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An apostrophe is used to show that one or more letters have been left out of a word - it is =it's

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  • 1. o onapostrophe

2. it + ismakesitsIts her favorite flower.0 0 3. it + is0 0itisit smakesits Its her favorite flower. 4. I + ammakesImIm going to ride the train!0 0 5. are + notmakesarentArent you going to ride the train?0 0 6. we + willmakeswellWell have fun at the lake.0 0 7. that + ismakesthatsThats a soft, cute, brown bear.0 0 8. could + notmakescouldnt0 0He couldnt wait to see the puppies. 9. would + notmakeswouldntShe wouldnt stop until shereached the top.0 0 10. it isare noto oits thatsI amwe will could notwould notImwellarentcouldntyou willthat isyoull wouldnt 11. o owould notwouldntmatch 12. wouldnt Well Youll Arent_____ her favorite flower.Ill Im Its couldnt_____ going to ride the train!_____ have fun at the lake._____ going to ride the train!_____ a soft, cute, brown bear.He _______ wait to see the puppies.She _______ stop until she reached the top.