to draw and design stuff. This story takes place on the 13th of July 2002, when the girls are both 17.

    “Mum have you got my notepad and pen?” shouted Jane from her bedroom. “Oh silly me I almost forgot it!” said Jane’s Mother from the kitchen. Jane was packing her enormous purple suitcase to go on an adventure that her best friend, Marie, insisted on going on. Their adventure was: to find the Golden Flower; hidden deep inside a chamber in the middle of nowhere.

    When they got to the place where they said to meet, Marie got there 20 minutes early because she only lived 12 minutes away. Jane on the other hand lived 26 minutes away. When Jane saw Marie she said “What have you got in there?!” pointing at her suitcase. Marie replied with... “ Well I’ve got a toothbrush, some toothpaste, a bottle of shower gel, pyjamas, a tent for us to sleep in on our journey… and so on!”

    So when their bus arrived they hopped on the bus and their parents went to stay in a hotel in Boliv- ia (that’s where Jane and Marie were going) to wait for their kids to find the Golden Flower. On the bus Marie saw a person in a black hooded cloak looking at her and she saw that they had a knife in their pocket… but Marie didn't mind. Marie laughs in the face of danger!

    When they arrived at the airport they went to the burger place and had a burger. Then they got on the plane. It was a very long journey but they got there alright. When they got there they had to first find the right rainforest. When they found it, they set off to find the Golden Flower. They set off through the trees and vines until nightfall. “ We have to find a place to sleep tonight, Marie…” said Jane nervously. “ Ha!, you’re kidding right!” said Marie with a laughing tone in her voice. “N- No?” whispered Jane. “It's fine if you’re scared Jane. We can go back if you want” said Marie. “No I don't want to go back, I mean you’re never too late for an adventure, right?!” Said Jane.

    So they carried on walking until they got too tired to walk anymore. They found a hollow tree trunk and put their sleeping bags underneath. They snuggled in and fell into a deep, deep sleep…

    When Jane woke up, at first she screamed a very high pitched scream which sent rock birds flying and parrots squawking their heads off. Marie woke up with a start and said “WHAT ON EARTH WAS THAT FOR?”. Jane just shrugged and apologised.

    After that they carried on walking… until they found a temple... the Temple. And right there, glow- ing as brightly as the sun was the Golden Flower…

    Find out more about Jane & Marie in the Library!!!!

    *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up ***

    By Olivia A

  • *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up ***

    By Charlotte M

    1. I’m tall when I’m young and short when I’m old, what am I? 2. I dry by getting wet, what am I?

    3. If a rooster sits on top of a barn and lays an egg which way does it roll? 4. What begins with E and only has one letter in it?

    5. What word becomes shorter when you add 2 letters? 6. What is so fragile that saying its name breaks it?

    7. How many months of the year have 28 days? 8. What has 88 keys but cannot open a single door? 9. Who shaves 25 times a day but still has a beard?

    10. What begins with “T”, ends with “T” and has “T” in it? 11. What gets bigger the more you take away?

    12. Mary has four daughters, all of them have a brother, how many children does Mary have?

    13. Three men were in a boat, it capsized and all of them fell out, only two of the men got wet hair, how did this happen?

    ANSWERS 1. A candle 2. A towel 3. Roosters can’t lay eggs! 4. An envelope 5. Short (+er) 6. Silence 7. All of them 8. A piano 9. A barber 10. A teapot 11. A hole 12. Five, the daughters all have the same brother 13. One of the men was bald

    By Evelyn C &Olivia T

    S EC

    R ET

    C O

    D ES

  • *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up ***

    By Evelyn C &Olivia T

    By Alys G & Rose W

    S EC

    R ET

    C O

    D ES

  • *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up *** Manor Mash Up ***

    This is about house captaincy and why pupils in Year 6 should have a go.  It is heaps of fun!  You learn a lot about leadership

    skills  It is a good experience  You get to meet and spend time

    with new people

    H O

    U S

    E C

    A P