Making Padded Hangers

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Making Padded Hangers

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Making Padded Hangers. Supplies For Padded Hangers. You will need : Wooden hangers Washed, 100% unbleached cotton fabric Sewing machine or needle and thread White cotton thread, pins, needle, scissors and a pencil. . Step One. . - PowerPoint PPT Presentation

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Making Padded Hangers and Dust Covers

Making Padded Hangers

Supplies For Padded HangersYou will need :Wooden hangersWashed, 100% unbleached cotton fabricSewing machine or needle and threadWhite cotton thread, pins, needle, scissors and a pencil.

Step One. Modify the hanger needed for the garment. You may need to remove the bar, or shorten the arm span. * Do not use metal hangers.

Step Two Lay the hanger on the cotton sheet and with a pencil lightly trace a outline onto the sheet.

Step Two ContinuedCut the outline away from the sheet. Remember to leave an inch or so to make it easier to work with. Repeat this step to make the other side.

Step ThreeSew the two sides together following the pencil markings on the cotton. Do not sew the bottom together yet. Remember to leave enough room at the top for the hook to come through.

Step FourTurn the cover inside out. This leaves you with the smooth side facing outwards.

Step FiveCut strips of quilt batting, or cotton, to fit the shape of your hanger. Wrap them securely, but not too tightly, around the hangers arms starting at the centre near the hook and going to the ends. Be aware not to over stuff the hanger, it still must fit in the fabric cover. Step Five continued

Step SixPlace the fabric cover over the hook and stretch to insert arms. If needed, stuff extra cotton in to insure a smooth padding. Sew the bottom closed. You may have to use a bit of force and pin the seams together to ensure a snug fit and prevent the batting from shifting while sewing. Step Six Continued

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