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  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    Mangosteen TestimonialsBelow are just a few of the hundreds of testimonials that we receive daily.

    ADHD/ODD and Depression: "I started taking mangosteen fordepression, and within a half hour I saw results in myADHD/ODD, sleep deprived, unmotivated 17 year-old son. After refusing medications fordepression, my son triedmangosteen... basically upon receiving our first order. Within a half hour he returned from his bedroom, energized,talkative and clearly uplifted (he even cleaned out my refrigerator and cooked dinner that night!). A couple hours later heindicated that he thought "this stuff" really helped. My son's 8 years of Ritalin use has been discontinued. He now sleepsbetter, has greatly improved school attendance. He is consistently working out at the gym, eating better and generallyfeeling better. I strongly suggest that you give this a try with your child."Cathie from Texas

    Arthritis: I am taking the Natural Home Cures Mangosteen for Arthritis and have been using mangosteen for almost oneyear. When I take it I do not have arthritis. If I go off of it for more than a couple of days, it kicks right back up. I also putmy elderly dog on it. He is acting like a pup again.

    Natural Home Cures has been amazing. Their prices are very reasonable and when you place an order it is received veryquickly. I rarely have had to wait past a week. When I have had either email or phone conversation with support they arevery polite, and responsive. I appreciate their service and product.(9:31 min Audio)Shelly BishopofHillsboro Oregon

    Arthritis: I have been diagnosed witharthritisin my hips, pain in my buttocks and down the back of my left leg which myfamily doctor presumed was sciatica. Before learning about Natural Home Cures, I came across a company called Xangoand was looking for a less expensive and more convenient alternative.

    After using your mangosteen product, I am now pain free and at a cost that I can afford. The customer service and aftercare support on all of my orders have been outstanding, encompassing both e-mail responses and telephone calls.(3:07min Audio)Cathy Sanford of Breaux Bridge Louisiana

    I have Arthritis and Gout and one of my friends who sells liquid mangosteen provided me with information that I was reallynot satisfied with. I did further research and found your company and mangosteen product.The Natural Home Cures Website was quite informative. The mangosteen was exactly what I was looking for. I wouldhave a gout flareup at least once every two weeks and had arthritis flareups in my knees constantly. The cost of $25.00 iswell worth the mangosteen so as not to have the pain that I had. Thanks so much for this product.

    (1:10 min Audio)Tommy Guidry of Lockport Louisiana

    Asthma: I was looking for an alternative to treat my asthma and was consuming the liquid form of mangosteen but it hadlittle effect. Within 4 days of consuming the solid form of the Natural Home Cures Mangosteen capsules at the rate of 4capsules a day I was starting to notice results.

    The Natural Home Cures Mangosteen has greatly improved my breathing and I would compare its effectiveness to asteroid without the steroid side affects. Also its more effective than most other asthma medicines I have used. Best naturaremedy I've tried so far.

    I am impressed with the knowledge of your staff and help that was offered. Price of the product is very fair. I plan to domore business in the future with you.(3:27 min Audio)Edward Kemena of Aliquippa Pennsylvania

    Asthma: I have been taking mangosteen since January 2006. My symptoms started to get better as early as the thirdday. MyAsthmais almost totally gone. I rarely use my inhaler now. My fibrocystic breast pain is gone too and [my] otherpre-menopausal symptoms. My neck pain and arthritic-like pain on my shoulder, back, neck and wrists are now gone. Irarely have to use any pain medication."Alicia from California
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    Asthma: "I have hadAsthmamy whole life. I have grown out of some of the allergies associated withAsthma, but when iis cold outside and I go out for even a little bit, I would wheeze in my lungs as soon as I would come inside and warm up. Ibegan taking the product, as was told it had anti-inflammatory properties. I was hoping that if would help myAsthmaevena bit. I started taking mangosteen daily. About two weeks later I started noticing an increased amount of energy. Aboutanother month after this I noticed that when I went out in the cold weather that I would not wheeze [much] at all aftercoming in from the cold. This product has helped my life out dramatically. My 81-year-old grandmother has been takingthe product for about 8 months. She is in good health to start with but after taking the product has a lot more energy. Shecan now hoe the weeds out of her whole garden without taking a break where as before she would have to do parts at atime. This product is amazing."Ryan from Alberta, Canada

    Arthritis, allergies and sinus: "I've been taking mangosteen since 9-1-06 for myarthritis, allergies andsinus. The onething I discovered recently was for myurinary tract infection. I've had this problem since I was 11 years old and I amnow 29. One afternoon before leaving for work, I started feeling pain. I could not urinate and when I tried it was painfulwith the burning feeling. I thought about calling in sick to work, but instead I wanted to experiment [and see] if mangosteen[would] work for [a] urinary tract infection. Within 30 minutes after taking it I had to rushed to the bathroom. Wow, what arelief, no pain. Usually when myurinary tract infectionacts up, it will take 2-3 days to get better with cranberry [juice],grapefruit juice and medication. Now, no more worries with mangosteen."Mike from Nevada

    Autism: "Our adult son Benjamin has autism. Over the years, he has had numerous behavior problems including bitinghis hand and screaming; hitting the walls; knocking furniture over; dumping his food; pushing and grabbing; tempertantrums; etc. If Ben were suddenly woken up during the night he would stay awake for about 2 hours with the first half anhour [spent] biting his hand, screaming and pounding the walls. Ben had numerous colds, strep throat and allergyproblems. He was on several antibiotics during that time. He hardly ate and dumped [over] his food usually duringbreakfast and/or lunch. Our doctor prescribed a very strong antibiotic called Vancomycin because of bacteria in his urinetest. After 10 days of taking the drug we saw no changes in Ben and he was still flipping out daily.

    On Friday, June 10, 2005 we gave Ben mangosteen. Within 24 hours Saturday, June 11, Ben ate all three meals andsnacks in-between without dumping any food. Over the weeks my husband and I watched with amazement as our sonlaughed and hugged us more. With the doctors approval we have taken him off Naltrexone, which was used [tocontrol]...hand biting, Gastrocrom (food allergies) and Benadryl. As of April 4, 2006 we have completely taken Ben offTegretol, which he took daily for 30 years. He has been more attentive and interactive with us. If he is suddenly woken upat night he doesn't bite his hand, scream or knock furniture over and he goes back to sleep. Plus, he has not been sick orhad to take any antibiotics for a year. He still has a very long way to go but the good days out number the bad. We thankGod for the mangosteen."Vince and Karen from Ohio

    I have stage 2 B Colon Cancer and I am not taking chemotherapy just the Natural Home Cures Mangosteen capsules.Before taking the Natural Home Cures Mangosteen my CEA cancer test was high at 10.4 as was my cholesterol. Aftertaking Natural Home Cures Mangosteen for only a short time my my CEA and cholesterol have now normalized.

    Your company has just been great to me, the product pricing is just right and the customer service support can trulyunderstand my needs. I think your company is just perfect as is your Natural Home Cures Mangosteen Product. Its trulyhelped my health.Evelyn Balisi, Waipahu HI

    Cancer: "I had breastcancerthat I was diagnosed in September of 2004. I found out about mangosteen after I had

    already gone through 7 surgeries and 8 months of chemotherapy. I have been taking mangosteen for several months now[and it has been] helping me tremendously. I go back and get acancermarker test every 3 months and the results havebeen excellent. The margins for acancermarker test [are] 0-39 the doctors want the scores to be under 39 my first onesince taking mangosteen...was (5.5). Great results!!! I am a survivor and plan to stay that way with mangosteen."Suzanne from Arizona

    Carpal Tunnel: "I have been a Dental Assistant for over 26 years. 6 months ago I was diagnosed withCarpal Tunnel. Myhands would go numb 5-6 times a day, lasting up to 30 minutes at a time. My sleep was interrupted with the mostannoying discomfort in my hands and wrists. No matter what exercise or ant i-inflammatory I took, the discomfort neverstopped, but got worse over time. I started taking mangosteen and after 10 days, I began to notice that my hands wereonly going numb about 3 times a day instead of 5-6. I began sleeping through the night and after 2 months onmangosteen, I am free from anyCarpal Tunnel Symptoms, except when I am driving long distances, gripping my steering wheel, or talking on the phone
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    for long periods of time, as I share my mangosteen experience with others. I think getting the word out to others aboutmangosteen is definitely worth the slight discomfort."Deneane from Washington State

    Chronic Pain: "For over 15 years, have had to deal withchronic neck and upper back pain, due to sport injuries when was younger. I am still very active riding dirt bikes, snowboarding, etc. Not wanting to slow down and live my life in sittingon the couch, I have seen numerous chiropractors and specialists over the years with very little long-term results. Tomake matters worse, I was taking anti-inflammatories to help with pain, like Advil, Bextra, and Ibprofen at least once ortwice day, usually four or 5 tablets at a time. Not good for the stomach: big time acid reflux problems. So, then I started

    taking Acidplex to help my stomach. To make a long story short, I was introduced to the mangosteen. I was still veryskeptical that it would help, but all the research was promising. Wow, after taking mangosteen for only 3 weeks I wasexperiencing great pain relief and my stomach was almost 100% better. After 6 months of being on mangosteen my over-all health has much improved and I am completely off both prescription drugs. This is a great product and I encourageeveryone to try it and see if it can help you."Charles from California

    Chronic Pain: "I have had RA since July 2000. I hadchronic pain24/7 and lost the ability to do many things such asstand and walk any great distance. Life had become one great misery. My lower back hurt continually because my kneescould no longer straighten out. By my third bottle of mangosteen, my lower back pain was gone. By 90 days mychronicpainwas rapidly decreasing. I have used mangosteen for the past 18 months continuously and I notice that strength andhealth are coming back into my body. I do not ever want to be without mangosteen. It has given a quality of life back tome that I was beginning to think would never happen again."Rosemarie from British Columbia, Canada

    Chronic Pain: "I have suffered withchronic painfor over twenty-five years. I have had several MRI's in the past fiveyears that show progressive deterioration of the cervical spine. Problems exist from the C2-3, C3-4, C4-5, C5-6 and C6-7ranging from modest to severe damage. The damage consist of degenerative disc disease, disc bulging, scoliosis of thespine, compressed nerve root foramina and also degenerative joint disease. I also suffered fromfibromyalgiaandmigraine headaches. Mymigraineshave caused me trips to the emergency room more then I want to remember. Onone occasion after three trips to the emergency room, my doctor put me in the hospital and on a morphine drip to helpcontrol the pain of theheadaches. That's how bad themigrainewould get. On the milder side, I have pain in my right hipwhich I use a protonic to ease the pain and strengthen the hip.

    At the age of 56, [my] quality of life was going down-hill rapidly. As time went by, my ability to do things became more

    difficult. By three o'clock in the afternoon, I had to resort to sitting on the couch and by 7:30PM I was in bed nearly 95% ofthe time. Going places in the car began to take its toll on me, the bumps in the road would cause compression in the neckand that caused more pain then I could handle. I was on celebrex, but that did not seem to help with the pain and wouldcause stomach upset, which in turn resulted in another pill...

    I was to the point of going in to have surgery on my neck, when a friend of ours introduced me to Mangosteen. I was veryskeptical. I started taking mangosteen in April of 2006 and by the second bottle the pain in my hip was gone. After thethird bottle, the pain in my neck was gone and I have not had severe attacks ofmigraine headachessince that time.Before mangosteen, I was on 12 different medications. Now, I am down to only two medications and I hope some day tobe totally off all medications."Melody from Nebraska

    Chronic Pain & Hepatitis C: "Im a 48 year old housewife & mother. In 1995 I started losing my health. I became very

    fatigued& started experiencingchronic painin my joints. After seeing many doctors I was diagnosed with hepatitis C. Ihad a liver biopsy and was told at that time that I had liver disease and a high viral level. Interferon treatment wasrecommended. I responded to the interferon, but it caused a lot of negative side effects. Laying on the couch or the bedbecame the difference between my days and nights while on treatment. This flu-like condition lasted through the wholeyear of treatment & along with foot & elbow surgery; [my] quality of my life was poor. When I finished the treatment it wasonly 3 months [until] I had back surgery because ofchronic back pain. I was just home from my surgery and the callcame from my hepatologist with the results of my blood test for the hepatitis C. I was told that the virus was replicatingagain and that I would need to go on treatment...

    This time there was a study going on with interferon and ribavirin combined. I waited 2 months to recover a little morefrom the back surgery and then started the study. It was so hard to stay on this treatment for another year and this time itwas worse. The anemia was too much to deal with and the bed ridden state was too familiar. The pain that I experiencedwas tormenting and the fever and flu-like symptoms just continued on again for that next year. After the second year's
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    treatment was over I was in remission of the hepatitis C and have continued in remission, thank God, for 5 years now.However my energy level and quality of life never came back. I battlepainandfatiguecontinually and felt like optimalhealth was something that was just out of my reach. Now I was dealing with aging & that brought on a new problem. Myestrogen level started decreasing causing me to develop frequenturinary tractinfections so my health was not gettingany better even though I seemed to have gotten the hepatitis under control. I started on the juice and soon noticed anincrease in my energy. My mind has always been very active and wanting to accomplish things, but after the illness, mybody would always argue and win and I'd do very little. All of a sudden I found myself doing just about anything that Iwanted to do. I had a great sense of well being and I had forgotten what that felt like for so long. I would have beenoverjoyed to have just that one improvement in my health but soon I found myself being able to breathe again withouttaking massive doses of allergy medicine that I had taken since my early thirties. It wasn't long until I noticed the arthritispain was gone in my hands & I wasn't having any urinary infections anymore. I can hardly comprehend how drastically mylife has improved in the last 5 months."Glenna

    Diabetes: I have type 2 diabetesand started using the famous brand X mangosteen for over two and a half years butfound that my sugars were climbing too high. I was also taking as much as 4 tablets of 500mg metforman a day whileconsuming brand X..

    In February 2008, after being introduced to Natural Home Cures Mangosteen my sugar was as high as 18 and in as littleas one week after taking your product it dropped to 7 with the doctor cutting me down to just 1000 mgs of metforman aday.

    I truly wish I had found Natural Home Cures 5 years ago as my brand X was costing me 250.00 a month, where NaturalHome Cures only costs $30.00 a month for both my wife and myself.

    My wife is also taking your product with good results and I must say that your customer service is also very satisfactory sokeep up the good work.

    (10:40 min Audio)George Lamothe of Gr Calumet Island Quebec Canada

    Diabetic: "I have been aType 2 Diabeticfor 15 years, taking 3 different oral medications to control my sugars. I startedtaking mangosteen in April of 2006. My average sugars were running 127 to 158 before starting mangosteen. The first 2-3weeks my sugars remained up at 130 to 146, but since those first 3 weeks my sugars have been below 115. Now inOctober my averages are running between 83 and 86. Not too bad for adiabetic."

    Bob from Kansas

    Diabetes: "My 11 year old niece developeddiabeteswhen she was two years old. From the day I started caring for myniece her blood sugars have been a serious problem. Most days she was above 300 in her blood sugars and had manyHIs, which are over 600. This could be caused because of the stress not living with her mom. The doctor was alwaysadjusting her insulin and I would adjust it, but by February of this year it seemed the insulin was not working. March 3rd,she ended up in the emergency roomshe had 3 HIs that day. It took 4 hours for the emergency room team to get herblood sugar down into the 200s by giving her 10 units of insulin intravenously every hour. On March 26 we wereintroduced to mangosteen. It was a couple days before this that my niece was put on a new insulin program. I startedgiving her mangosteen and her blood sugars were in the low 100s. If she did not get mangosteen she would go into the300 or 400s. One day the nurse at school called and said my niece was not feeling good so I brought her home. Herblood sugar was HI at lunch and when I got her home it was still HI. When she does not get mangosteen her blood sugarsrise even with insulin. We have a choice to either increase her insulin or use mangosteen. That's a no brainer!"Trudy

    Eczema: "In 2004 I was desperate to find something that would help my little girl'seczema. She had cracked bleedingtoes, and huge patches of red, itchy skin behind her knees. She would wake up at night and dig at her legs untilsometimes they bled. I would slather on a zinc ointment to get her to stop digging and that would usually stop the itch after10 minutes or so. I purchased a bottle of mangosteen and gave her some. This was mid-afternoon. That night she sleptthrough without itching. I was astounded that something could work that quickly when I had been trying things for so longand not finding results. We continued to give it to her daily with the same results. After three weeks her skin was smoothand had no more cracks, patches or itching. Thanks mangosteen!"Dana from Colorado

    Heart Palpitations: "I have suffered fromheart palpitationssince 2003. I went into the hospital one day with a heart rateof 220 beats per minute. I thought I was having aheart attack. I really did think that I was going to die. I was stabilized by
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    the doctors and put on medication. Over the next six months they ran every test they could think of. My heart, they say,was strong. No deposits, no angina, no defects. Unsatisfied with the findings I began to research. Then one day I met thisfellow in the parking lot of my local shopping center. He noticed my wife limping along beside me [and told me aboutmangosteen]. She suffers fromarthritisand had a hip replacement. We had tried everything to find her relief. Nothingreally worked. I told him to give me his card and if it worked... I'd be in touch. Otherwise I planned to never see him again.Much to my surprise, within two months Gail had some relief. After four months she was very excited about her results.She now had full mobility in her neck... something she thought was long gone. At the same time, I noticed that I wasgetting fewer and fewerpalpitation attacks. After five months, my attacks are gone. I just don't get them anymore. I havesubsequently researched more in this area and I can only surmise that the palpitations had something to do withinflammation. Needless to say, I will never ever be without this product again. As a side blood pressure droppedfrom 145/100 to 115/66 over this period. My doctor likes this and has asked me to send him some information."Reed from British Columbia, Canada

    Fatigue, joint pain, arthritis, and muscle cramps: "I have suffered for years with fatigue, joint pain,arthritis, andmuscle cramps. I was diagnosed withfybromyalgialast year and told I would be totally disabled within five years. Myenergy level was already at zero and declining, if that [is] possible. My husband came home and told me aboutmangosteen. I listened and discounted everything he said, thinking it was to good too be true. Within 2 weeks of takingmangosteen, my energy level came up, my muscle cramps are gone, mydepressionis non-existent, my bones don'tache, and [I have] no joint pain. I have gone from 16 prescriptions down to two.Roberta from South Carolina

    Hypoglycemia with severe migraines: "I am 29 years old and before taking mangosteen I felt like I wanted it mostly forpreventative purposes, but I had some minor health problems. I suffered from low blood sugar (hypoglycemia) with severemigraineat times, I also had some severe knee pain and after having a baby in March, I became very overweight. Istarted taking mangosteen the beginning of December 2005. At first, I did not notice any major changes, but within twoweeks, I began to notice an increase in my energy level. I also started to realize that my blood sugar was level and I didn'thave anyheadaches. Also, my knee pain, which had prevented me from being able to kneel down at all, was now totallygone! Best of all, I stood on a scale at Christmas and was so surprised; I had lost ten whole pounds. I believe in the healthbenefits of mangosteen and will not be without it."Shawna from Oregon

    Immune System: I was looking for something to boost the immune system and was recommended liquid mangosteenbut found that it was too expensive so I did an Internet search and came across Natural Home Cures Mangosteen. So mywhole family tried your product and it worked on my child and myself very effectively.

    Overall I am very satisfied with your website, pricing, quality, services and your very efficient on delivery. You carefullyanswered all of my questions and I am extremely pleased with Natural Home Cures Mangosteen.Ekaterina Panasenko Sugarland Texas

    Migraines: "I've had migraines for 30 years and since menopause have hadheadachesover half the month andsometimes more often than that. I have tried everything: acupunture, massage, feverfew, Tylenol, and then finally heavy-duty drugs like Imitrex and Fiorinol. I was also taking Atenolol daily to help prevent them, but they continued. I wasdepressed, angry and hurting most of the time. I felt so blessed when I'd have a good day without aheadache. When Idid have one Imitrex didn't always work and even if it did, the drug made me feel sick and listless. When Itook...mangosteen... I was convinced it wouldn't do a thing, but boy was I wrong. I didn't have amigrainefor two weeks!That had never happened. I was blown away, I feel like I am living in a new body."Valerie from Hawaii

    MS: "Imagine hearing a neurologist say, "you have MS". That's what I heard about 12 years ago and, until I discoveredand began taking mangosteen. I suffered a prickly sort of pain (like a foot or hand asleep) 24/7 in the left hemisphere ofmy head, frequent bouts of minor paralysis in my left arm and leg, and occasional sense of "listing" to the left side(equilibrium imbalance). After taking mangosteen over a three-week period, I noticed that myhead painhad gone awaycompletely. What a relief! In the past, stress, exhaustion, or anger could trigger my paralysis and force me to bed for aday or two--sometimes longer. Since I've been taking mangosteen, I have had stress, exhaustion and anger but none hastriggered any paralysis or loss of equilibrium during my six months on it. Today, I remain free of MS symptoms and I willcontinue to use mangosteen everyday."Joel from Kansas

    Stomachaches, constipation, diarrhea, and weight problems: "I suffered from daily stomach aches, constipation,diarrhea, weight loss (over 30 pounds), malnutrition and a strange genetic disorder which causes severe blistering on myhands and feet. With all the side effects from the prescriptions, I was really looking for something natural that wasn't going
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    to make me feel worse than I already did. There are currently about 65 different drugs for easing the symptoms that I dealtwith. I simply tried the product (without all the nasty side effects) and within a few weeks my symptoms were completelygone. I was completely shocked at how my health and life did a complete 180. I was finally able to go on living a healthy,productive life without being afraid to leave my home. You cannot imagine how wonderful that feels. After nearly a decadeof health issues, my life changed in just a few short weeks. I have been using the product for over a year now and havenever felt better. I have also not been on any prescription drugs nor have I been to the doctor in over a year!"John from Wisconsin

    Vasculatis: "I was diagnosed with Vasculatis and when I left the hospital in a wheel chair, paralyzed from the knees

    down, was told I never would walk again. With the help and support of my family, I started to use a walker, leg braces andankle supports to learn to walk all over again. I tried different types of medication to deal with the pain, which was there 24hours a day. Nothing worked. My doctor finally said there was nothing else he could do for me. Then some friendsintroduced me to... mangosteen. Within three weeks of taking it, I was able to get out of my chair at night without help andwalk around our house without holding onto furniture. The following week, I wasn't using my canewalking 3 daysstraight and wearing flat shoes. Still, no pain. Then the forth week, I was back in my high heel shoes. I am now living anormal life, pain free. I no longer use a cane, or any other device to help me walk. Noasthmamedications, no allergymedication, just mangosteen along with drinking lots of water."Barbara from California

    Whiplash and Migraines: "I was in a motorcycle accident where I ended up with whiplash. I was suffering from migrainesabout 3 times per week. A friend of mine told me that I should try some mangosteen and I am so glad that I did. My painwas gone 45 minutes after taking it. I was almost in disbelief. In 11 months, I have not had one singlemigraineheadacheand about 2 months ago I noticed something: I have not even had so much as a cold in 11 months and before I

    was sick at least 3-4 times per year. With 4 kids you usually get about everything that goes around. I am so thankful forbeing introduced to this wonderful product."

    Are All Mangosteen Capsules Created Equal?

    Mangosteen dietary supplements made their debut on the American market in 2002 and the productgenerated quite a buzz. Dubbed as the Queen of Fruits, it caught the attention of the public and sentshock waves across the globe from the realm of homeopathic medicine to the dietary supplementindustry. A number of companies were quick to pounce on the opportunity and before we knew it,various mangosteen products sprouted like mushrooms and were on the market. However, this

    discussion will focus primarily on mangosteen capsules and how the different products compare interms of certain criteria.

    Mangosteen is usually taken for holistic health and no one would argue about the substantial healthbenefits that can be derived from the fruit. The best mangosteen supplements out there aremanufactured from the rind of this superfruit. In order to make mangosteen capsules in the bestpossible way, the fruit is to freeze dried. This is because other antioxidant extraction methods likesolvent usage may cause significant damage to the quality of the antioxidants and the nutrients.

    Proprietary Blend - A Term Used To Hide The Fact TheBrand Contains Very Little Mangosteen

    You may notice that many companies are selling outrageously expensive mangosteen capsules.However, this actually highlights the abuse of consumer credibility because even though the bottlemay be labeled Mangosteen, it does not necessarily mean that you will be getting 100%mangosteen. As a consumer, you must be aware of the dubious practices of some greedy companiesthat are taking advantage of mangosteens immense popularity nowadays. For instance, if you lookclosely at the ingredients/supplement facts of some mangosteen products, you would notice that itsays Proprietary Blend Mangosteen. To a layman, nothing seems wrong as long as the wordmangosteen is present. However, the terms were expertly chosen to conceal both the true quantityand quality of mangosteen that you are getting.
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    Stay Away From Mangosteen Extracts As You're Only Getting An "Extract/Fraction"Of the Real Mangosteen Benefits With These Products

    Some products are candid enough to disclose that what they are offering is simply a mangosteenextract. Again, there doesn't seem to be anything wrong with that unless you know exactlywhat anextract is. An extract can be defined as a preparation containing the active ingredient of a substancein concentrated form. Extracts are often made by using a solvent such as ethanol or water. Simplyput, a mangosteen extract is not 100% mangosteen since it is mixed with other components (usuallyalcohol). In order to harness all the healthful benefits that mangosteen has to offer, you need morethan just an extract. You need the fruit processed in such a way that you dont lose the preciousxanthones that you are after. You have to isolate the xanthones and avoid interactions with othersubstances as much as possible so they dont lose their potent antioxidant properties.

    Now, you know how some companies are able to market their mangosteen capsules at a much lowerprice. Its quite alarming because such products get pitched all the time and a lot of honest health-seekers are spending their hard-earned cash on them without really reaping the true benefits ofmangosteen. This is a classic case wherein paying less is not always best as there are several thingsto consider when making a decision as to which brand of powdered mangosteen supplement to gowith.

    The Natural Home Cures Super Formula, Fast Acting Mangosteen, comes in bottles of 120 capsules(515 mg/capsule). This is in sharp contrast to other brands on the market which offer as few as 60capsules. Still others may offer a few more capsules but you would have you to take two of theircapsules just to achieve the recommended dosage. It is important that you do not allow yourself to befooled by advertisements and marketing ploys which may convince you to purchase low-qualitymangosteen capsules.

    Mangosteen capsules are an easy way to maintaining good health. However, it is important to note that theyare only as good as their processing, the environment they are grown in and the ingredients that go into themanufacturing process. The best form of mangosteen capsules are produced with nothing more than the rind

    and are contained within naturally made capsules. The mangosteen capsulesoffered by Natural Home Cures aremanufactured from mangosteen harvested in a large farm in Thailand. The fruits are grown without pesticides, herbicides,or synthetic fertilizers. The mangosteen and its pericarp are processed with the highest standards of quality and you canrest assured that what you are getting is 100% mangosteen along with all the benefits that this superfruit has to offer.

    Mangosteen 'Free Trial' Scam Offers:The Anatomy Of The Scam & How To Avoid Them

    Scams are common and somewhat ubiquitous on the Internet, especially in the mangosteen market.And while some of these 'free offer' scams are quickly found by authorities, often times they openback up under a different business name within hours of being shut down.

    Let's get more familiar with the anatomy of the 'free trial mangosteen' scam, some of this may soundfamiliar. First, you receive an enticing offer to try a new mangosteen product in which all you have topay for is the shipping and handling (a nominal cost). During sign up, you are presented with otheroffers such as paid magazine subscriptions, a paid membership to the site (which should be your firstwarning), free upgraded mangosteen products and/or almost anything else under the sun. Onceyou've completed the necessary steps, which include providing your credit card number, the steel-cage door is shut, so to speak, and you're locked into the scam. This is where the nightmare begins.
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    Now, you know that given the terms of your agreement, if you don't cancel within 30 days you'll becharged for the next months' subscription. Unfortunately, there is no way to cancel. You look for anemail address, telephone number or any other contact information only to find that all you have is acompany name, website address, and physical post office box location.

    However, being Internet savvy, you know that you can find the information you need by going to theInternet Domain Registry and doing a search for the domain name but once again you will havereached a dead end; when you get to the domain registry you will find that the web site address is

    unlisted. The only real way to get the information is to either be in law enforcement or know someonewho is.

    Once you have the contact information of the company (however it is that you get it) you'll likely findan out of service message when you try to call them. If you're enough lucky to get a live person onthe phone you'll be put on hold and transferred from one person to another like a ping-pong ball untilyou give up and, in the end, wind up with some hefty phone charges for your trouble.

    You now realize that phoning is just a waste of time and you decide to file a dispute with your bank.This could take ages before anything gets resolved because the banks themselves cant trace and/orverify transactions from these bogus companies. Finally, out of sheer frustration and disgust, you

    decide to cancel your credit card. All the while, your credit card has been charged multiple timesbecause you're locked into a subscription and you end up paying 4 or even 5 times the price that youwould have if you had just purchased Natural Home Cures Mangosteen.

    Moving forward, the whole ordeal has taken about three months to 'fix' and you're stuck with at leasttwo months worth of product that you can't return. Since you can't get your money back you decidethat you may as well consume the product you've purchased but to your dismay you learn that thesupplement you paid so much for is inferior and the actual mangosteen content is almost non-existent!

    Thats how these scammers make their money, by selling cheap products and locking you into

    subscription plans. This happens more often with mangosteen juice than it does with pills becausewith the juice you only need to add water to dilute it and unless you have access to a product testinglaboratory (which few people do) you will never know if you're drinking over-priced water or amangosteen supplement.

    So how do you know which companies won't scam you? First off, never believe those 'freeoffers'. We all know that nothing in life is truly free. Natural Home Cures does not offer freemangosteen. Instead, our mangosteen is priced below our closest competitor's product (as you willlearn in a few minutes).

    The second thing you need to look for is how long the company has been in business. A

    company which is not above-board will be here today and gone tomorrow. They will have no provenhistory of how long they have been in business for because most of them will be less than a year old.

    The third thing to look for is how prominently contact details are displayed on their website. Isthere a mailing address and a working telephone number that you yourself have verified?

    Natural Home Cures has been in business for 5 years and our contact information isprominently displayed on almost every page of our website. In fact, if you scroll down to thebottom of this page you'll see just what I'm talking about.

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    The fourth thing you should make sure to look for is if the company lets you buy their product asyou need it or if you are forced into paying a monthly charge for your mangosteen 'subscription'.Alternatively, the site may automatically renew your order every month but not officially lock you into amonthly contract: either 'choice' should be considered unacceptable.

    Natural Home Cures only offers a buy as needed option with our products: you are neverlocked into a fixed recurring monthly charge.

    The last thing to look for is the companies' money back policy. Most companies typically offer youonly 30 days from the date of purchase to return your product. This means that by the time youreceive the first order your return window will have already expired. Returning the product under thebest of circumstances, of course, hinges on you being lucky enough to find the companies' contactdetails.

    Natural Home Cures differentiates itself from its competition by offering you the longest moneyback guarantee in the industry: we let you try our product for up to 4 months.

    The sad truth is, most companies that offer free trial mangosteen supplements are scammers. Theyjust want your credit card number in order to lock you into a monthly subscription that, if you'd read all

    the fine-print, you wouldn't have signed up for in the first place. They sell inferior products and don'tcare about your health or well-being. Natural Home Cures is different: our product is made from 100%mangosteen pericarp (the rind of the fruit) which is where all the beneficial compounds are found. Ourdrying process preserves all those healthful compounds and we sell the end result to you at a fairprice. There's no paying for water with us. With Natural Home Cures, all you pay for is pure, driedmangosteen. Don't believe me? Look us up, read ourtestimonialssection or better yet, call us withany questions that you might have. I think you'll find our reputation for selling top quality products atcompetitive prices is well deserved. And, if you're not satisfied with our product simply send it back --no contracts. No fuss. No questions asked.

    Is Your Mangosteen Irradiated?

    Irradiation is a high-tech way of treating the mangosteen you consume through the use of 10 kiloraysof ionizing radiation a bacteria-killing surge of energy equal in power to 150 million chest X-rays.The purpose is to kill, fungi or bacteria, insects (specifically, the Asian fruit fly that is transported fromAsia from food entering into North America) and to prevent agricultural cross contamination. Thedrawback to irradiating food is that it depletes many different vitamins: A, thiamine, B2, B3, B6, B12,folic acid, C, E, and K as well as some amino acids and essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Inaddition, carcinogens can also be deposited in irritated foods, which you then consume when you eatthe food.

    In recent experiments conducted by German government scientists, one of these chemicals, 2-

    dodecylcyclobutanone or 2-DCB was shown to cause genetic damage when given to rats andgenetic and cellular damage to human and rat cells. Two other chemicals in the cyclobutanone family2-TCB and 2-TDCB were also shown to cause genetic and cellular damage to human cells.

    Only whole fruits such as those found in liquid mangosteen juice need to be irradiated. Dry,powdered mangosteen pericarp that Natural Home Cures offers is not irradiated so you can restassured that with Natural Home Cures you will receive only 100% non-irradiated mangosteen.
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    The Dirty Little Secret About Mangosteen

    Thailand and the Philippines are the worlds largest suppliers of mangosteen fruit and also one of thebiggest users of pesticides in the South Asia region. Most of the pesticides are imported;73% fall into the WHO hazard category I: Ia - extremely hazardous or Ib - highly hazardous.A further 33% are category II - moderately hazardous.

    The three main insecticides used are the organophosphates monocrotophos, methamidophos, and

    methyl parathion, all of which contain carcinogens and other pathogens. Human consumption ofthese pathogens, over time, could result in various deadly diseases.

    Before you purchase a liquid mangosteen or any other mangosteen product for that matter, ask

    yourself this question: "How clean is my mangosteen?"

    The most nutritious part of the mangosteen is the pericarp (rind or skin) because of its rich xanthonecontent. Chemical pesticides sprayed on the mangosteen tree will end up on the fruit, especially theskin. Determining how heavily sprayed the fruit is and what pesticides were used is often difficultbecause most companies get their pericarp from fruit canning companies. These companiescan/bottle the pulp (white inner meat) and throw away the skin as waste material, which is then

    swept off the floor and sold to companies looking for pericarp. Since these large canning companiespurchase their fruits from many different farms, the quality of the pericarp will be inconsistent. Thecleanliness of the factory floors is also a concern.

    Natural Home Cures Mangosteen is 100% High Quality, Clean and Chemical Free

    In fact, we pride ourselves on it! Why would anyone market a product that does not maintain qualitystandards all the way from the harvesting to the end consumable product.

    Our mangosteen is grown on one large mangosteen farm in Tha iland. Its grown without chemicals(that means no pesticides, herbicides, or synthetic fertilizers). The mangosteen and its pericarp areprocessed with cleanliness in mind. Although our product is not labeled organic because the fieldshaven't been certified by a US organic certifying agency, as our farms are not within the UnitedStates, they are certified by BCS Oko-Garantie. This means that they meet the inspectingprocedures, applied inspection, and control procedures of the Japanese Agricultural Standard ofOrganic Agricultural Products (JAS) of the Japanese Ministry of Forestry and Fisheries (MAFF). TheJapanese organic standards are very similar to those of the United States (and more strict in someareas). With our product, you can rest assured that no pesticides are being sprayed on the pericarpand that the processing of our mangosteen product is of the highest quality.

    So, the next time you think about purchasing your liquid mangosteen or any other mangosteen forthat matter, ask yourself this question: "Does the mangosteen you're consuming come with anydirty secrets?"
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    Pictures of How The Natural Home Cures Mangosteen Product is Manufactured
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    Mangosteen Harvest Crop Sorting, Cleaning and Peeling Pericap Transported To The USA

    Left: This is our crushing and encapsulatingmachine. It takes the pericarp from above,crushes it down to a powder, thenencapsulates it and puts it into bottles.

    Right: The bottles then pass through alabeling machine, where a final inspection ofthe product is carried out before it is shippedto you

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    Welcome Natural Home Cures Mangosteen

    20 Reasons Why You Should Be Consuming Mangosteen

    (1) Boost Your Energy

    (2)Reduce & Diminish Pain

    (3)Loose Weight

    (4) Fight Heart Disease

    (5) Fight Free Radicals(6) Fight Chron's Disease

    (7)Fight Hypertension

    (8)Improve Digestion/Stomache

    (9) Improve Urinary Tract

    (10) Improve Oral Hygiene

    (11) Ease Asthma

    (12) Fight Diabetes(13)Improve Mental Awareness

    (14) Fight Allergies

    (15) Fight Infections

    (16) Fight Depression

    (17) Improve Skin Health

    (18) Improve Eye Health(19) Lower Cholesterol

    (20)Prevent Kidney Stones

    One of the newest, hottest topics in health food supplements today is mangosteen!The whole fruit of a mangosteen contains its primary nutrient compound,xanthones: naturally occurring, high-potency antioxidants found primarily in the peel/hull of the fruit.

    Mangosteen has been revered for centuries as "Asia's Queen of Fruits". Of course, you don't need to take ourword for it.

    Here is "The Top 20 Healing Secrets Revealed List"

    1. BOOST YOUR ENERGYThere's nothing better than feeling refreshed and energized all day long. Many people have the misconceptionthat beingtiredat the end of the day is a natural, normal part of lifeit's not! Mangosteen's potent nutrientsmay have you feeling and looking more refreshed and youthful throughout your day. If you want something thatpredictably and reliably provides a safe boost of energy, Mangosteen may be the product for you.

    2. REDUCE & DIMINISH PAIN - FIGHT INFLAMMATIONXanthonesare one of nature's most potent weapons in the war against pain. These compounds are super-charged anti-inflammatories that may work to keep your body in shape and healthy, the way nature intended!

    Chronic low-level inflammation can lead toType II diabetes,cancer,arthritis,alzheimer's disease,carpaltunnel syndrome,andheart diseaseto name just a few!

    As an added bonus,xanthonesmay also alleviate the pain associated with inflammation without resorting toharsh pharmaceuticals.

    3. LOSE WEIGHTDo You Shy Away From Handsome People Who Flaunt Their Fat-Free Muscular Bodies?Do You Find It Embarrassing To Shed Your Clothes At The Swimming Pool?Frustrated With The Way You Look In The Mirror?

    Studies show that being overweight plays a major role in health risks such as heart disease, respiratoryproblems, and hormonal imbalances.

    Over 66% of Americans age 20 and over are overweight by at least 20 pounds. Obesity is at an all time high asAmerica becomes the fattest nation on the face of the earth.

    Most of us could stand to lose a few pounds, or at the very least start down the road to a healthier lifestyle. Wehave become a nation dependent on fast food chains and quick-fix pre-packaged foods in order to accommodateour busy lifestyles.
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    If you've found yourself with a couple of spare tires around your mid-section, you probably know you should goon a diet. But you dread doing that because you don't want to have those hunger pains that you think inevitablycome with diets and weight loss.

    Some people think that eating salads every day is the only way to lose weight. Well, it's a good start, but, really,how long do you think it will take before you fall off this diet. Let's face it; you're not a rabbit, so why eat likeone.

    I've been through the gamut of fad diets, those fat burning pills that promise to take off 20 pounds in just 3days.... you name it, I've done it when it comes to weight loss. The problem was that nothing worked - none ofit, until now.

    Mangosteen may help to ramp-up your metabolism, turning you into a fat-burning machine. Combined withexercise and a proper diet plan you may be ablle to watch the pounds melt off.

    And guys, it's great for 'cutting up': who doesn't want a six-pac?It's time to start getting noticed, let Mangosteen supplements help you get there.


    Heart diseaseis one of those illnesses they call a 'silent killer'. That's because there's usually no indication thatanything is wrong until you have a heart attack! Heart disease has a strong genetic component and even healthygym-goers and runners are at risk. The antimicrobial and antioxidant effects of Mangosteen may help keep yourarteries free of plaque and structurally intact on a near microscopic level. Your heart is your most importantmuscle: you owe it to yourself to keep it healthy.

    5. FIGHT HARMFUL FREE RADICALSIt's been suggested that we age via oxidation: that means you can blame those wrinkles and grey hair on all thatoxygen you've been breathing in!

    Of course, you need oxygen to live but ironically the by-product of using up that oxygen can seriously damage

    your body. The less oxidation that occurs the less damage to you incur. Mangosteen is full of helpfulantioxidants such as catechins (the antioxidant found in green tea) which have been proven to be even moreeffect at fighting free-radicals than even vitamin A or E. Using Mangosteen today may help you start lookingyounger tomorrow.

    6. CROHN'S DISEASECrohn'sis a disease marked by intestinal inflammation. Take away the inflammation and relief will follow.Mangosteen's powerfulxanthoneswork to do just that, mangosteen may provid relief from this chronic disease.The less inflammation you have in your GI tract the easier it is for your body to heal and repair itself.


    Hypertension, also known as high blood pressure, is another one of those 'silent killers'. Even though it hasbeen shown to be largely genetic, you can take steps to protect yourself from its harmful effects.Arteriosclerosisis a condition in which plaque forms on your arteries, narrowing them and restricting bloodflow.Xanthonesmay work to counteract those plaque deposits thus negating some of the harmful effects ofhigh blood pressurewhile at the same time reducing the low-level inflammation that created thehigh bloodpressurein the first place.
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    8. IMPROVE DIGESTION AND YOUR STOMACH CONDITIONIrregular bowl movements, bloating and/or cramping?

    None of that feels very good. Help to improve your digestion with Mangosteen supplements. Since oursupplements are made from the rind of the fruit (where all the nutrients are) they are also bursting with fibrewhich improves regularity and helps to increase the amount of hydrochloric acid (stomach acid) that your body

    produces. As we age, our body has a tendency to produce less stomach acid which leads to cramping andbloating.

    9. IMPROVE THE URINARY TRACTIncontinencehappens in both men and women but for different reasons. In men, theprostatecan enlarge(benign hypertrophy) resulting in irregular urination and in women decrease in muscle tone causes muscles thatcontrol the bladder to become weak. Both of these conditions result in urine being 'left behind' so to speakwhich can lead to bladder infections. Although urine is itself a sterile fluid there's nothing stopping bacteriafrom using it as a breeding ground. Mangosteen has natural antimicrobial and antibacterial properties that mayhelp to keep your bladder infection free and much more comfortable.

    10. FIGHT MOUTH SORES AND ELIMINATE BAD BREATHIf you've ever had a mouth sore (also known ascanker soresor mouth ulcers) you know they can be a painfulexperience! The antibacterial compounds in Mangosteen may help to kill these sores. You only get one set ofteeth and remember that the leading cause of tooth loss is gum disease. Combining your regular brushing andflossing routine with our supplements may help you have healthy, squeaky-clean teeth and gums for years tocome.

    11. EASE ASTHMAAsthmais another one of those unfortunate diseases that seems to have a strong genetic component. Anyonecan suffer fromasthmaand it ranges from mild to life threatening. The only 'solution' available to you at thedoctors is the use of harmful corticosteriods and although there are manyasthmamedications on the market

    they are all just steroid variants with side effects ranging from oral and throat infections to weigh gain andlethargy.

    Thexanthonesin Mangosteen may offer another option in treatingasthma. These powerful anti-inflammatories may help to control the restrictive lung inflammation that createsasthmasymptoms. If you'relooking for an alternative treatment for your condition, try our Mangosteen supplements.

    12. FIGHT DIABETESOnce called "America's epidemic", this disease is characterized by a reduced sensitivity to insulin. While thereis no cure fordiabetes, it can be managed by lifestyle changes such as attention to diet and exercise. Chronicinflammation is one of the often overlooked aggravators when it comes todiabetes. Thexanthonesin

    Mangosteen may help via reducing low-level inflammation in the body thus may reduce your dependancy onanti-diabetic drugs.

    13. IMPROVE MENTAL AWARENESSAre You Not Able To Sit Down, Concentrate, and Remember Like You Used To?Are You Getting Irritated For Not Remembering and Completing Work Assignments On Time?Do You Often Forget Important Facts, Figures, Dates, People and Places?Do You Have A Hard Time Passing Your Exams Or Remembering Your Speeches?
  • 7/31/2019 Mangos Teen Testimonials


    If You Answered "Yes" To Any Of The Above Questions, Then I Have Good News For You

    In today's busy and competitive world wouldn't we all like to be at the top of our game?

    Mangosteen supplements may help you get there. The powerfulxanthonesmay reduce oxidative damageeverywhere in the body including the brain!

    Damage caused by oxidation is thought to be one of the leading cause ofParkinson'sand dementia in theelderly. Protect yourself by taking a dose of the antioxidants found in Mangosteen.

    In addition to that, Mangosteen may increase your energy and vitality so you're be sharp as a tack all day long!

    14. FIGHT ALLERGIESNot Able To Lead A Happy Life Because Of Excessive Allergies?

    Want To Badly Get Rid Of Your Allergy Problems, But Are Super Confused And Not Sure Where To EvenStart?

    You may be one of the masses who don't even realize that you have allergies!

    Did You Know: There are about 17 out of every 100 Americans that are allergic, or hypersensitive, to some

    substances which are known to cause unusual reactions.

    If you've been trying to figure out if your sneezing, wheezing and scratchy eyes are more than just a cold, youare in the right place!

    Allergies are caused by an overreaction of the body's immune system to what it considers 'foreign invaders'.Your immune system's common reaction is to create an inflammatory response to try and flush out the offensiveparty. This same sort of reaction happens when your eyes well up from cutting onions. The hallmark of anallergy though, is that the thing that causes the reaction isn't bad for you at all! (think pollen, dust or foodallergies).

    Mangosteen is a natural anti-inflammatory and may be used to treat your allergies without the harmful effects ofthose over the counter allergy medications.


    Bacterial infections may be easily conquered with Mangosteen supplements. That's becausexanthonesarenaturally antibacterial. Bacteria can often times be hard to kill as they have a trick up there sleeve called lateralgene transfer whereby any bacteria can incorporate genetic information from any other bacteria without beingits offspring. This means that if even a single bacterium survives a course of antibiotics or a barrage from yourimmune system it can transfer the relevant 'surviva