Making Power Point Presentations Lecture 2 Lecture Content Common mistakes Common mistakes Examples...

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Making Power Point Making Power Point Presentations Presentations Lecture 2 Lecture 2

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Transcript of Making Power Point Presentations Lecture 2 Lecture Content Common mistakes Common mistakes Examples...

  • Making Power Point PresentationsLecture 2

  • Lecture ContentCommon mistakesExamples of MistakesTips for Improving Presentations

  • Lecture ContentTemplatesFontsFont SizeToo Many WordsColor ChoiceAnimation and Sound

    Pictures and Graphs MathematicsFormatConclusion

  • TemplatesUse a color schemeUse same scheme throughout presentationChanging styles could be distracting

    Microsoft has several templatesPossible to find free templates on internetYou could design your own templates

  • FontsPick an easy font to read

    Examples in their font

    Times New RomanArialTahoma

  • FontsBad fonts

    CHARLESWORTHCourier New (legal font)Mono Type Corsiva

  • FontsCapitalize all letters in a word for emphasis!


    Capitalizing all words is like screaming at your audience!

  • FontsHard to readCapitalize all letters in wordFor emphasisAcronymsCentral Processing Unit (CPU)

  • FontsItalicize wordsFor emphasisLong QuotesUsed for book titles, journal names, etc.

  • Font SizeCan you read this?

    Can you read this?

    Can you read this?

    This is not a vision test!

  • Too Much TextHaving too much textHard to readAre you going to read a book to the audience?

    Makes the text look busy

  • Too Much TextBiodiesel may cause engine problems, because it may eat and degrade various seals that lead to injector and fuel pump failures [2]Has a higher cloud point around 00 C [2]Cloud point-when fuel filter clogsMuch higher for saturated fats [2]Most engine manufacturers have not extended warranties for using biodiesel [2]Fuel oxidation lower storage life [2]Oxidation leads to hydroperoxides, which can form insoluble gums [2]Improves engine lubrication, extending engine life [2]SoygoldAg Environmental Products LLC

  • Too Much TextToo much information!

    I had a list of problems and then attached one benefit at the end.

    I spread the info. over three slides.

  • Too Much TextProblems with biodieselBiodiesel causes engine problemsDegrades seals Fuel pumpFuel injectorsPoor cold fuel propertiesHigher cloud pointHigher pour point

  • Too Much TextProblems with biodieselNo warranties for engines that use biodieselLower storage lifeFuel oxidizesCan form insoluble gums in tank

  • Too Much TextBenefit of biodieselImproves engine lubricationCould extend engine lifeAg Environmental Products LLC manufacturers Soygold as fuel additive

  • Color ChoiceKeep color schemes simpleDark BackgroundBright FontsLight BackgroundDark Fonts

    You can be creative, if in good taste!

    You can change the color or background of a slide for emphasis

  • Biofuels Kenneth R. Szulczyk My Research Area

  • Color ChoiceCan you read this?Can you read this?Can you read this?Can you read this?

    This is the ugliest background I have seen (from Microsoft)

  • Animation and SoundMoving textIf movement is simpleIf movement is consistent

    Avoid annoying animations!

    You can use movement to hide text until needed.

  • Animation and SoundYou can add sound, if it is part of your presentation

    Sound can be annoying!

  • Pictures and GraphsOnly add pictures and graphics to enhance your presentation

    Breaks up the monotony of the presentation

  • Greenhouse EffectGreenhouse gases Accumulate in atmospherePrevent the suns radiation from leaving the earthEarth gradually warms over time

  • Pictures and GraphsDo not include complicated graphs

    Only add graphs or diagrams if it strengthens your message

  • U.S. Corn Wet Mill

  • Pictures and GraphsIf graphs are in presentationClearly define all unitsKeep graph simple

  • Pictures and GraphsWhat are the units?The graph has nice colorsHard to read the numbers

  • MathematicsComplicated mathematics may not be good for presentationsToo much information to digest.

    If you have to do mathematics, give handouts

  • Mathematics

  • MathematicsDid you remember all that in 1 minute?

    If you include an equation, define all variables.

  • FormatOutline your lecture (or presentation)Avoid full sentencesUse about 2 to 6 bullets per slide

    Check spellingWord and PowerPoint will underline a word in red, if that word is not in dictionary

  • FormatOrganize the presentation wellPlace similar ideas together

    Face the audienceDont read your presentationVery mechanicalDont hide behind the computer

  • Last NoteCome to the presentation early

    Make sure the equipment works

    Bring your laptop. Sometimes there is a technical glitch!

  • ConclusionBe concise and to the pointOnly include diagrams and graphics if they enhance the presentationLast slide is a Summary or Conclusion

  • ConclusionKeep the presentation simpleAvoid unnecessary sounds and animationsKeep information well organizedDO NOT read from your slidesRemind your audience of key points at the end of the presentation