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AgriculturAl hAndling solution

A pAssion for fArmingAs partners to the farming industry for more than 20 years, we know your business is both fascinating and demanding, and that each undertaking is unique. By your side every day, we take your concerns on board so that we can be sure youll be able to find within our farming range THE Manitou you need. The MLT 627 all-terrain telehandler has dimensions which are very compact. It will enable you to carry out all your farm handling operations: animal feed, harvesting, bulk loading and unloading, etc. Stud farms, nurseries, cereal production or any operation where space is restricted, you will appreciate all the qualities of this machine. More than just a handling solution, Manitou offers you a product which both looks good and is comfortable to use. The MLT 627 benefits from innovations thought up by our engineers and designers: JSM*, low cab, ECS**, etc. In short, you gain both in comfort and productivity. When you choose Manitou, you can count on a fork lift truck which will operate over the long term. You also benefit from all the services offered by your local dealer: After-sales service, maintenance contracts, onsite repairs, personalised leasing and finance solutions, etc. Why all this? Because, like you, we take pleasure in a job well done!

A real agricultural handling solution

* **

Joystick Switch and Move, patent applied for by Manitou BF Easy Connect System: hydraulic decompression of the accessory line



pErformAncE on Your doorstEp2700 kg:the mlt 627s maximum capacity allows you to move up to 2.7 tonnes.

simply compact!Very compact dimensions allow you to reach even the most confined areas of your farm. With widths ranging from 2 m to 2.17 m, the MLT 627 provides easy access to your buildings and allows you to work in areas that others cannot reach.

2 widths:2.01 m with 20 tyres or 2.1 m with 24 tyres. You choose the dimensions that best suit your needs.

3 heights:You choose the height that suits you thanks to the range of models proposed.

goes anywhereThe MLT 627 is equipped as standard with agricultural treaded tyres. Visually, they underline its dynamism and provide the machine with total traction in all types of terrain. Versatility then becomes an everyday part of your life.

in accordance with your requirementsEvery farm has its particular needs: 20 or 24 tyres, compact cab or high cab, you have the machine you need.



You fEEl good...Farming has changed a lot, handling as well. The interior of the MLT 627 leaves nothing to be desired with its superb bodywork. The driving position has been thought through and is a model of ergonomics: it is fitted with a cloth seat and the steering column can be adjusted in height and depth. So its you that chooses your driving position. Ventilation outlets, sun visor, roof screen, air conditioning, etc. all help to provide you with a comfortable working environment. Exclusive to Manitou, JSM with adjustable armrests allows you to control all your movements with one hand in total safety and without causing fatigue: raising and lowering the boom, discharging and digging with the bucket, hydraulic movements on the accessory, and moving in reverse. You always keep one hand on the steering wheel to maintain full control of your MLT. Because silence is a factor in well-being, we give great importance to the soundproofing of the cabs (only 79 dB). Sound insulation is provided by quilting on the roof and walls and insulation of the engine block. The dashboard has an analogue display which gives all the information you need during your working day: hour meter, speed, oil temperature, fuel level, etc. Compact machine, but spacious cab. We have not compromised with regard to the space you have available: you will feel at ease in your cab and appreciate the time spent at the controls of your MLT.

...but you have to go home in the end!



EAch to thEir own stYlEAdapting to your requirementsAdapting to everyones needs what we are about. Thats the reason you can choose between 3 levels of finish: Classic, Premium and Elite.

Because all your requirements are legitimate, Manitou provides you with complete peace of mind in all versions of the MLT 627. In the Classic version, your comfort is increased by: Cloth-covered mechanical seat Rear-view mirror Car radio

You are not just opting for a Manitou, but for your Manitou... The Premium finish is differentiated by a number of practical and well-thought out equipment items: Pneumatic seat CD/MP3 car radio Air conditioning Rear-view mirror Easy Connect System

The Elite version speaks for itself and offers you the most exclusive way to work with a Manitou: Pneumatic seat with active suspension Bluetooth radio Air conditioning Boom suspension Rear-view mirror Easy Connect System



optimising the power of your engine

suitAblE powEr, modErAtE fuEl consumptionEach telehandler must have a suitable power unit to give you the best engine/machine torque: too little power and you lose efficiency, too much power could increase consumption to no effect. The Perkins 4 cylinders, 4.4 l Turbo 100 HP (74.5 kW) is an example of an engine which goes well with the MLT 627. Its perfectly adapted power/weight ratio gives you exceptional performance through the torque converter transmission. Because power is not an end in itself, all the components of your machine (power unit, transmission, axles, hydraulics and tyres) are combined in such a way as to optimise the power produced by your engine. Whether operating or travelling, the flexible and extremely precise 4-speed mechanical gearbox allows you to travel at speeds up to 32 kph*.* Speed varies according to national legislation.

100 hp:the 100 hp of your mlt 627 gives you moderate fuel consumption daily thanks to its ideal power/weight ratio.

4 speeds:flexibility and precision are the watchwords with the 4-speed mechanical gearbox which allows gear changing under load.



working quickly and well

You will hAvE spArE timESave yourself time to concentrate on what matters - thats Manitous philosophy when it comes to handling. Speed of execution of movements and ease of getting started are concrete examples. The 100 l/260 bar hydraulic gear pump provides exceptional quickness of movements for a machine of this size. Combined with JSM and height adjustable armrests, it enables you to achieve fast working cycles. To go even quicker, Manitou offers you a machine which is simple to use. Quick and easy to learn (JSM, controls perfectly placed), your machine is your first ally in your search for productivity. Manuvrability remains your main asset! The MLT 627 can access every recess of your operation. With four steered wheels, the dimensions of your machine and its excellent turning circle make it easy to enter and leave your buildings. Your productivity and safety are dependent on the accessories suited to the performances of your fork-lift. In developing our machines, we qualify the accessories which will give you optimum efficiency and which comply with current standards. Sweeper-picker, bale clamp, multifunction grab bucket, boom, silo unloader-distributor bucket, etc. Manitou supports you in all your applications.

Handling cycle timemovement rAisE boom lowEr boom dEploY tElEscopE rEtrAct tElEscopE unloAd dig time 6.65 s 4.88 s 4.80 s 3.02 s 3.16 s 2.99 s

20 seconds:Your mlt 627 allows you to carry out a full handling cycle in only 20 seconds.

4 x 4 x 4:4 driven and steered wheels = manuvrability for getting out of all situations.

100 l/min:the hydraulic gear pump, combined with the Jsm, delivers a maximum flow rate of 100 l/min for quick and accurate movements.



You ArE sAfEsorrY - wE dont dEsign toYsOur design department, employing more than 200 engineers and technicians, have specialised in the design of agricultural telehandlers for more than 20 years. With more than 50 registered patents, our knowledge and expertise with regard to chassis and boom structures offers you reliability and durability. We cover many different technical fields which perfectly relate to your requirements: manufacture of trucks, filing patents, qualification of components, in-depth testing before delivery, etc. Specialists in the agricultural world, we take the usage cycle of your machines into account during their development: the tyres, transmission and even the cooling system have been logically chosen and assembled. You are therefore using a machine which is 100% dedicated to agricultural use.

A machine 100% dedicated to agricultural use

the assurance of working in total safety

You ArE protEctEdYour working environment must above all be a safe area. The excellent stability of the MLT627 combined with the aggravating movement arrestor allow you to handle loads up to 2.7 tonnes with complete confidence. Your safety is further reinforced by the presence detector located in the seat. Travel movements are only allowed when you are sitting in the driving seat. The cab has been especially designed to protect you. Satisfying ROPS/FOPS* requirements, it can withstand rollover and heavy objects falling: it protects you if the driving compartment is distorted. The large glazed area as well as the high seating position gives you 360 visibility guaranteeing both your own safety and that of everyone around you.

* ROPS: rollover protection structure FOPS: falling objects protection structure



sEE furthEroffEring You mAdE-to-mEAsurE sErvicEsThe nearness and availability of a network of experts at your service. As far as Manitou is concerned, being near you means having a large network guaranteei