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Manase Relax Please

Transcript of Manase Relax Please Part 2


Digitally signed by Ramanathan DN: cn=Ramanathan, c=IN, o=Commercial Taxed Dept Staff Training Institute,, ou=Computer Lecturer,, Location: Commercial Taxes Staff Training Institute, Computer Lecturer,Ph:9442282076 Date: 2008.01.31 05:51:23 +05'30'

U]&N X"ex mx!-rY" rL&T"R"]jR" T"L IISU T"V L"X'R! `T" `N"XeiP"... PeiP"... LP YjR" y'P _efeiPm `T"'ZeLX", Rmn'X... G GR'] GR'] SX cVL'[ SUehe L RjR"L. B]", C..? AjR AzmT'P S`X"eL&U `U[ `U[ m&T"e `L"zef\&R" G G]ehm TVU"L Cef\. T"UWL'[Pm TzRYL cV `RjRYL&U AL `T" `N"X BWnef\"L. yz &T" U AzR", AmT" yz C'X `N" G hZj'RLeh S"&U `T" `N"Xe L Rf&\". H &Xy..? G U'] &LyP", S 'LYN H&R" J `T" Gm&T" RV"W"L Cef\. `Rj&R J `T"'V `U G SY GY[ BT Cef\, `RuU"..? C&R", CjRe L'R'Vm TzuL. J '\ X", TeL y|eL"WP T"'] J'\ CWY Y"f]". pX S"yLehm n\h, TeL y|eL"W RVf RVf, G T"']'V mne `L"|eL zuU"..? G X"P &LyP".

APP"... ELP CWY Y"fV T"']'V EP&] mne `L"|eL"U U\j&T"] J X"T Cef\. BU"... EL T"'] J hyz &T"yzef\, T"L! G `N", R" CWYX"L Y"fV T"']uP &N J hyzm T"']'Vu `L"|R" X". TeL y|eL"Weh R"LzV"R Nj&R"c. A|R Y"W&U X" UTzu TeL y|eL"WP `N, &T"] RP'Y `L"|R'RPm `TV T"'] J CjR", CWYX"Le `L"|L&[! G &LyL... AY Jeh CWP"Lm T"'] f'Peh G Nj&R"c&R"|, yzjR Lm`TV T"']'V _ef X"P `L"|R". J Y"W B. TeL y|eL"W X"P `N, R" CWYX"L RjR T"']'V Te `L"|eL zuU" G &LyP". A'R H &LeLL..? &S EL T"'] `Nm&T"or! G\" X". TeL y|eL"Weh UL" GoNX"f yP! G'] G] U'PV k']opV"..? T"'] GmTzo `Nm&T"h..? G\" &L"TU"L. T"'] hyz &T"P zu E]" STzu. T"'] `NyP `N"]" STzV'XV"..? G mne &LyP" X". TeL y|eL"W YjR rY&P `RV"U S'P'Ve Lyz]". Cm&T" f\R"..? `T" `N"Y GY[ Rm&T", AY[ Rm > `T" G `Rj A'R SY! N, S" `T" `N"TzV"] AYpV HTP"eL G] Y..? C'X, zV" &T"\ Y"'RL'[o `N"Xe Le `L"P", H\eh'\V IT NRfRm `T"L'[o `N"X&YzV AYpV&U HTP". Bt EP &Y'X `NTY &U"yP"'Nef'[ CWYX"Le &Lyf\". b"... G &U"yP" 'Nef'[ S" V"eh CWY `L"|mT'X G &SWzV"Lo `N"yP" GW" L Y"zm&T"h&U G TVj, C'XmT"... `Ty&W" C'X, n&We nzeL'X... G Y"eh YjR `T"'Vo `N"f&\". GW" L Y"zm &T"PeiP" GTRL"L, S" `T"V G\ TyP'Ro rUmT GjR R N..? `T" `N"XeiP" G\"... U'], R", Rj'R, h|T ], STL CYLP GX" `T" `N"XX"U"..? AmTz&V `T" `N"]", A GY[ L"Xeh zeh..? J p]e L'R... J L S"h STL Tze `L"zjR"L. R"YWV U"QYL. J&W J Ty'N'V RW, U\ GX" Ty'Nu GyP"L. oNjR J Ty'Neh C JY"W L"X CjR. &U, A rXTU"] &TmTR" GTR", C'PmTyP L"X TeL CjR J U'XY"NxRXeh nee &T"]"L. ByP, T"yP, `L"P"yP G] ^"V"L CjR"L. AYL f[T&YzV RQ YjR. Am&T" J U"QY, e'[&Uy A'UV"L Cef\. CW C&L&V Rfy|, S"'[ L"'X B Ueh L" f[n]" &T"... Ty'N &SWehe Lehm &T"PX"... G\".

A NR" G U"QYL A Y A&L&V &L"X"LXU"Le Ly|, CW R"URU"L _f]"L. `S|&SW L&R LR"L. N, `W"TNP HR"Y `T" `N", U"m Ty'Neh HT"| `N `L"[X" G Sne'L&V"| \mTyP"L. `W"TN SX n'[L U" Yj k\YL, N"... S"L AR"] pX R"YWL'[o &NLmTRL"L J U'XY"NxRXeho `Nj&R". Afj &SW"Lm Ty'N GRe Leh YjPX" G\ yP, zVL"'X L" f[n&]". Y L" ToNW"fyP. AR]" Ty'N GR zV'X. LR" `TV U]r T, GLeh U"m Ty'N 'YeL &Y|... G `T"'V `UU" Efo `N"]"L. &TW"pV Jme`L"P". AjR S"h U"QYL'[u S"h `Y&Y A'\L AUW 'Y Ty'N GRo `N"]". U"QYLeh `NU h. EN"LP Ty'N GR EyL"jR"L. R &L L rXTU"L CjR. U"QYL ARh 'P Gy|, AjRe &LeL"] U"e G] G T"R"L. Ij. N G A|R TeL'R mn]"L. 95 U"e G\ hmP L"QmTyP A|R &L, AYL L'R A'\jR. AjRe &L > EL L" TNW"] GjR PV..? TN G `T" `N"]"L&[ RW... CmTz J &L Y, ARh C] PVR" TN B] G S" &T J&T" T `N"X &Y| G &Tp 'Ye `L"['X&V! `T" GT ehop'Vm &T"X. A AjR LQeh Uy|&U TX `L"|eh. E'U GT sV']m &T"X... A Y"S" Uy|UX, Y"j zjR n\hiPm TX `L"|eh. =============== AY J V"T". GL"X `TV `R"XTW"L YW&Y| G B'NmTyP". B]", NV"L yPy|o `NVTP"RR", AY `TV SP'Ro NjeL &SjR. hjR LY'X BjR AY y|eho `NX U]X"U, F'W y| Jehm\U"L CjR B\L'Wehm &T"]". A&L `UV kX" `YoN B UQ AUj k']L'[ KPyP". V"T"W &R"m&T"] AYX AY'] AV. ThR"WL GmTz`VX" R]eh &W"L `NR"L, ST'Ye LRR"L G G`V &YR'] f]". `R"Pj GmTz V"T"W `NVm&T"f&\"... h|T'R GmTz SPRm &T"f&\" &T"\ GL"Xe LY'XL &Y J\ Gj APf]. CjRo pjR']&P AY YXe'L AY'] AV"U B UQ'X Z" 'Leh Ry|mTyP p p LL'[ G| B pVYQ CjR. CmTzV"L AY AW A&L&V AUjjR". `T" zV BWnR! `YoN TWV. B&X rYRh AY']o r CjR LL GX" j &T"yP]. AY R

'L CjR L'Ppe L'Xm T"R". nWyP". L"WQ > A N"R"WQ iZ"L C'X. 'X EVjR 'YWeL. V"&W" `L"'[VL R"L `L"'[Vz YjR 'YWeLL'[ B\L'W&X&V RY\y| y| Kzef\"L. AY'\R" AY Cyz C]`R AV"U G| pef\". JY'L T"R" S TX AjR V"T" U"R". LPjR L"X U GL"X k']L Rj`L"| kLL"X Gf\ 'YWeLL'[ Qze `L"zef&\". `NehU"| U" T T J&W &Y'X'V `R"Pj `Nu&T"R" pjR'] kLL"X'R U\j LPjR L"X&X" AX GL"X&X" CXe&L CX"U ReL BWnef\. h JY JS" R pVL'[m T"e &LyP": Nj&R"c G&L Cef\? `Y, W, R"], `NY, `T, `T", U, U G B["eh J T `N"]"L. h AjRm TL'[ He `L"['X. N, &L'V U"e &Lyf&\. AZh G&L Cef\? CjRe &Leh To'Nm T&N Gf\ `NzL AZh, AY eh YQ YQm eL AZh.. eL AU YQm opL AZh, Y"] AZh, &UL AZh, Y"] AZh... CmTzo `N"e`L"&P &T"LX" AXY"? B]", LL C'X`V\" CjR AZ'L`VX" GmTz SU" T" WpeL zu? A&R U"R" Nj&R"c. L `N"] W, `Y, R"] G TX cVL UR 'PV Nj&R"c APfeLX". B]", AjR Nj&R"c'R ATeL SUeh &YzV m EQ G\" h. S EP IXL m EQ&Y"| i'UV"L Ec"W"L Ceh&T" J EP"f\! AjR R" Y"e'L'V rY"WxVmT|f\. LWQ Rmn]" UWQ G `Rj pX WL L" &W EN"LU"Le LXj `L"f\"L&[, ARhe L"WQ AjR R"! SU pjR']'Ve LPjR L"X&X" AX G L"X&X" ReLP"U kLL"X TV m EQ&Y"| `NVTP 'YeL &Y|. AR" . AR" rL. N... kLL"X Y"Y GmTz? J`Y" kP m EQ&Y"| CmT GmTz? V"] BjmTYL p'W L"y|Y'Rm T"mtL. p'WeL"] [eL G]? A|RY h\ rUR S" y| ry|W, CXe fX"U T\eh S pjR'] h|. A'R BU" hP"L [h Ly'PW'X &S"ef UzP 'YR" V YzY f'Pef\. V GT `YP A'PV"[. CjR S"z A'U'V S" EQW &Y | G\" R LyPU"L pjR']L A\ `YP S U] EY"L &Y|. p'W RY CR"! N, pjR']L A\ `YP S U] GmTzo N"VU"h?

L'P'Vm &T"X S U]reh NR" &Toro NR &Ly|e `L"&P Cef\! A'R R kR&Y|. `Y&V Cj Y K'NL S L"L j`L"&P Cef\. AY'\e &LyL"U \eLeL &Y|. S" BZU"L EY"f `Y&V | oreL" Uy|&U S LY] BZU"Lm TjeL &Y|. CmTz pjR'], &Tor, GQ, J G&U CX"R AjR `YP AL Ne T'PR. pRTW WLpV G `N" `YPeh S" '^ `NY CjRe L'R YuRR". CjRm TpehR" V"] G `TV `L"|ef\"L. V"] Ne A[mTV. AL &YP", ] J T kP CjRm Tp'Vo `N T"L. L EL U] G^U"] BL! ----h'W &T"X CmT" AY. Le LtWU"] &R"\. L" A'Xu R'Xz. &SV"] E'PL. ]'L T"| LL. `TV `N"]"&X K AYW"? G &Lyh A[eh `TL W"e C'N WpLL'P&V nWTX AjR C'[O. `TV, L, &R'Yeh ALU"L&Y Yj &N TQ G] BPY]" BqYeLmTyPY AjR C'[O. AY J S" G'] `TL NjR". AY]" CY! G AopV'Pu A[ `S"fm &T"jR". AjR C'[O GP `N"]'R Y"'R U"\"U AmTz&V ELP Tfj `L"f&\. GL h|T Nj&R"cehe h'\&Y CX"R h_LXU"] J h|T. A G CTWP"Y n\jR S". S" E'Pj EW BWnR AR". B. G R" &Y JY&]"| EX"NU"L CjR'R AR" S"L T"&R". AmT"&Y"| R'L&V"| L'Peho `Ny| | nV&T"R" A'Rm T"eL &SjR. AU"'Ye LzR" AmT". R'L `Sr YeL AR". G&L L&U"NU"L SPj `L"| |&Y&]" G\ TV S" G']e Ly|mT|e `L"| `U[]U"L Cj&R. B]", G R"'V G&U L'WeL'X. C U'\mTRh G C'X G AYP&]&V y'Py| Kzm&T"yP". J pX S"yL&X&V G AmT" &SWe hzL"WW"f yP". A|R pX Y"WL&X&V G R'L R L"RXP &Nj Y"YRL"L y'P y&P f[nyP". G &N"L C&R"| kjR"iP S" BRX'PjeL N"V E|. H Gy| CWLeh&[&V AYeh G R'L NyP". y'Py&P W PmTyP". G R'L &T"] CP `RV'X. F FW"L &Rz&]... L|nzeL&Y zV'X. G R'L L"Q"U &T" J YPeh. J S" G] h|T ST JY AjR Aop RLY'X RjR". E R'Lehm 'TV nzyP", AY'[ U]SX hVYL | &N|YR"?

G GP &L"TmTyP". TRm &T"] S" AYP X"N &Ly| AjR |eh Kz&]. A&L... fjR S"W"L G R'L J 'X r| T|jR". J Y"W Ceh N". `Wy 'Xy HV" Ceh pX `TL CY'[ C&L `L"| Yj &NR"L G\" AjR | L"mT"[W"L CjR `TU. C'PmTyP J YP L"X G] &Sjeh G G]" feL zjR. R"]"Le heL&Y" E'PU"e `L"[&Y" zV"R A[eh rVk'] CX"R R'L'V R]jR BUL]"L Cj LYe `L"Y GR'] `TV T GT'R [eL &YzV'X. J S" &Y'X cVU"L `Y&V &T"y| U"'X | n&]. yz G&W G &U"yP" 'Te'L kReiP C'X... G] UcV" .. E RLopehR" N'X `Ru. ELmT J hzL"W. CjRm TeL &T"]&U AY AjRm TeL N"W"Ve L'P'V &Rzy|m &T"yP". &T"... &T"m T".. E RLop EPX `T"y| iP CX"U U"e`LyzX P"x Bzy| CeL".. G AeLTeL CjRYL `N"]&T" S" `Smn jR Y"L z&R. 'L f'PR P'Y'Vo ryz G|e`L"| LR ARTz U"e`Ly|eh Kz&]. A&L n\jR&UV"L G R'L > rVk'] C. N"'X&V"WU"L AY'[o r J iyP&U k &Yze'L T"e `L"zjR. J U" AY'[ y| y|eh C Yj&R. A|R S" AY'[ J U]SX UYP A'Zo `N&\. AY'[m T&N"R P"eP G]`]]&Y" pfo'NL `L"|R". G TX AeL'X. L'Pp J S" G'] RV"L A'Z pYm [ehm Th CjR&T" EL R'L `R"Pj TX"L"W `NVm Tyzef\". A &T"\ RQ J R" AY U]k'X T"eLmTyzeLei|. AR]" V"W"Y JY EL R'LuP E\ `L"P" AjR Aop J&Y'[ AY hQU'PVei|. AR]" ELeh `RjR V"'WV"Y A'Z Y"L! G\". G]eh A'L yze `L"| YjR. G RUNLP'Rm j `L"P AjR P"eP&W ARh ERYR"Lo `N"]". R'L hQU"]" &T" G\ U]k'X CjR S" R'XV"yz&]. P"eP CjR 'YV J Y"WL"X `R"Pj SPjR. AjRo NjRmTR" J S" AjR P"eP J A&V"efV, YefW nz A'XTY GT jR. AR n\h GjR P"ePP &T"L'X. y|eh&[&V 'Y R'L'Ve LY Yj&R. J S" L"'X Gj T"&R. R'L'Ve L"Q'X. TPTPmP Wk'XV TeLU"L &Rzo `N\ G]eh R"[zV"R Aop L"jR. BU".. pYm rzR" &T"yP J `T" 'T W Hm &T"or... hP" `Y'X `Uy| CjR J `T"T'[R" {R Y"f

`L"|e iyzy|m &T"h. BU" H AjR `T"'Qm T &Lyf\? A G], E&]"P T"yzV"? G J &T"yP &LyP". S" G] `Nf&\ G `RV"U AjR &T"yP'W Kfe L] Azy&P. C'Rm T"R U\ &T"yPL G'] Yyz G|yP"L. J Y"W L"X pfo'N G|e`L"| Cm&T"R" S &a" Cj `Y&V Yjef&\. G R'L'V &R|YRh G EPn `R C'X. U] Y'U C'X. AjR C'[O]" &U`L"| &TNzV'X. Y"y| `S|&SW AR". n\h BWP... LR H G'] CmTzo &N"ef\"? S" G] T"Y `N&R? G R'L G] T"Y `NR"? &N"mTRh J A[ &YP"U"? L'Q&V EY"] LP H CmTz A|eL|eL"Lo &N"ef\"? G &Ly| p]e hZj'R'Vm &T"X &Rn &Rn AR". AjR C'[O U] NUk'X'V A'PuY'W L"jy|o `N"&]. CV'L S'P`T J`Y" cVeh S" L"WQ L| nzeL zV".