makkala jagriti .3 M akkala Jagriti was born with a purpose to ignite the inner potential of...

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Transcript of makkala jagriti .3 M akkala Jagriti was born with a purpose to ignite the inner potential of...

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    discover the light withindiscover the light withindiscover the light within

    imagine, create, believe, becomeimagine, create, believe, becomeimagine, create, believe, become

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    Makkala Jagriti was born with a purpose to ignite the inner potential of marginal-ized children, to help them bloom into fullness and emerge as individuals with a

    strong sense of self identity. Over the last ten years, hundreds of children have jour-

    neyed through Makkala Jagiritis holistic development process and there are many

    more who are waiting to get started on this journey. We, at Makkala Jagriti constantly strive to improve the lives of marginalized children

    and have established a number of centres across the city to achieve this objective. As

    a way forward Makkala Jagriti is transforming into an organization that works deeply

    with the community as a whole. Our youth initiative, Yuva Jagriti, a culmination of

    several small steps taken over the years is a shift towards the deeper communal im-

    pact we want to achieve. Yuva Jagriti will create exclusive spaces for youth and their

    development complementing our current facilities and initiatives for children. Mak-

    kala Jagriti is also expanding with other partners in capacity building and looking for-

    ward to work with different agencies in order to spread its work beyond current


    Joy Srinivasan

    Chairperson and Managing Trustee


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    Makkala Jagriti 4 Organizational Philosophy

    Core values, Vision and Mission 5 Steps up the ladder 6

    Community Learning Centers

    Government Schools

    Juvenile Homes

    Enabling transformative change 7 Harishas Story

    Hills to Climb

    highlights 2013-2014 8 Activities and programs undertaken 9 Our people 10 Path forward 11

    Systems and Processes


    Voices of Makkala Jagriti 12 Partners for change 13 Financials 14


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    Imagine, Create, Believe, Become

    Organizational Philosophy Makkala Jagritis organizational ethos is process driven. We strongly believe in the concept of inclusion and a child centric approach within which, children have the freedom to make their own choices and receive an education. Thus Makkala Ja-griti makes no distinction between chil-dren and accepts them all, irrespective of their background, gender and abilities, and offers them unconditional love and support. Our child centric approach and activities draw influence from various the-orists such as Maria Montessori, Howard Gardener, Abraham Maslow and Daniel Goleman. Our all-inclusive development approach further enables the multiple fac-ets of their intelligence and personality to blossom, enabling them to achieve success in professional life and contentment in personal life.

    We are Makkala Jagriti (Awakening of Chil-dren); a Bangalore based non-governmental or-ganization established in 2003.

    India is a developing country, and while things are changing we are still battling chronic problems of poverty, illiteracy and societal inequalities, stemming from unequal opportu-

    nities and regressive cultural attitudes. Recog-nizing that change starts at the grassroots is the first big step to bridge the divide and that is where the most important members of the countrys population, its children and youth,

    become significant. As per the 2011 census approximately 29.5% of the countrys popula-tion was between 0-14 years of age. That is almost 1/3rd of the total population. This literally makes children and youth the future of the country and hence the mirror for change and pro-gress taking place within it.

    Since inception, we have pro-vided a platform for children from vulnerable backgrounds to get educated and equipped with the life skills necessary for holis-tic development. Makkala Jagriti has been striving to bring about a positive change in the lives of these children by not only im-

    proving the quality of edu-cation provided but also by instilling confidence in them through counselling and mentoring sessions. This is done through an amalgamation of facilitative education and fun outdoor activities. We also work closely with parents, school teachers and the community as a whole to make this learning experience more effective. Over the past 10+ years we have significantly impacted the lives of over 10,000 members of the communities we serve.

    Education shall be directed to the

    full development of the human

    personality and to the strengthening

    of respect for human rights and human freedoms

    Universal Declaration of Human Rights

    (Article 26, Paragraph 2)

    Makkala Jagriti

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    Our mission is to facilitate the holistic development of children and diverse groups in and around the community to build a sustainable and equitable socie-ty.

    Our vision is to create a value based social movement in order to empower the chil-dren and community towards a brighter future.

    Vision Mission

    Unconditional acceptance

    Freedom of choice

    Being child centric

    Respecting the childs boundaries

    Our learning centers set up in govern-ment schools, communities and juvenile homes are based on these principles. To enhance their learning experience we engage children in various activities that include reading, creative development, sports and adventure, life skills development and parent and teacher workshops. School drop-outs and youth are also part of the core focus of Makkala Jagriti. We aim at making the community and government school teachers undergo a paradigm shift in their approach from being a teacher on a stage to a guide by the side.

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    Makkala Jagritis programs are aimed at strengthening childrens intellectual, creative, emotional, social, phys-ical and psychological development. This is done through activities, experiments, awareness building, experiential methodology and mentoring at our learn-ing centers across the city of Bangalore. We have man-aged to achieve our vision and mission through these centres where school going children and drop-outs from the marginalized sections engage themselves in an informal learning environment.

    Over the past 10+ years it has been a fulfilling experience for us to see children from community based centers, our genesis, grow into adolescents and later into enterprising youths. It has been an enriching experience for us to

    engage with these children as they branch out to pursue various mainstream courses and work in IT and banking sectors. A few of them have continued their engage-ment with us as facilitators, Taekwondo trainers and gone on to work as trainers at adventure camps. Some of these children have interned with us, grown to play staff roles and now are in leadership positions at other organizations. The center has successfully managed to bring about a paradigm shift in the mind-set of the community as a whole that education is an empowering medium of change. We have also been able to extend

    support in capacity building for children from small neighbouring private schools like Little Angels and Sara School. The children from these schools have benefited extensively from the spaces, facili-ties and holistic education that our community centers provide them.

    Government Homes through initiatives that facilitate an envi-ronment of holistic learning for children here that can lead them to having a more hopeful and stable future. We bring a glimmer of hope into their lives. Our per-ception of children as individuals is what makes a big difference as we nurture them to be mature enough to reflect on their earlier

    A large number of unaccompanied chil-dren arrive in Bangalore through trains and other means from various parts of the country. These children are looking to es-cape a life of poverty and abuse. The big city in their eyes is a place of opportunity, where they might seek and find gainful employment. Most of them are found and put in Government homes. Here they re-ceive only the very basics of education. Makkala Jagriti Strives to transform the lives of these children by working with

    mistakes, and support them as they choose their own path. In this process we also help govern-ment officials revisit their biases and stereotypes and have wit-nessed encouraging transfor-mations. Despite the government revising the stay-in period to a mere three months, we believe that we will be able to bring about substantial changes in these chil-dren within that period.

    Community Learning Centers

    Juvenile Homes

    Government Schools Makkala Jagritis work with government schools is aimed not only toward