Mamiya M645 1000S - JSingleton · PDF fileV *1 Introduction The Mamiya M645 1000S is a new,...

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Transcript of Mamiya M645 1000S - JSingleton · PDF fileV *1 Introduction The Mamiya M645 1000S is a new,...

  • Mamiya M645 1000S

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    IntroductionThe Mamiya M645 1000S is a new, improved model of the M645,a camera widely acclaimed for bridging the gap between large-and small-format cameras.

    The purpose of the 645 format is to provide users with the advantagesof a larger negative but have the handling ease of a professional 35mmcamera.

    Every care has been taken to assure that your Mamiya M645 1000S willprovide you with years of trouble-free service.

    However, to avoid possible mishandling, please read this manual carefully.

  • Contents AM Lever 26 Moving Coil Electronic Shutter 45 Aperture Ring !Stop-down Operation.._........__.._ 26 Multiple Exposures 48 Battery Check 20 Names and Functions of Parts__ .___ ............. _ __. _ 5 Care of the Camera 56 Precautions

    55 Delayed Shutter Release.. ....... ._...__.. 50 Shutter Release and Film Transport Mechanism 28 Depth-of-Field Preview Lever 26 Shutter Speed Dial 25 Depth-of-Field ....... ...... ........_ ............ _......... 46 Special Features of the M645 1000S Film Advance.. 25 Specifications 3 Film Loading._.. 21 Testing Camera Functions 14 Focusing Screens. 18 The Neck Strap 30 Focusing.. 27 Time Exposures... 53 Holding the Camera Securely 30 Troubleshooting 54 Infrared Photography 48 Unloading Film 29 Inserting the Battery.._ ...... . ..... _..._.... ...... ...... 19 Using a Tripod .. ....... ... 53 Interchanging Finders_ 16 Using Flash 47 Interchanging Lenses 15 Using the CdS Prism Fin de r_._ ....... _ ._ ... _ ....... . 37 Interchanging the Film Advance Crank...... ........ 61 Using the PD Prism Finder S 33 Mirror Lock-up . 49 Using the Waist-Level Finder S 42

    ContentsAM Lever 26Aperture Ring / Stop-down Operation 26Battery Check 20Care of the Camera 56Delayed Shutter Release 50Depth-of-Field Preview Lever 26Depth-of-Field 46Film Advance 25Film Loading 21Focusing Screens 18Focusing 27Holding the Camera Securely 30Infrared Photography 48Inserting the Battery 19Interchanging Lenses 15 Interchanging Finders 16Interchanging the Film Advance Crank 51Mirror Lock-up 49

    Moving Coil Electronic Shutter 45Multiple Exposures 48Names of Parts 5Precautions 55Shutter Release and Film Transport Mechanism 28Shutter Speed Dial 25Special Features of the M645 1000S 1Specifications 3Testing Camera Functions 14The Neck Strap 30Time Exposures 53Troubleshooting 54Unloading Film 29Using a Tripod 53Using Flash 47Using the CdS Prism Finder 37Using the PD Prism Finder S 33Using the Waist Level Finder S 42

  • \Special Features of the M645 1000S

    1. Large NegativeThe 6 x 4.5cm format offers approximately three timesmore area than the 35mm format. Moreover, unlike the 6 x 6cm square format, there is little waste of the negativearea. For beautiful color enlargements every time, the 6 x 4.5cm format is ideal.

    2. Compact DesignDespite the large negative, the Mamiya M645 1000S isdesigned to handle as easily as a professional 35mm SLR.Its compact size and light weight are perfectly suited forthe action photographer. It fits so well into ones hands thatit becomes an extension of one's reflexes.

    3. Mamiya's Moving Coil Electronic ShutterMamiya has developed a revolutionary Moving CoilElectronic Shutter for the M645. Electrical consumptionof this new shutter is approximately 1/10 that of previousshutters. Furthermore, consumption remains constantregardless of the shutter speed being used. In additionto accuracy, long battery life is assured with this shutter.

    4. Large, Bright ViewfinderIt is easy to catch the action while looking through the large,bright viewfinder. Because of the Mamiya M645's automaticdiaphragm and quick-return mirror, the viewfinder nevergoes dim. It is always bright and ready for the next photo-graph.

    5. Interchangeable FindersLightweight, Dualaction WaistLevel Finder SA compact and light-weight finder that opens andcloses with a single touch. The WaistLevel Finder S isideal for copying, closeups, low and highangle photography and working in dim light. Additionally, it is instantlyconvertible to an eyelevel sports finder which accuratelyshows the field for the 80, 110, 150 and 210mm lenses, enabling one to easily follow the action.

    Prism FinderThe Prism Finder is well suited for action photography. Whether the horizontal or vertical format is utilized, focusing and following the action is as easy as using a35mm SLR.

    PD Prism FinderThe PD Prism Finder employs silicon cells for full-aperture,center-weighted readings. It is your assurance that everynegative will be correctly exposed.

    CdS Prism Finder with Built-in MeterAccurate through-the-lens exposure measurement is possible with the CdS Prism Finder, which couples to thelens' aperture ring and indicates the correct shutter speedfor the selected aperture.


  • 6. Flatness of the Film PlaneDeveloped through Mamiya's long experience with 120/220roll-film cameras, the Roll Film Inserts for the Mamiya M645keep the film perfectly flat for edge-to edge sharpness. Insertsare available for both 120 and 220 roll film.

    7. Multi-Coated LensesMamiya-Sekor lenses are world-renown as professional lensesfor exceptional contrast, high resolution, clear definition, and excellent color balance. All of the lenses for the M645, from wideangle to telephoto, have been multi-coated to maintain their highstandard to performance, even under adverse lighting,

    8. Unlimited ScopeA full range of accessories are available for the Mamiya M645 toassist the photographer in capturing virtually any type of image.Accessories include hand grips, interchangeable focusing screens,and auto extension rings, complete with meter couping.

    Multiple Exposure ProvisionBy lowing the Multiple Exposure Lever, the photographer may createas many multiple-exposure images as desired. During multiple-exposurephotography, the Film Counter does not advance.

    Mirror Lock-upThe Mamiya M645 is designed to produce minimal mirror vibration; however,when it is necessary to completely eliminate vibrations, the mirror may belocked in the up position. Mirror Lock-up makes close-up and telephotophotography possible even at slow shutter speeds.

    Two Shutter Release ButtonsThe Mamiya M645 is equipped with two ideally located Shutter Release Buttons, so regardless of how you holdthe camera, there is always a Shutter Release Button atyour fingertips,

    Built-in Delayed Shutter Release

    Depth-of-Filed Preview LeverA single touch of the Depth-of-Field Preview Lever, which is ideally located on the camera body, stops the lens down to the working aperture so you can view the depth-of-field.


  • Specifications

    Camera BodyCamera Type:6 x 4.5cm electronic focal-plane shutter SLR

    Film Type:120 roll film for 15 exposures220 foll film for 30 exposures

    Actual Negative Size:56 x 41.5mm (2 13/64 x 1 41/64")

    Standard Lenses:Mamiya-Sekor C (multi-coated)80mm f/1.9, automatic diaphragm,with meter coupler, 67mm filter size,

    Mamiya-Sekor C (multi-coated)80mm f/2.8, automatic diaphragm,with meter coupler, 58mm filter size

    Lens Mount:Mamiya M645 bayonet mount

    Shutter:B8-1/1000 secMoving Coil Electronic Focal-PlaneFP and X (1/60 sec) synchronizationShutter release lock and shutter speeddial lock

    Focusing Screen:The standard focusing screen, which is interchangeable,has three focusing aids: a central split-image rangefinderspot (wedge set at 45 degrees) surrounded by a micro-prism collar and outer ground glass ring. A Fresnel lensassures corner-corner brightness, and 94% of the picture-taking frame is visible.

    Mirror:Instant return with a mirror lock-up provision.

    Film Transport:A single revolution of the interchangeable film-advance cranktransports the film. The camera is equipped with double ex-posure prevention, but multiple exposures can be easilymade.

    Exposure Counter:Progressive type, automatic reset, automatic changeover withinsertion of a 120 or 220 film insert.

    Battery Check:Depressing the B.C. Button illuminates a green LED if the battery condition is satisfactory.

    Multiple Exposures:Lowing the Multiple Exposure Lever enables creating multipleexposure images. The Film Counter will not advance in thismode.

    Delayed Shutter Release:Variable delay from 5-10 seconds.


  • ()NA/Mist-Level Finder S) 3-29/3T x 3-1516" x MN"

    (w/1.9 lens)

    55.4 az (w/2.8 lens)

    49.6 oz (99.3 x 100 x 166.5mm)

    (w/Prism Finder)

    (1570 a) (1405 a)

    3-29/32" x4-27132' x 6-9116" 62.3 az 56.4 oz (99.3 x 122.7 x 166.5mm)

    (w/PD Prism Finder S)

    (1765 g) (1600 g)

    3.29/32' x 4-29132' x 6-9116" 66.5 az 60.7 oz (99.3 1 124.7 x166.5rnm)

    (wICdS Prism Finder)

    (1;;. g) (1720 g)

    3-29132" x 4-29132' x 6-9/16' 67.2 oz

    61.4 az (99.3 x 124.7 x 166.5mm) (1905 g)

    (1740 g)

    Depth w1/30mm f12.6 lens; 6-1/16" (154mm)

    Depth-Field Preview LeverSpring-loaded, self returning

    Interchangeable FindersPrism Finder:The image in the Prism Finder is right-side up,laterally correct and moves in the right direction;magnification of 0.74x with the standard lens atinfinity; a built-in hotshoe; an eyecup.

    PD Prism Finder:The PD Prism Finder has a built-in silicon cell, through-the-lens, center-weighted metering: 7LEDs in the viewfinder indicate correct or com-pensated exposure, with ASA 100 and the f/1.9lens; meter coupling range of of EV -1.15 to +19(f/1.9, 8 sec. to 1/1000 sec.); with the 2.8 lens,EV 0 to 19 (f/2.8, 8 sec. to 1/1000 sec.); camerabody battery is the power source; other featuressame a Prism Finder.

    CdS Prism Finder:A Prism Finder with CdS through-the-lens , fullaperture