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Managing errata and retractions

Content changes, readers need to know

After its published content changes quite frequently and readers need to know. It could be an update or a correction which are quite common but more retractions have been reported and sometimes articles need to be withdrawn.

Not sure if anyone is familiar with retraction watch blog, its an interesting blog that reports on retracted papers.

Publishers needed an easy way to communicate those changes to the readers. We are a membership association of publishers, publishers asked us to develop a solution. So in 2012 after a lengthy pilot we launched CrossMark launched.

CrossMark BasicsAn embedded button for HTML and PDF that, when clicked, shows researcher the publication information that a publisher chooses to includeA great way to show users extra or updated information about the content theyre viewing The information stays with the article and can be accessed even away from the publisher siteMachine-readable metadata available via the Crossref Metadata API

So what is CrossMark?

So as Im sure you have heard throughout the morning- Crossref is all about either metadata in or metadata out and CrossMark is a great example of both. Publishers deposit extra metadata that they want CrossMark to display and researchers can then access this data though the widget or through the Rest API.

This is an example of a correction notice on a publisher article.

This one is at the top - other publishers may choose to place it elsewhere so there is no consistent way of seeing the correction across publishers.

Hard to find and hard to track.

Now Im going to show a few examples of Crossmark

Wouldnt travel with PDF

What information can you include?Funding dataORCIDsLicense informationClinical trial informationOther information (up to the publisher)

Funding data A standard way of reporting funding sources for published scholarly researchImportant because funding bodies cannot easily track the published output of their funding.Certain publishers need to comply with government mandates such as the OSTP that call for access to scientific journal articles from publicly funded research.We have a Open Funder Registry with more than 12,000 funder names and IDs and we encourage publishers to include funding data whenever possible

ORCIDS persistent identifiers for researchers. Its a great way to keep track of who contributed to what work and for

License information is important for the purposes of text and data mining for example

Most recently Clinical trial information links articles associated with one clinical trial together

The StatsOver 300 publishers depositing CrossMark metadataFor over 3.3m DOIsAround 1% are updates (so even more important that theyre flagged!) Slightly over 1000 of the updates are retractions

CrossMark BenefitsConvenient - one place to access informationWorks in both HTML and PDFEasier for researchers to cite the most recent version of contentAdditional publication information all in one placeFree for researchers to click onMore dissemination of your metadata

So what are some of the things that make Crossmark great.

Before I move on to show you the updated look of the cross mark pop-up box itI want to show you what the old box looked like for comparison.

Heres an example the old pop up box that we have redesigned.

This is the original look that we had since launch in 2012. It needed a bit of a facelift.

Why the new look?More room for more metadataNo second clickFresh and contemporary flat designResponsive on mobile devices (coming soon)

With the rebrand that happened last year we decide that we wanted to get a more updated look to all of our services.

Last year we hired a new UI/UX Designer Rakesh in our Oxford office and the So we made a few changes to the look and layout of the pop-up box.

This is an example of a CrossMark with no updates.

The document is current.It displays a link to the publisher maintained version which in this case is current.

Below you can see the additional publication information.

Heres another example where there are updates available and this is the

Showing funding data information.

Funders are

Key TakeawaysContent changes and readers need to knowAn easy way to communicate publication information and changes to researchersThe more metadata you register the richer & more useful your content becomes

How do to get started?Sign Up Create a CrossMark policy page and deposit an identifier Deposit CrossMark metadata Record DOI in the metadata of your HTML landing page Display the link and CrossMark logo on your HTML and PDFKeep your CrossMark content up to date