Manatee County Manatee County Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

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Manatee County Manatee County Greenhouse Gas Inventory Greenhouse Gas Inventory
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Transcript of Manatee County Manatee County Greenhouse Gas Inventory.

  • Manatee CountyGreenhouse Gas Inventory

  • Formula Grants The purpose of the EECBG Program is to assist eligible entities in creating and implementing strategies to:

    Reduce fossil fuel emissions Reduce total energy use of the eligible entitiesImprove energy efficiency in the building sector, the transportation sector, and other appropriate sectors

    Funding Opportunity DE-FOA-0000013 Pg. 5

  • ICLEIInternational Local Government GHG Emissions AnalysisThe Climate RegistryLocal Government Operations Protocol

  • Guiding PrinciplesRelevance ~ Include emission sources under governments control Completeness ~ All emissions within a governments operational boundaryConsistency ~ Identifying boundaries, analysis of data, and quantification are all consistent year-over-yearTransparency ~ Must have a well-documented audit trail Accuracy ~ Integrity of the information is vital

  • Major Greenhouse GasesCarbon Dioxide Methane Nitrous OxideHydroflourocarbonsPerflourocarbonsSulfur hexaflouride

  • Base Year Kyoto Protocol suggests 1990

    Key factors in the decision ~ Reliable documentationRecords availability

  • Organizational Boundary Operational Control Highly recommended for local governments

    Financial Control

  • Government SectorsBuildings and other facilitiesVehicle FleetStreetlighting and Traffic SignalsWater & Wastewater Treatment, Collection & DistributionWastePort FacilitiesAirport Facilities

  • Operational BoundariesScope 1 ~ Direct emissions Stationary combustionMobile combustionScope 2 ~ Indirect emissions Electricity purchasesScope 3 ~ Indirect emissions Employee commute, outsourced activities (especially those normally performed by a local government)

  • Quantifying EmissionsCalculation-Based MethodologyActivity Data X Emissions Factor = Emissions

    Measurement-Based MethodologyUsually CEMS (continuous emissions measurement systems)

  • Sample CalculationsMunicipal Building 1,250,000 KWh annually

    GasEmission Factor* (lbs./MWh)Total Pounds1,250 MWhCO21318.571,648,2131,250 MWhCH40.04592571,250 MWhN2O0.0169421*Source EPA eGRID 2005 data set

  • eGRID Subregion Representational Map

  • TotalPoundsConvert to Metric Tons (Total/2204.62)GWPCO2e1,648,213747.621747.62570.02585210.54210.009533102.95Total Tons751.11

  • On May 8, 2007, Governor Crist executed the multi-state compact

    establish a set of common protocols and support a common reporting system. The Climate Registry will ensure consistency and transparencybetween climate programs implemented by states and tribes as well as establish a high level of environmental integrity in emissions accounting, reporting, and verification.

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